It’s like flipping a switch

  1. The boys who were always the meanest to me were the ones who were dating a friend of mine. I am and was very unattractive. I think their cruelty was from a fear of being associated with an uggo like me.

  2. My highschool best friend wqs a beautyfull girl she was so cute boys would go fucking braindead for her. (Wich was honestly disturbing) they treated me like avsolute garbage, that has really fucked with my self esteem.

  3. It’s scary. If a guy asked you out, you could say yes and he’d love you, or say no and he’d kill you. I don’t understand it

  4. Jokes, even if you say yes to that guy (the one who'd kill you if you said no) he'll eventually kill you even if you say yes.

  5. Full offense, this is why I'm not friends with men. Was the ugly girl as a kid and young adult. Now I'm seen as hot so I've seen both sides and men just don't seem like valuable friends to me. I'm never going to be the girl that thinks you treating me 'special' when I know you treat other women like shit is cute.

  6. Being friends with men is a pain the ass for pretty much the same reason dating them is: too many wait until you're invested to show their entire ass and make you realize you just wasted a bunch of time and energy on them. Easier to just keep it surface level. I think being trans has actually amplified my unwillingness to give dudes the benefit of the doubt because I spent a long time seeing every man I knew with the mask off from the start and usually they fucking sucked without the mask. Being perceived as a dude is like if every man you knew talks pretty much the same way IRL as he does on Twitter.

  7. It's annoying because I know their behavior is contingent on me reciprocating and I have to constantly avoid hitting that "off switch" because I'm afraid of how they'll act towards me once they realize I'm not interested (or they're not).

  8. My latest ex when we first broke up and there was still hope, texted me about an event, if I wanted to go and if I'd like him not to be there. Very respectful.

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