i was pressured to have sex in the theatre and now i’m worried. will i get in trouble?

  1. 100% I used to work for AMC for several years. We’ve seen a lot of weird shit. The most we will do is ask you to stop if we don’t feel too mortified. If OP was going to get in trouble, it would have happened then and there. Managers aren’t even paid enough to care (when I was working there I think it was like $13 or $14/hr in my state for a manager).

  2. I doubt the cops would even pursue this if they knew about it. Even if someone reported you, there’s no concrete evidence of what happened. Another commenter mentioned cameras but I highly doubt there were cameras inside the theater that work in the dark, cover the whole theater and have high enough resolution to be able to see what you were doing. I’m guessing every theater gets this occasionally and probably would have just asked you to leave if they had noticed.

  3. You will be fine with the cops so relax on that front. However, your partner shouldn’t be forcing you do anything…a safe environment and consenting adults should do stuff when they feel safe and relaxed and unpressured..

  4. I got a bj in a movie theater. Back row. An usher caught us, and turned and walked away. They don't care. If you were going to get in trouble, you'd already know.

  5. My thoughts exactly, consent should be given enthusiastically and freely, without manipulation or coercion. Otherwise is not consent.

  6. Having sex in public is a problem. That's sexual assault to everyone around you (and everyone who will ever use those seats).

  7. Not really, you get in trouble only if they caught you on the spot. Your concern should be the "I was pressured" part.

  8. I’m sorry you felt pressured. I remember being in a similar situation with my first serious partner. It is a really heavy feeling. You might want to reach out to a counsellor to help you process this and maybe you tend to want to people please like I do? Counselling (and age) has helped me understand and enforce my boundaries better.

  9. You do realize that the biggest problem is here is that you were pressured into it, right? If you didnt wanted to have sex and your partner pressured you into it, that's not what most folk call "consensual sex", rather, its called "abuse". Forget about the cops and the theater, that's a non issue, and if someone was going to complained, at most se theater workers would have kicked you out and that be the end of it. The big issue here is that you were pressured into it.

  10. Nobody gives a shit. What I will say is being pressured for your first time in a movie theater is a much bigger problem and you need to toss that one to the curb and find someone who actually cares about you

  11. I’m very sorry this happened to you, it sounds like a very upsetting experience. I sincerely doubt you will get in trouble so please put that worry down. Take care of yourself and I think it’s best that you don’t see that person again. They don’t sound like they respect you or your boundaries and that is not ok. 💗

  12. The cops don't get called on kids messing around in a movie theater. If they caught you, I think they would just ask you to leave and laugh it off.

  13. The theatre doesn’t care. However don’t ever talk to that person ever again, if they’re willing to pressure you into that it can only get worse. Runaway and never ever let them near you

  14. OP, no one there gets payed enough to care. And they would’ve just kicked you out in the first place. How would they even have gotten your plates in the first place? You think they followed you to your car? No ones coming after you

  15. You are worried about the wrong thing. You shouldn't be pressured into doing sexual things you don't want to do. You should never go out with that persona again and you need to develop stronger boundaries.

  16. I also used to be a teenager getting pressured into things like this and also the only one bearing the brunt of the anxiety related to the shit they made me do. Mostly also in public. You won’t get in trouble, but what she did isn’t okay, and someone who loves you will want you to feel safe. Both in the moment and after. Here if you need to talk or process or need any kind of resources, that’s my job now and I love to do it. I hope you’re okay, and fuck that person

  17. As someone who worked in a cinema: nothing will happen. Likely hundreds, if not thousands of people did exactly the same thing in the exact same seat before you. The operator(s) sometimes saw it, and back where I worked we had a "VIP sex area" because you couldn't see ANYTHING from there (it was a very old theatre converted to a cinema) but for some reason lot of young (and not so young) couples loved to buy that seats. For reasons.

  18. Um I’m more worried about you being pressured into it. They cops aren’t coming or anything for what happened but I hope you don’t have another date with this person. If you ever need a nonjudgy stranger to talk to I’m here :)

  19. Totally agree,… If this scenario had happened in a private area it very well could’ve gotten violent,… either way, this other participant should be ashamed of themselves at the very least !!!!!!

  20. eh not always. a guy pressuring a girl to have sex and then her consenting is not rape. the guy is a grade A asshole but unless he genuinely intimidated her with threats, its not rape. a pushy guy is a douche, but not a rapist. (not condoning this kind of behavior, but lets not start changing what things mean)

  21. I never knew how casual theater sex was until i read this thread. I'd always assume you'd get the cops called on you or something lol

  22. If they called the cops, they would be in trouble too. Also cops wouldn’t even do anything. They have other shit to deal with and i highly doubt you would get in trouble for something like that.

  23. if nobody did anything the day it happened, you’re pretty much in the clear. Like most other people here are saying, The staff there just don’t get paid enough to care.

  24. This person sounds like an asshole for pressuring you to have sex especially for your first time and in public. The cops aren’t coming after you though, like others have said, if anyone was going to get you in trouble they would have stopped you in the theater

  25. If someone saw you and cared enough to take action they would have stopped you immediately. You’re safe. Best thing you can do now is vow not to repeat an action that stresses you out so much. Talk to your boyfriend now. Don’t count on having the will to say no in the moment.

  26. Sorry this reads wrong to me but maybe iv spent too long in an adult environment but I can't see anyone following this train of thought, if you're pressured it's sexual assault and fingering is not sex .

  27. Anxiety can lead the brain down all sorts of paths that, looking from the outside, seem illogical, but to an anxious brain seem perfectly reasonable

  28. Fingering is digital sex. Oral is oral sex. Frottage/grinding is nonpenetrative genital touch i.e. sex. etc. PIV is not the only sex there is!

  29. OP, to your own admission you were sexually assaulted in a theater. You're not going to get in trouble for that, but the person who assaulted you should. Being pressured into sex is assault. Don't speak to that person anymore, take care of yourself.

  30. Hey! I worked in a movie theater for awhile. If you weren't kicked out mid act then no one saw. But, as others have said, never feel like you owe your body to anyone.

  31. Dude the theatre couldn’t care less about that But are you ok? Being pressured into something like that is fucking evil and you should probably stop speaking to that person

  32. Often times we should be encouraged to speak after any event of a sexual nature, so it understand and process it. It could be with friends to get their feedback, or whoever you feel comfy with - a counselor, etc. This kind of fear and phobia of talking about pelvic health and sex is an outdated one, you should feel that it's okay to ask. It's not okay this person pressured you, it would be worthwhile having a convo with them if you intend to keep them around to communicate that. If not no pressure, they're not worthwhile knowing if that pressure was coercion.

  33. Ok first of all I’m sorry you were pressured. But no. You’re safe. 100% lol, don’t worry about any “legal intervention”.

  34. You're not going to get in trouble, but I strongly recommend you stay away from the person who pressured you into sex.

  35. I worked at a theater for years. Managed it. You're fine. If you didn't get caught there and then. You're fine.

  36. I used to manage a movie theatre location. Cops are only ever called if there’s a safety concern or filming. The staff, if they saw you, are saying “ha we found another one doing it in 7 again”. And that’s it.

  37. You're fine. About rhe worst I've ever heard was an usher telling them to stop. You did t have that so you're fine.

  38. Dude. Chill t.f out. Get your plate? Theaters get that kind of thing a lot, you think you're the first and only person to do this? They aren't going to approach the police demanding they investigate who was fingered in row D seat 25. The real problem is the guy you were with, he sounds like scum.

  39. Ok, you’re not in trouble. Not sure how old you are but you sound very young. Don’t ever let someone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. Respect yourself and don’t let anyone disrespect you.

  40. You wint get into trouble. Don't worry about it But the ,, I was pressured,, part is worrying me. Are you okay? Maybe talk about what happened with a friend or someone you trust?

  41. If they saw you, they probably want to forget. Going out of their way to arrest you for it days later is NOT gonna help in forgetting.

  42. Be with some who actually understands consent meaning they stop and ask you if you want to have sex. That's how consent works.

  43. no take backs just personal responsibility, hope you feel more comfortable in later experiences, but you just describes what being young and reckless means

  44. They're not gonna call the cops, but they could ban you. I used to be an usher, and it was my job to periodically check each theater to make sure everything was playing correctly. No one hopped in movies, and no one was doing weird shit. You do auck for having sex in the theater, though. That's gross. I was a minor, and I walked in on too many couples doing that shit. Seriously, go home for that.

  45. That isn't the type of thing the police would hunt you down for. If they had caught you, they probably would have just asked you to leave and banned you from the theatre. You have to remember: they just want to make money, so making a big scene by calling the cops is not in their best interest.

  46. Lol trust me, as someone who has been there (my first time fingering a girl was on a movie date in the theater) you’re gonna be fine. I had similar concerns at the time cause I too have anxiety issues. Don’t worry, if they didn’t confront you, that means they didn’t see you or notice what was happening.

  47. Wait. Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like you just got fingered, you didn’t have sex. Which means you don’t know what sex is…? How old are you? And how old was the person you were with?

  48. Yeah the theatre will not know; its dark and its not worth anyone's tims to look out for that sort of thing. Please don't worry about that at least.

  49. No you will not get in trouble by any authority figure. But please be aware that this is a form of Sexual Assault. Nobody should ever pressure you into something you are not comfortable with. Please cut this person out of your life and if you have someone you trust please talk to them.

  50. You won’t get in trouble, it’s very very unlikely. However, you don’t ever have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with and I’m sorry this person pressured you and made you feel that way. You don’t need to see them again if you don’t want to and you owe them nothing, I hope you’re okay

  51. No one gonna come for you from the theater. If they knew, they would have been right to you during the act, they wouldn't have waited.

  52. You’ll be fine. What’s more concerning is that this guy heavily pressured you into doing something it sounds like you didn’t want to do.

  53. Don’t worry about getting in trouble. That won’t happen. Worry about being pressured to do something you don’t want to do. Learn to say NO, ASAP. Once you do life becomes so much better and you become so much more powerful. Don’t let others control your life by allowing them to pressure you.

  54. If you were coerced and gave into the request to have sex under duress, that meets the definition of rape. If so, please go to your local authorities and seek help.

  55. Sex-sex or just fingering? (You can if course decide what "sex" or virginity means to you, but I pictured you having full-on intercourse in the theater until you said fingering and I was like, yeah, chances are they "noticed.") But JUST fingering? Nah. Stop worrying, and get a partner who doesn't pressure you, for heaven's sake.

  56. Honey.. are you more worried about others.. or are you worried about yourself ? Think about it for a second.. bc I think you’re worried about yourself. Anxiety of past actions is drowning and grueling, but the fact you’re having more anxiety now than you were then (going based off what you said) I feel like you’re more worried about how you felt pressured, and it heightened your senses.

  57. Firstly that horrible that you felt pressured to have sex mabey get away from whoever did that to you thats not healthy or normal. Also don't worry they would have told you then and there if someone saw you.

  58. Disgusting how could you do that in a public space - now the next time I go to the theater I will be anxious I'm sitting in someone's sex water and bodily fluids. I may not go the theater now for several months!

  59. They would have interrupted you if they’d seen it. I think you’re out of the woods with that, but I think another thing you might have to come to terms with is that this wasn’t something you wanted and they tried to ignore that boundary and make it happen anyway. Above all else, are you okay?

  60. No one knew or else they would’ve said something at the time. Best to stay away from whom ever pressured you into this. Your worth it.

  61. Unfortunately, you can’t take it back, you can only regret your decision to go through with it. However, you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the theatre. I think the bigger issue is you feeling pressured to having sex.

  62. I’m concerned more that you were pressured into what you weren’t comfortable with. Non consensual intimacy. I’d be concerned about the individual you were with. They could pressure you into something else.

  63. If someone needs to pressure you into sex, it’s no longer sex. That’s violation. Shouldn’t have happened if you weren’t comfortable with it and you clearly weren’t. The theatres don’t care by the way, trust me.

  64. If they cared they already would have said something. you won't get in trouble. That being said, for your own sake, PLEASE don't do anything you aren't comfortable with!!! "No" is a complete sentence and you don't owe your body to anyone.

  65. You won’t get in trouble at all but the bad thing is that you where pressured, talk to the person about how it made you feel and if that doesn’t go well I’d advice leaving them, you need to be comfortable in the situation to pressured into it.

  66. No, you’re not going to get in trouble. But you are far too valuable of a person to put up with someone who pressures you to have sex in a place where you’re not comfortable, particularly on your first time. Leave this looser and find someone who doesn’t pressure you to have sex and respects you enough to wait for a more comfortable place. Please talk to someone you trust about this. Since it’s your first time, your doctor or a gynecologist is also a good person to talk to about relationship health.

  67. If you were pressured into sex, that's coercion. Which is rape. You may not be mentally affected now but I would be seeking counselling for any future issues that may arise psychologically. I'd potentially be putting in a police report. You will not get in trouble

  68. depending on your definition this could be rape. as to whether the theater knows or cares I can confidently say hey dont. I've worked in theaters and my wife and I have enjoyed some fun time in theaters as well. They turn the lights up and kick people out if they are bothered by what is happening.

  69. Never,Never do anything that you want to. Pressure no pressure it’s always your choice. I think you would know by now if you’re going to be in trouble. Next time think about your actions, they often come with consequences. Now your special moment, which should have been special is gone forever. The person that pressured you had one objective and was not concerned about your wellbeing. This is not the one.

  70. Change title too. I chose to have sex in the theatre. Now I feel like Mt parents might find out. But no you won't get in trouble at all. At beat you made some dirty perve theatre workers day. He loved and thanks you.

  71. You are a victim of sexual assault. You were pressured and coerced into something sexual that you didn't want to do. This isn't your fault, nor are you in the wrong. Distance yourself from that person, they do not care about you no matter how convincing they may seem.

  72. Tell him the theater called and based on the size of his genitals, they assume he's a prepubescent minor. They are charging you unless he goes in and clears things up with the police.

  73. That os sexual assault (r*pe) and its not your fault, if you are worried people find out i advise you to tell the truth to the owners and tell them that you didnt want to do it but he forced you to

  74. Hey... I should have said this in my first response. Please don't let anyone pressure you into sex. If you aren't excited and enthusiastic about getting busy, the person you are with doesn't really care about you. Dumb them and move on to someone that does.

  75. Relax, lots of people fool around in theaters. You are not getting arrested but it was very tacky on your part, find somewhere private next time.

  76. You will get in trouble of some kind eventually if you remain with someone who would risk sex in a theater....This is so avoidable and eventually risky behavior is punished by the law of averages.

  77. Worst case honestly you would have gotten kicked out of the cinema. If you refused they probably would have called the cops.

  78. I worked 4 movie theaters.. if they didn’t bust you while you were doing it, you’re fine. Nobody’s going to track you down because, in all honesty, nobody cares.

  79. You're obviously not ready for sex if you actually think someone wrote down your tag number and you're going to get in trouble. Take the lesson and maybe take a break from dating.

  80. I currently work at AMC. If anyone did see you the most that would happen is they’d tell their coworkers about it and have a laugh about it. You’re ok <3

  81. Your license plate? Lol you're fine. Just don't let people pressure you into doing shit you're not comfortable with going forward.

  82. You won’t get in trouble, but you were pressured. You should deal with that. When you said first time. Do you mean first time ever or with this person?

  83. please drop the person who pressured you. you won't get in trouble if they didn't catch you at the time, but please have respect for your own boundaries from now on!

  84. My sweet summer child. We did this in the 90s. Relax. You crossed a threshold. An worst that'll happen is a ban from said cinema. But if you're as young as I think. Who cares. Inside of three years you'll be moving away for college, university, backpacking, or trade school. An if it's your hometown. You're not the first and won't be the last.

  85. I worked at a movie theater in high school. I've seen more couples fuck on camera then you can count. They don't care unless someone complains

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