Poor kid…thanksgiving in this family looks traumatic

  1. “We’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year”! Only guests are her mom and sister! Great hosts! I will never forget her bachelorette party! The same two guests!🤣🤣

  2. I always wonder - does Moses not have any friends either? You never ever see him with a friend or anyone other than Big T. Never hear him mention anyone or talk about any friends or family. It’s very strange.

  3. stop cause I wanna say this too but I don’t want to be mean but I never noticed how big it is till it’s compared to Trisha’s

  4. Thanksgiving with MB’s dad who put a dildo is her mum but then denied it to his side chicks and said it was MB’s aunt. What a close knit family 🥰 /s

  5. omg this made me gag!! this reminded me too of that pic of lenna sucking on a shark shaped gummy and moses looking at her like a freak , lets also remember who was the one that filmed this trio of ladies wrestling in jello....

  6. Wow! I can tell how much Malibu has grown when her grandma holds her! It’s hard to tell when the beast is holding her because she’s so large.

  7. It seems she broke up with the dude in Hawaii & ate her feelings again. She hasn’t posted on OF in a year but is still pulling in over $30k a month in subs.

  8. So did mikes mom not even come over? I feel like she said his mom was coming but maybe I’m misremembering when she said that would be

  9. a fellow wifey told me she was comming for december so bless her soul she didnt have to eat tricia's buttery greasy yet bland goey food

  10. Well that was a waste of liposuction Kali.. imagine getting a painfull surgery from head to toe to only look even bigger/worse a year? Or 2 later. I don't understand.

  11. They just don’t have the discipline to maintain the results and keep throwing money into plastic surgery at their issues instead

  12. How pathetic. She could have had a large gathering with her family and her husbands family. Her daughter could have two adorable boy cousins to play with in the future. But abusive Tonka couldn’t handle her husband having anyone else in his life. Bro is now only allowed to see her mother and sister for the rest of his life.

  13. To be fair to Lenna, she’s not much of an eater. She eats crap but doesn’t eat big portions and she works out.

  14. Who’s Idea was it to put that 1970’s glass wall with a night at the Roxbury blue tint???? The hell??? That is the ugliest, tackiest, bulkiest god damn thing I have ever seen ….1991 called and wants it’s bulk ass glass wall back.

  15. I can't believe Kali is 29. It's so so so sad what she has done to her face as she was so beautiful. I said it earlier but I truly believe TP sabatoged her into getting all that work done because she has always been jealous of her. It's so sad.

  16. It's hard to find natural blondes and blonds these days. So far the real ones that I can see today that are absolutely beautiful are the kids from Welcome to Plathville.

  17. Okay I’ve never had a baby. But I feel like they’re still not properly holding her. Maybe Lena is the closest. Like don’t you have to cradle their head and neck all the time?

  18. “I wanna be in it”. That was so weird to me. Maybe I just don’t love myself, but I’d rather have the awesome closeups of the sea life without my big head in it.

  19. That blue block glass wall is just.... It looks like it should be outdoor by a pool or something not in a dining room?!

  20. MB has her hands still in tight fist. Bless her heart. I hope she hasn't lost the use of them. Not wiggling, grasping. Her little hands have atrophy....So sad for her.

  21. Moses must be really feeling it this year, he went from big happy families, to.. well Trisha, her mum and sister. I suppose he chose that, so he must suffer the loneliness that is trishas world.

  22. On the live ‘eat thanksgiving dinner with us’ it was just her and Moshe. Did they have TWO Thanksgiving dinners? Or was she sampling the food before her guests arrived? Nothing would surprise me with big T! 😂

  23. Does he only have those grey pants and the ugly christmas pijama bottoms? I haven’t seen him wear anything different. They must stink 🤮

  24. This looks so incredibly traumatic, like you can SEE the aunt PUNCHING the baby like for real?? Honestly wtf is traumatic about this

  25. I still can’t get over the fact Trisha was trying her “vegan era” after the rabbit fur chairs and is doing her cursed smile in front of an animal corpse. Baby aside…

  26. Freak show!! Are they eating in the public restroom or public indoor swimming pool?!! That ugly hideous wall looks like the soul of its stealther, money hungry designer!

  27. Those. Chairs. Are. So. Ridiculous. And. Hideous. And the point of the film and that furniture was showing people with more money than taste. But clearly that's all too subtle for Tonka and the water arteeest.

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