Anyone else tired of the bullshit ad that VCG has turned into?

  1. Pro tip, click on the three dots on the right side of the youtube recommendations and select "don't recommend this channel". Haven't seen their crap videos recommended any more haha

  2. Also another one in a similar vein, I’ve been blocking all the ads on Reddit and Twitter and noticed a huge decrease until a new wave pops up and I block those too

  3. Last Best Tool is great, he often gets into what exactly makes one model of a certain tool type better than another tool of similar type.

  4. I also always liked German Tool Reviews. Tend to be a bit on the dry side, but quite objective reviews. But unfortunately that channel stopped due to issues with his hands or something.

  5. Donut Media does a good bit called Tool Party where they compare cheap, mid range, and high end tools against each other. Totally scientificly inaccurate but fun to watch.

  6. He's not a tool channel as much as project channel (but still talks a lot about tools and his thoughts on them), but Essential Craftsman is amazing.

  7. Don’t mind the tool tests raw but the dude turns 1 minute of info into 10 minutes of “stuff you don’t wanna miss”. TRZ is even worse.

  8. I can’t watch their stuff anymore. It’s become terribly obvious they’re just in it for the money and trying to get you to buy stuff

  9. Lots of the tool/construction channels have lost their mojo recently. Only so many blade and driver tests you can do

  10. I'm starting to get over the idea that every tool has to be the most powerful and make the most torque or whatever. The reality is that for the most part the work I do just isn't that demanding on tools

  11. Not a fan. Vince is funny, but for about…. 30 seconds. If i’m going to watch an ad for something, i’ll check out rob & sarah at belts&boxes. I love their videos, quick & easy to digest & keeps me up to speed. Also, TTC is excellent.

  12. Recently started watching belts and boxes and enjoy it. A good balance of humor and worthy information. That latest ryobi video was well done.

  13. Is it just me? They used to be an informative channel and now it’s just hard to watch their videos because it’s just one big advertisement

  14. When you have "reviewed" everything by the second week of the year and you still need 50 more weeks of content it gets tricky.

  15. Ah the name sounds familiar. I tuned them off when they suggested 60v DeWalt batteries on 20v tools would kill the tool.

  16. I repair tools and this one was actually right. Mosfets in old 20v shit were rated for 80A and 60v batteries became 5s3p configuration with 3 rows of 30A cells which would burn out the mosfets, there are very few and very specific tools that were vulnerable, dewalt already fixed it

  17. VCG stands for Very Cool Guys, which is a suspect declaration in the first place. Their channel sucks and they are not cool.

  18. Their video titles and thumbnails are some of the worst click-bait on the platform. It's so enraging. It's not been *as* bad in the last couple months, but it was still enough that I don't want a single one of their videos on purpose.

  19. Yeah, tbh I can't stand that channel either. initially it was vaguely entertaining, but that faded so quickly... I can no longer stomach any of it.

  20. Never subscribed to their channel but their videos would pop up once in a while. Never found them particularly informative.

  21. Making content for the sole reason of making money will eventually turn to churning pointless shit for the algorithm. It’s inevitable if the creator has zero ideology or fundamentals behind it

  22. I found them shortly after getting into milwaukee and thought they were stupid but still a little fun and liked watching their deal finds at HD and lowes (never watched the live stream, would just skip through it) then I just got sick of the clickbait videos and they were inconsistent on recommendations and opinions between videos.

  23. Does anyone in the industry actually consider this channel a valuable resource? To me it's always been the whacky morning radio host equivalent of the tool review world.

  24. Fun channel when they did TTR's but rest of the videos are pretty much ads and regurgitating of marketing wank.

  25. They used to do great tool showdowns, that’s the only reason I liked them. They haven’t done a showdown in a long time. Even the guests who used to come help with switching up the vid a bit seemed to have enough. There “deals” are only if you are capable of spending 300 and above which I generally can’t justify. I never understood the homedepot or lowes walk around, go online or go in store yourself. And I don’t even live in the US anymore. Joe the tool guy has great deal vids but he slowed down lately. I think with the covid and inflation, deals have stunk lately causing these guys to have less content. But vcg is a complete Milwaukee shill

  26. This dudes videos blow. I got suckered once or twice looking for info on a tool or something, fuck these videos.

  27. VCG construction is to power tool YouTube videos as NICKMERCS is to gaming YouTube. If you know you know. If you don't know? It's a legitimate video marketing tactic that is aimed at people with very limited knowledge about what they're watching, primarily targeted towards those that are younger (18 to 30 demographic) It's supposed to be "hip".

  28. VGC is on par with the lumber at Home Depot. AvE five yrs ago was door drop hilarious- When he began posting support of the those racists truckers in Ottawa, he lost me - maybe paranoid fear coupled with high quality BC weed? Oh well - great one liners though Last best tool is great - The guy is very intelligent - into quality tools and just talks about tools . Good stuff

  29. I've never liked the guy to begin with. He's just too annoying and puts on too much of a persona. He and AVE are my 2 least favorite tool related video creators and I've blocked their channels for years. *Edited to ave, I forgot his name since it has been so long.

  30. They really did a number on my ridgid stealth force for their TTR. I sent it in good faith thinking it would be great competition to see. Main board had to be replaced and after further repair and more issues , HD gave me one of their kits.

  31. Worst part is in the beginning he was awesome. Day one people know he was the go to honest person. Now he’s there for the money smh

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