the clip of Chris Watts at the neighbors house when neighbor is showing Chris and LE the video surveillance of the Watts' home is the best true crime footage to ever have existed.

  1. When I was watching that I sat up on the couch and shouted to myself, "what tf did he just say!?" And immediately rewound to listen to it like 15 times

  2. I haven’t seen that since it came out but I’m pretty sure he said, “There you go, you’re caught!”

  3. Sometimes I like to just watch an OJ video from time to time. I think about the time Dave Chapelle said he hung out with him, and after they left everyone unanimously look around and said “oh… he did it” He has never ONCE even tried to seem innocent

  4. The OJ case always gets to me particularly. Like obviously it is so ingrained in pop culture that it almost comes natural to be a bit... flippant? Maybe that's the word? When discussing it. But at the end of the day it was a horrifying heinous crime that no one was ever punished for and it just makes me sad. I don't know if that makes sense but I think with all the media circus and everything sometimes it feels like the true violence of the crime gets lost. It is pretty much the worst nightmare for a lot of women (the DV, murdered after leaving, ect.). And then I'll see some footage or something and it will be like oh crap this really happened to someone.

  5. Obviously OJ is guilty, but sometimes I wonder... what if he DIDN'T kill them? Can you imagine what a mindfuck it would be if someday it came out that it really was some completely random person, and there was 100% irrefutable evidence that he's innocent? No, I don't really believe that, but it's a fun little thought experiment just because it would be so freakin wild.

  6. I worked for a law firm during the trial and we had it set up to show in the conference room, and I had to cater food for all day, so when the attorneys had free time they could work in there listening, and all meals. We all thought he was guilty, but also knew he would get off. It made me realise I never wanted to work in criminal law. Nope.

  7. People don’t seem to realize or know how incredibly brutal the murders were. Not to mention the fact that Ron Goldman was simply a waiter who was kind enough to bring a customer’s glasses to their home that they left behind. He was there by chance. And then people made fun of his grieving father.

  8. According to dreading (YT channel, did a great video on it) he had posted online that if he did kill someone he would pretend to panic, then act spaced out/like he didn’t know what was going on, and plead insanity. Which, of course explains his “weird” interrogation after the fact. He planned the whole thing

  9. I remember watching that one and thinking huh that's odd he must be talking to police and they are filming it bc in those news interviews neighbors usually never go into such minute detail. Although, that cld be editing maybe they do and news usually edit it out? But then when he goes oh I gotta sit down I was like oh so he did it cause he's just acting odd.

  10. Backing this! His immediate switch up is gold. Idk how they didn’t stop filming there and call LE! (I know that’s not how it works he just was so obviously guilty)

  11. The think I remember most from Watts at the neighbor’s house watching the surveillance video is that a short pic or video of a baby in a womb showed up on the screen for a few minutes. I can’t remember if it was a screensaver or what, but Chris was watching the television when it appeared. I wonder what went through his head. Did he think about his own baby still in his dead wife’s womb when that video suddenly popped up?

  12. Before that he hadn’t even mentioned that his wife was pregnant either, he slides in a “my wife is pregnant too” right after, not sus at all!

  13. Do you think he actually cared about the unborn baby that he didn't know when he killed his 2 daughters and forced their bodies into a tube? I personally don't think so. I'm shocked he thought he had a chance to get away with that

  14. I feel like he quickly got reminded that his wife was pregnant, and in order to appear more human, he brought up the fact that she was pregnant to look more worried like he's also terrified of the whereabouts of his baby, because he knows people are supposed to be freaking out in a situation like that because it's their precious family or whatever. He's just mirroring observed human behavior like when he tried to look sad and sombre with his eyes for the news interview

  15. That was his biggest giveaway. He wasn’t panicking “My wife is PREGNANT and she missed her OB/GYN appointment, she is PREGNANT with my son and very vulnerable and in danger if someone has her” - he only remembered she was even pregnant when he saw the creepy ad. He gone and told on himself right then and there

  16. Well, he does watch the commercial and immediately after it he says “she’s pregnant.” So, I’d wager he was definitely thinking about it at that moment. 😬

  17. That really was divine timing and I whole heartedly believe something on the other side showed those two clips together for a reason.

  18. I've seen tons of TC footage and I wanted to hug that neighbor so much. That helpful neighbor guy just helped steer the direction of the case in the RIGHT direction. I know that deputy already had his suspicions, but yep you're right. Loved seeing that body cam footage.

  19. When I saw that I thought i want a neighbor like that if I disappear. He seemed the right amount of helpful without getting in the way and as soon as he saw an opening he was like nope he did it to the cop.

  20. I didn't know anything about this case the first time I watched the Netflix doc, and it was the first time I'd ever seen a case with body cam footage. That scene was insane... and I also felt like I was watching it while strapped to a baby Bjorn on the cop. Something about the body cam footage feels so ... personal? Idk if that's the right word, but I think it's bc the angle of the camera or something, you almost feel like you're in the room. I think I held my breath that entire scene.

  21. When that cop grabs Ted Bundys arm and Ted jerks away and gives him that literal serial killer glare but can't do shit because he's surrounded by cops and they are not fucking around this time.

  22. He was such a cowardly idiot. He had to reel in that anger when he was around people who could hurt him more than he could hurt them, it’s not like he was alone with a young woman.

  23. And the look on her best friends face when she sees that her purse and keys are sitting on the stair rail. I could feel the shock coursing through her.

  24. He was staring at Chris the entire time. He turns to the TV only a couple of times, but the entire time he's just staring at Chris. This guy was suspicious immediately. Good guy to do everything the way he did.

  25. The most downright spooky bit is on the neighbors tv, is an add for, I think American horror story, where they show a baby in a womb then a skull drowning in oil. That was just fucking bizarre considering how he disposed of them.

  26. Another chilling case comes to my mind! Sarah Stern. Her close, long-term friend Liam killed her and then confessed to his another friend in the car, where a hidden camera had been installed beforehand in cooperation with detectives.

  27. That sick fuck actually timed her dying. 30 minutes. And the only part he said that disturbed him was that her dog was watching him.

  28. This is one of those cases that’s stuck with me through the years. The video of Liam detailing every step of the murder is just… horrible. It’s truly horrible.

  29. Such a horrible case, I always think of her when I drive on that bridge to see my parents. Poor girl was so scared she peed herself while being murdered by someone she trusted. 🥲

  30. It’s so bizarre. If Liam had murdered a casual acquaintance, of course it would still be horrific, but his thought process would be slightly more understandable (“I need cash, this girl I hardly know means nothing to me.”) Again, still heinous. But to kill a longtime childhood friend? 😮

  31. The fact that I was literally a block away from where they supposedly tossed her into the water over the bridge that night still creeps me out…. Sleeping in my bed meanwhile right over there 👉 someone is being hidden. Crazy weird. Still can’t believe no one saw anything.

  32. Does anybody have a deep dive podcast recommendation for Jodi Arias? I find her absolutely fascinating in the most horrific way.

  33. Or her singing - like wth?!?!?! Then her pleas to the judge before sentencing so she wouldn’t get the death penalty - to paraphrase it was something like this… To kill me would be terrible for my parents…I have grown my hair long and cut to to donate to charities to make wigs for sick people…I can teach people to read in jail…. It was such next-level-douche behaviour

  34. There was a murder that happened in New Zealand sadly. British backpacker Grace Millane. Her killer was tracked by CCTV footage on their date, back to the hotel, buying a suitcase, hiring a car, taking her in suitcase burying her in the forest, getting a car wash … everything was pieced together. He is obviously a POS and tried to appeal just recently. Urgh. It can all be found on YouTube.

  35. The more chilling footage from the case, imo, was when they showed cctv of him going on ANOTHER tinder date a couple hours after murdering Grace. He literally leaves the hotel and goes out with this other girl.

  36. The Alyssa Bustamante interview is so sad, and as it becomes more and more obvious that she’s guilty you can tell that the grandmother starts to lose faith in her innocence, and then there’s the point where she admits to part of the crime and the grandmother runs out the door into the hall and you can hear her screaming and crying.

  37. I can't imagine... Sitting with your granddaughter in interrogation room, believe that she's totally innocent (who would bet that criminal was a 15yo girl) and suddenly the world turns upside down.

  38. Don't judge me but you somehow read my mind after I once again watched all 2.5 hours of Crime Vault's police bodycam footage last night. It's seriously my at least 20th time watching the full video (probably 60th time watching the section you mentioned).. begins 45:03 for anyone interested. His immediate explaining of every detail is a dead giveaway within the first 10 seconds. I can't comprehend how a spouse could think they could get away with this.

  39. I think he believed he’d have at least a couple days before people started sniffing around, but her best friend was at the house with cops by the crack of noon like “Where tf is she, Chris?”

  40. The footage of Phillip chism following his math teacher, Colleen Ritzer into a high school bathroom and the aftermath. So creepy.

  41. This was horrific. Iirc, Phillip was only 14 and new to the school/area. It’s hard to imagine his family didn’t see something was amiss with him before he raped and murdered Colleen.

  42. BLESS YOU. I remember hearing this story years ago (my first year as a teacher) and I think about it a lot but I couldn’t remember the names. My mind thanks you!!

  43. that moment where you see him put on gloves before following her to the washroom is eery as hell and the clip where he is rolling her body in the dumpster past this woman walking her dog who keeps barking at the dumpster made me feel weird.

  44. This happened close to me and not long after I became a teaching assistant myself--- such a horrifying case.

  45. I just googled this, I can’t believe I never heard about it before! In 2016 Kala brown, the survivor, lost her bf Charlie Carver to Kohlhepp who shot him 3 times in front of her. In 2019, it’s reported that her fiancé Adam stabbed himself to death in a suicide. 5 months later she was arrested for domestic assault with her new bf. Shit has NOT been going well for Kala.

  46. I’m not sure how well-known this case is in other countries, but the was a danish inventor Peter Madsen who killed Kim Wall. Wall wanted to interview him and he offered to take her out on his (homemade!) submarine where he killed and dismembered her, then pretended there was an accident and the submarine sunk. Another woman had been following Madsen for a while wanting to do a documentary about this brilliant man. They made it into a documentary recently and and it’s so bizarre to watch. He basically tells the filmmaker exactly what he would do if he was ever caught doing something illegal and it’s EXACTLY what he did when he was caught.

  47. Emma, the director of Into the Deep, is one of my best friends. I was helping her with the accounting for the Danish government grant she got for making the doco about an “inventor shooting himself into space”. A year later, I start reading about this case, and it all clicked. I immediately message Em with, “please tell me this is a different Danish inventor with a submarine?”

  48. Shayna Hubers, she was dancing, singing and saying “I did it, I did it” when left alone in the interrogation room. She also told the investigator that she gave her victim “the nose job he always wanted” by shooting him in the face.

  49. Shayna was granted a new trial because, she “should get a new trial after officials discovered that a juror who helped find her guilty never disclosed that he was a felon”. During her first trial she received a forty year sentence. She would have been eligible for parole around the 6 or 10 year mark. To her dismay, she was again found guilty in her second trial. This time, she was sentenced to LIFE. Now, she has to complete twenty years before she’s eligible for parole.

  50. Her 911 call was crazy. She was justifying it already. Nvm the fact that she called her mom then waited several min before she called 911.

  51. Isn’t this the one where she half whispers to herself when she’s alone in the interview room, “wow I am such a good actress!”?? Or that might have been Jodi arias, I can’t remember. Regardless, that line shook me to the core when I was watching. Like seriously?! There’s stupid and then there’s STUPID.

  52. I love the one where that chick hired a Hitman to kill her husband but she was setup, and the cops go to tell her her husband is dead and she was fake crying and acting so upset.

  53. Is that the one where she saw her husband outside the interrogation room, and she demanded he come in there? Or she was doing the, "I'm a sad victim" thing and whining for him to help her. He was just like, "Nope."

  54. I would have loved to see the look on her face when she realized she was never getting out. She was his ex girlfriend too. Such a sad case.

  55. I came across these interviews on Facebook of all places. It's wild that the girls just didn't even realize they were participants

  56. This whole thing hit very close to home for me. Literally, the murders took place not far from where I lived at the time. My son went to the same school. One of the girls, Charlie Ely was set free from prison a few years back and her life sentence taken away. The same lawyer that got Casey Anthony off won her appeals case for her. Amber Wright got a second trial, but was again sentenced to life.

  57. It upsets me so much that one of those little girls was at such high risk for schizophrenia from her dad AT THAT AGE and had been talking a bunch of weird shit and her mom was all, "yeah, that's weird, but no need to talk to her about it"

  58. Israel Keyes laughing at the FBI when he realizes they don’t have any evidence that he committed the Courier murders beyond his confession.

  59. Agreed, I am a casual true crime follower and every time I come into one of these threads I am pummeled by names I haven't heard of or have forgotten and everyone acts like it's common knowledge. Do you know how much true crime is out there??? Some of us don't know everything! Sometimes I feel like I'm out here googling every single comment, haha

  60. I can’t remember the YT people who made the video, but I think I spent a week itching to leave work and rewatch her interrogation.

  61. Maybe I’m just weird but watching CW on the body cam from the moment he arrives home right through his fidgety behavior in front of the neighbor and the cop just makes me ill even now. It was so obvious, his forced casualness, focusing on his phone, the constant slight bewildered reaction to every question, then the neighbor’s house… it was so clearly obvious that he was caught that I couldn’t help but feel that matching stomach-dropping, oh fuck, I’m so caught and there is NOTHING I can do feeling. Like I can’t help but imagine that sensation of realizing your life as you know it is gone forever. Probably because I cannot imagine the emotions that lead to the murders so this is all I can remotely relate to.

  62. He arrives home, and acts all casual, goes inside the garage, enters the car, goes through the house, then lets the police in through the front door (I'm guessing to hide her keys/phone/wallet/rings in the house). Doesn't ask what's happening, doesn't seem concerned that the police are there, and his wife and children are missing.

  63. I feel the same way. When the neighbor starts to show the side of the Watts garage and CW puts his hands on his head in distress… it makes me so anxious and I feel like I’m caught in this. I wouldn’t ever hurt anyone! I’m not sure where this reaction is coming from, I’m certainly not empathetic towards CW. But I can’t watch that again or I feel sick.

  64. he wrote a whole confession via a book he titled If I Did It. victim’s families were able to sue for the profits and altered the cover so the ‘if’ is tiny and ‘I did it’ is huge

  65. Chris Watts is one of the most vile human beings to ever exist. How a man could not only murder his wife but his three small children and dispose of their bodies in such a horrific way in the attempt to get laid is disgusting.

  66. I’ve always been absolutely fascinated that he called and unenrolled the girls from school the next morning. He was screaming to get caught. No thought whatsoever behind it.

  67. I want to once against bring it to everyones attention that there is a Shannan Watts hate sub that is still very active. The original was wattsofftopic where they blamed her for her own murder and the murder of her children.

  68. chris watt…like every single one of these guys…scrunches up his face like he’s in emotional pain, but cannot squeeze out a tear…oh…let me correct myself…occasionally they can squeeze out one…but only one…

  69. The most interesting part of that whole video was the skull in oil and the pregnancy ads that popped up, The girls were in an oil barrel and Shannan was pregnant, so it’s eerily creepy. Chris even notices at one point, which prompted him to mention she was pregnant.

  70. The part about that whole thing that freaked me out was when Chris Watts hears that ladies or the neighbours kid come in the room, a little girl that must have reminded him of his daughter for a second because he jumped 3 feet in the air.

  71. There’s actually a news clip on YouTube during the court hearings and you can actually hear the audio of the victim screaming when the door to the courtroom was opened for a sec. It’s horrible.

  72. I love the neighbor right as Chris exits the house. He is on the Chris in a big way, whereas I’m not even sure the cop fully gets the whole picture. We should all have a neighbor like this.

  73. And I have another! Did you see interviews in the case of missing two year old Amari? His mother Tayler Nicholson left him with her boyfriend Terrell Rhodes and Amari went missing. The press interviewed them several times and Terrell looked GUILTY AS HELL!

  74. Scott Peterson interview shortly after Lacy's disappearance. I was watching with my daughter and youngest son. He used past tense language every time he referred to Lacy and Conner. We three looked at each other and said "he did it. She and the baby are gone."

  75. My mom and I were sitting on the couch eating Christmas leftovers when we saw his face for the first time and we turned to each other and said basically the same thing.

  76. Jodi Arias on the stand telling her story was jaw droppingly amazing. Such a bullshit story that fit the known facts but under scrutiny made no sense at all.

  77. There’s a great video n YouTube that’s just police body cam footage from the moment the first cop arrives. It’s fascinating after Chris shows up.

  78. I have watched that part of the Netflix Nightstalker doc over and over again. Seeing him with his face all banged up cowering in the back of the squad car is chef kiss

  79. Not the actual crime footage, but I remember watching Susan Smith fake crying and carrying on about "bringing her babies home". I turned to my college roommates and said, " that bitch killed those kids". They all thought I was crazy.

  80. Susan Smith was supposed to come to the secure forensics unit at the SC State Hospital when I worked there for her mental status evaluation. We had meetings for weeks planning her admission. When our patients ( also having mental evaluations for murder) found out she was coming several confided that she would be killed her first night on the unit. We couldn't guarantee her safety so she had to stay in jail in administrative segregation.

  81. no one ever seems to mention the Watts' dog, but on the bodycam footage of CW showing cops around the house the dog goes absolutely crazy when he tries to interact, the dog must have seen what happened. kind of sealed the deal for me

  82. That was such a good moment in the documentary. I had never seen that footage and it was like some telenovela slap or my favorite team scored a goal, utter shock. Fair dues to the neighbor for mentioning it to the cop and not just thinking ah he's just in shock.

  83. The cop actually did respond by saying he was probably in shock. But that was protocol probably. He wasn’t about to let the neighbor know he was on to Chris.

  84. I watched the interrogation video of Sherri Papini yesterday and it was really good. (She faked her own kidnapping) detectives brought her in to look at some photos of people and places, her attitude before they drop the bomb that they know what happened. They even keep trying to get her to repo her husband to leave the room first but she’s so oblivious she lets him stay to hear what LE says

  85. The video of Stephen McDaniels being informed by a reporter his neighbor’s body was found after he raped and murdered her. He tries to play concerned neighbor for the news, but starts to visibly panic when the reporter tells him that, and even has to sit down to catch his breath.

  86. It’s my favorite clip. The first time I saw it I had to go back again and again. That neighbor is a freaking hero.

  87. The recent one with quinton simon, poor little guy RIP. When I saw the interview with his mom and grandma.. you can tell the grandma knows the mom is lying, she can't even look at her and looks like she's going to throw up.. when I saw that I was like yep she's guilty, 2 weeks later they found his body and arrested the mom.

  88. Thanks for giving me a new rabbit hole to go down. It’s fascinating that someone so accomplished in their public life could be so fucked up psychologically. Wearing his “murder” shoes to a police interview was an interesting choice.

  89. The entire Tony Todt trial. What a piece of shit he was on the stand. I thought it was going to be a long trial but it was like 2 days and a quick verdict probably because he was so completely unlikeable during his testimony.

  90. Immediately followed by the neighbor saying “he’s not acting right”. It’s great. The neighbor (and his camera) were great here.

  91. Alot of good ones already named. I do like the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. The killers, Brian Lee Draper and Torey Michael Adamcik. The entire case can be surmised as a re-creation of the Scream slasher films. Two high-schoolers with an obsession with horror who decide to do their own.

  92. Stephanie Lazarus American female cop who was brought into a room for a fake interview or something and slowly interrogated about a murder she committed ages ago. She slowly realised she is fucked

  93. There’s also a news interview with CW when his wife first went missing before the case really blew up. His body language and what he was saying to the news reporter was so telling. I actually remember watching it live and my first thought was this guy is so guilty.

  94. as a podcaster who just covered the CW case (so much good footage in this case) but the lie detector footage is so telling too. The FBI agent says “the coolest thing is right now only one of us knows what really happened but in 5 minutes, two of us will know”. she was so good. and CW is garbage.

  95. i knowwwww and i usually get agony cuz i put myself in his shoes and get scared if i was in that situation but then i remember i’d never fucking kill my pregnant wife and kids and get calm again lmao

  96. Not a guilty person incriminating themselves, but the interrogation of Ryan Waller in the death of Heather Kwan (sp?) has to go into this category:

  97. YES, when he asks the cop to come back or whatever and he is immediately like, “he’s not acting right.” The cop was like, “well his family is missing…” and the neighbor was like, “no, dude.”

  98. A lot of these comments are from cases my favourite True Crime YouTube has covered - That Chapter. He always used prime source footage when he can. Check him out :)

  99. The audio recording from Warriena Wright just before she "fell" to her death during a Tinder date. Gives me chills every time.

  100. The video of Kala Brown being rescued gives me chills and makes me want to cry in relief every time I see it. The footage of police apprehending Todd Kolhepp at his home is a satisfying watch.

  101. There's no footage, but there is a transcript of Jeffrey MacDonald's first interview with investigators, when they ask him if there's any reason why he'd want to kill his wife. He's indignant and hostile, then the investigator shows him a photo of a woman he'd slept with several months earlier.

  102. There are other scenes I love, but I agree that the Watts footage at neighbor Nate’s house is exceptional because of the gravity of the situation. If Watts hadn’t been in such good shape he may have had a heart attack. He had no idea the quality of the footage or what would be visible. He was absolutely freaking out the whole time. Totally aware of the implications. With a cop right there. Amazing.

  103. The interview with Stuart Hazel (who killed his step granddaughter Tia Sharp). He was teary-eyed and appealing for her safe return. When he knew damn well she was rolled up in a carpet in the attic.

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