I’m a feminist, but

  1. I have a friend that still says she’s not a feminist and then says extremely feminist stuff. She thinks the name indicates that women want to be above men or some shit. She was a sociology major in college so I’m sure she learned the contrary, it’s weird.

  2. It definitely doesn’t help that the majority of men will immediately balk any time a woman labels herself as one and stop listening to anything she says afterward. In fucking 2022

  3. I think there's a few things like that where people grew up and the word was basically taboo around their friends or family, so they refuse to use it to describe their beliefs but it's the perfect descriptor. See: Leftist/Socialist/Feminist

  4. No it’s so annoying and then they’re like “well third wave feminism”, like nobody asked or cares. It’s people that weren’t actual feminists yet called themselves one, and got labeled as so by misogynist YouTubers who hate women.

  5. I found the way to explain how feminism is named but does not represent supremacy is explaining it with BLM. Both movements are about equality but are named after the group that has been historically forgotten. It's helped many understand and ones that don't understand either are truly lost.

  6. People seem to have misrepresented what the word actually means. If you're not a feminist then what are you? The answer can only have a negative connotation.

  7. That's because men have been twisting it for years saying it's about hating men. Instead of doing anything about their shitty behavior they blame women for not wanting to be with them and blame feminism for it.

  8. Feminism is a political ideology with its own history and ideas, including feminist thinkers, feminist theory and various movements.

  9. Just as just h2o (distilled water) doesn't actually nourish you, we don't need just gender equality but equity

  10. Idk I'm not sure how fair it is to tell someone how they have to label themselves. Like I feel more like it's like "I don't call myself bisexual, but I date men and women". Like as a person who uses bisexual for myself, I don't get it personally, but I also don't have to get why people want to label themselves the way they do.

  11. They've gotten really good at normalizing and spreading misogyny online though, so I guess they've been working hard at something.

  12. When I was in college 13 or so years ago, some of my good friends refused to label themselves as feminists because “guys didn’t like it.” Seriously disappointing.

  13. That does kinda suck, but I’m also willing to give people space to come around. I hope they understand it better now, and understand why it would have been preferable to have been feminists in the first place.

  14. I love it when folk say “ The problem is feminists don’t want equality, they want to be above men!” So what’s the current situation then?

  15. they think that us wanting equal pay or to not get abused, raped and murdered is some sort of supremacy ideation

  16. The problem is that these men don't see how there is inequality to begin with, they never grew up with any of the same problems so it all seems really inconsequential. Then when they hear that women want equality, they don't even realize the way all the little inconveniences, minor setbacks, subtle misogyny, and even overt discrimination snowball to really set women back. I have also noticed that these kinds of people have very binary thinking: either women are privileged or they aren't. Women may have an easier time finding a partner, so men latch onto that and asset that women have the advantage in dating. Nevermind the fact that dating is a minefield full of abuse. Technically true for everyone, but far more dangerous for women. But frequency doesn't matter to them. "But men get raped too!" will always be the response to a discussion about rape that forgets to mention men as victims to make them feel included. Likewise, they think exclusively. If women are privileged, men won't be. So they must prevent any accrual of privilege. Us or them. They don't understand that we can all be happy and that's the goal. The only subjugation we need is that of the sexist institutions and the people who support them. They will never understand that, though, because of the binary thinking. You either subjugate all men or none of them. There is no option to selectively target the men who are sexist, and it becomes even harder for them to see that option because feminists will frequently point out that it is not just some men, but an overwhelming number of men, who are at the very least unconsciously misogynistic and need to either rethink their attitudes or be deplatformed. Because the unconscious misogyny is so deeply baked into what they see as male culture, or even masculinity itself, they see an attack on the misogynistic parts of our culture as an attack on men as a whole. It's frustrating because you can argue with them all you want but they will never see it as anything except an us against them, as an attack on all men whose endpoint is matriarchy rather than equity.

  17. I take this as progress. There will always be assholes, but when civil rights are en vogue, it's a step in the right direction.

  18. That book is on my bookshelf and I may finally be able to read it. It felt too depressing to try during the last administration

  19. Yeah, the bigots have managed to really convince everyone that "feminist" means what they want it to mean.

  20. I am a feminist, but unfortunately I subscribe to gender norms (in my own life). I like cooking and organizing. I hate fixing things and squishing bugs. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Feminism is about treating those things as personal hobbies and traits and interests and not labelling that as 'Gender Norms' or 'duties'.

  22. I think all of feminism is about each one of us being in control of our own choices. That’s how you live you life because that’s how you WANT to live your life. You aren’t necessarily following a proscribed life script because society/your family/your father tells you to do what they want. You get to do what you want. That’s feminism to me.

  23. Subscribing to gender norms means that you believe that people should conform to those roles. It sounds like you don’t believe that to be true, you just happen to be that way yourself :) nothing wrong with that. I like conventionally masculine men…without the toxicity part lol

  24. Please don’t squish bugs or get others to squish bugs for you. Bugs have a place in this world and do not deserve death for simply existing uglily.

  25. I wish people would stop thinking of feminism (or any “ism”) as I AM and start thinking of it as “I do.” You can be not feminist and do feminist actions and you can be a feminists and still have some of your actions be anti/non feminist. Feminism is action. Anything that leads toward female liberation is feminist. If it doesn’t, it’s not feminist 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. Let's be honest tho what problems does a first world country female have? And how do these problems compare with their counterpart. ... Let's leave other countries out of this. There's way too many atrocities going on.

  27. the women in the first scenario are feminist. they're just plagued by internalised and external misogyny which scares them out of labelling themselves as such. to them, feminism is a dirty word, as it perturbs men.

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