Old axe blade. Is it worth anything?

  1. Trouble is, the handles cost almost as much as a whole axe.. At least when I tried. Have an old maul roofers left behind with a broken handle.

  2. It's probably worth $20 if you spend 2 days making a handle for it, polish it to a mirror finish, and make a monetized youtube video of the whole process. Otherwise just buy a new one, it will be cheaper and a lot easier.

  3. Is this an axe head or is it just a wedge. I picked up an "Oregon" wedge from the dump recently thinking it was an axe head. I got all the tar cleaned off and was surprised there was no place to attach a handle!

  4. It’s not that old if it’s telling you to wear goggles. Given the chipping, I’d just toss it

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