[Help] My backlog keep growing, it's spiralling out of control guys.

  1. Time is the biggest issue. With each normal plat averaging 30-60 hours it can take a while to finish even 1 game if you take in to account work, school, friends and family time. Takes me a few weeks most of the time to finish 1 average game.

  2. I slowed the growth rate by refusing myself permission to buy new games. Like that meme about how we have [thing] at home. Now new game(s) until I finish x-number of games I already own.

  3. I started the platinum journey for AC Valhalla and I only get to play for a couple hours here and there on weekends. This journey alone is gonna add 20 games to my backlog before I’m done💀

  4. I've only played 4 new games this whole year as I've been clearing the backlog. Got almost 40 plats done from the backlog... No need to play every new game straight away... They won't go away

  5. Last year I started a new plan, I can only buy a game after I completed 2. So far it's worked well and I feel a lot less stressed. I've also noticed that there are a lot fo games I bought for no real reason, just there hype so I've been getting rid of them. Im a lot happier now.

  6. What I’ve learned is only buy a game on sale if you plan on playing it either now or the next game or 2 after the one your on now. Nowadays sales happen constantly and outside a few publishers that rarely go on sale (KT and activison among them) they still do go on sale more often than they did in the past so even if you miss a sale, just wait a few months or less and it’ll go on sale again usually for less (outside of the 2 publishers mentioned). Outside of that just pick a game and stick to it in your backlog and you’ll work your way through it. And Remember it’s ok to not platinum a game in your backlog if your not enjoying it, just move onto the next game.

  7. You have to also escape the mentality that it's a backlog. It's a library of games ready for you to pick from and play right away without waiting for a sale (assuming you bought them on sale and added to the backlog for later)

  8. Yep. This is the right mindset. If you like reading, the overwhelming number of books at a physical library shouldn't stress you out, but instead, it's a great opportunity to find something new. Thanks to PS+ over the past few years, I have 100+ games sitting unplayed if I ever want to try something new. Aside from online multiplayer and live service games, the core experience is just as fun playing the game years after release. Personally, I love it. When I was a kid, I had maybe ten SNES games that I would play over and over again because games were expensive, and I maybe got 1 or 2 games a year. Now, I have a huge library spanning a bunch of different genres, all for free. It's an enormous blessing, not a curse.

  9. The way I try to manage this is only buy games I plan on playing immediately. When I start a game, unless I completely hate it, I play it all the way through before starting another game. Platinum comes later when I have free time and only if I really liked the game enough to Platinum it. Or if I’m really close already like 1-2 simple things to go I’ll try and finish it.

  10. Same here man, same here. Most of my backlog are JRPGs not just on the Ps5 but the switch and 3DS as well and it got to be too much. So I’ve been playing less games than before, but I have been enjoying them more after I started focusing on quality > quantity. During the beginning of the pandemic I took my time and enjoyed games but during 2021 I just started playing and blowing through as many games and anime as I could but enjoyed them less. Now I’ve been taking my time and enjoying them and it feels better that way. Backlog is still massive though

  11. I stopped looking at my situation as some backlog and have started to look at a single game as a whole playing one game at a time that I'm intentionally trying to 100%. I also am on an extreme low buy since "no buy" doesn't work for me. The rule for me is I have to play the story fully on any game I buy right after I buy it so it has to be a game I want to enjoy. I feel like I've been burning faster to platinum through this method. Trophy hunting has helped me stop buying a game, play it for 10 hours and then shelve it for the next game sale grip.

  12. Do what I do. Only buy 1 game at a time and stick to it until you platinum it or until you're willing to accept "that I've had my fun but I'm never going to play this again".

  13. Yeah, this has helped me. I also embraced the smaller storage capacity of the PS5’s drive (compared to the 2TB I installed on my PS4), and I only keep 2-3 games on there: one big one, one small one, and one or two casual ongoing/multiplayer games. I stick to those games until I’m done (beat them or retire them if I bounce off it), and delete it from the system, then find my next game to download.

  14. Then you have better choices of games to play instead of settling on something that may not be worth your time, I don't see the problem

  15. How much is too much? I have like 15 games on my backlog and I know for a fact that I’ll only play half if I’m being optimistic 😂

  16. Try to calm down on buying and spend more time playing games you have. Obviously, there will be some must buy new games but keep it strictly limited to those that you feel you have to have and will play quickly.

  17. I've implemented a system for myself that works wonders, pretty much everytime you play a game you get a single point, keep track of it how you want I have an app.

  18. My backlog far exceeds 100 games at this point. I feel your pain and desperately need to get it cleared out lol

  19. I have to wait for retirement before i can clean my backlog, wished I started back as a kid on the ps3. Still 25 plats (100%) in 12 months aint bad

  20. I just stopped playing new games and looked through my trophy list and played whatever wasn’t at 100%. It’s super satisfying, especially when you knock out enough games to look back to see how far you’ve come

  21. You’ll never finish them all. I had a fairly small backlog of about 20-30, and estimated that it’s impossible with adult life, and broke down my games into categories:

  22. am i the only one that i dont even buy games anymore? i just download whatever ps plus extra has to offer and i try to platinum one game at the time.

  23. I like to imagine if we all had infinite time, all of our games would get platinumed at some point! Just need that window of inspiration to get one going.

  24. Everytime I think about my backlog list of stuff I need to finish (not even 100%, just finish) I end up...playing something like Factorio or Rimworld that is functionally endless.

  25. I was you years ago. I used to buy games like crazy. Also, started too many games and also downloading those shitty indie free games just for platinum. It was boring and killed my gaming for few months. Then, I focused to platinum those shitty games (they were only 10-12). I chores through it and swear to never buy/download any games which in not of my interest. Then, I started finishing those games which I had started. I also stopped buying any more games. Then I started playing games I had bought, mostly 1-2 games at a time. I only have 2 games left which are not played yet.

  26. Man i dont even wanna start on how many games i bought this year just sitting in my account with no play Time its the PS sales every damn month that does that not to mention over the years lol

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