Could a penis growing in size beyond puberty indicate something bad?

  1. It could go to 30 in some cases, my proof is one-sampled but at roughly 26 I still barely have a thing that can barely pass the moustache test. (Might be my thyroid something that's also kept me a midget and with a childish/girly voice and face)

  2. Worth noting weight gain will usually create an appearance of shortening too, as the penis stays about the same distance from the pelvis but the flesh around it gets thicker.

  3. Definitely a magic vagina, or more accurately she’s a succubus, no other explanation seems as likely. It’s been said that one in every 25,376 women is actually a succubus and that no man naturally has a large penis, they were all average dudes who encountered one of these wonderful creatures.

  4. My dick grew a couple of inches through my 20s. I didn't really realize it until I hooked up with my high school girlfriend again when I was 32. She kept commenting on my new size. Quite the ego boost honestly.

  5. No harm going to the doctor to get a hormone test or something like other people have been suggesting, but I think it’s normal. Men typically don’t stop growing until mid 20s, it just slows down a lot after like 17 or 18. That’s like general growth, but I imagine it’s the same for penis size.

  6. I don't think it's a concern. It's even possible you're just more aroused than you've been before, since (I'm inferring a bit) there's more of an emotional attachment with this GF than with the last one or with masturbation. I've certainly had "I didn't know I could get this hard" moments before, and most of them have been with a long-term partner. Having more mental engagement like that can amp things up, in multiple ways.

  7. Hey thanks for the comment! It does look a tiny little bit bigger even when flaccid, but in a symmetric kind of way. Everything retained its normal proportions and it doesn't feel like a swelling as far as I can tell

  8. It happened to my bf. He was in his 20s when we met and hadn’t been as consistently sexually active previously as this relationship. Ten years later, we’ve both noticed it’s absolutely grown.

  9. Your penis is likely to have a larger and more firm erection if you have been making out and are about to have intercourse. The garden variety erection you have in the morning or are merely masturbating aren't the result of an erotic situation. There is a difference.

  10. Men often continue to grow until around age 25. “Filling out” happens toward the end, for the most part. Have you noticed any other parts of your body changing? Next time you see your general practitioner, it might be worth bringing up, if only for your peace of mind… But it’s quite possible you’re still just growing.

  11. Some of us late bloomers and puberty slaps one more round on us late 😂 I didn't get THAT kinda growth spurt but I did grow 2 inches taller when 24-25 as well as going up another 2 shoe sizes. Had to buy all new pants and shoes.

  12. I've had this happen to some of my boyfriends. As far as I can tell, it was just from extra usage. In one case I think he just wasn't done growing yet. I had sex with him around 15 years old, then again in our 20s and his dick was completely different. Like a whole new size. I chatted about it with one of my friends who had also slept with him before and recently and we both confirmed it changed a lot so it wasn't just my memory.

  13. Go to your doctor, there could be a tumor growing somewhere in the pubic region or something causing a higher blood flow than the body regulates into the area, thus causing your spongium in the penis to become accustomed to having more blood and growing in size.

  14. I've witnessed a penis that was in chastity appear to shrink, so I suppose I'd be unconcerned about some increase in size, especially if you're more sexually active.

  15. Not a man here sorry but my boobs didn’t come in fully until I was like 23/24 and I think they’re still growing so you could just still be in puberty, especially if you started late like I did. Ask your parents when they went through puberty, my mom was 17 I was 15 so if your dad started late you probably did too

  16. I would definitely seek medical attention. Is this a thickness thing or a length thing? See you could be releasing some hidden length by losing weight in the pubic mound ( the fat surrounding and directly above your penis) but either way I would see someone about this.

  17. Like a few others have mentioned I'd say it's part hormonal and part excitement level which are kinda together. As far as your body is concerned you are trying to get women pregnant now so hormones are ramped up and then a penis isn't like an on off switch. Some erections can just be 60% and some are 100%

  18. You're asking Reddit. It sounds like girth gain. But if you're worried, measure the girth about once a week for about a month or two then consult a doctor if the measurements seem to inexplicably change.

  19. I dont think it's normal, if I were you I'd seek medical attention just in case its something bad,though I'm hoping you are just lucky. Wish you the best and take care

  20. Honestly I think I experienced the same thing as yourself, (it did stop though) I had a lil growth spurt around 23ish things were noticeably larger compared to when I was 20. I was also working out a lot though? (I didn’t lose weight but actually gained mass instead so it wasn’t because of weight loss.) So maybe high levels of testosterone can do that rarely? Idk. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. Depression can make a man's penis smaller due to lack of arousal leading to lack of consistent blood flow to the dick. So I would assume that the opposite reciprocates equivocally. Happy boy = big happy toy.

  22. Mine definitely grew over the years with my partner. Neither of us were displeased. Its a muscle, after all, so usage causes muscles to grow. I'd say it's natural, but probably keep an eye just in case

  23. have you done a ball check in a while? if there's no pain while pissing or anything, it's probably just puberty. keep an eye out for any weird changes, if you start feeling a lump or pain anywhere, get it checked out. i can only think of cancers in the testicles unless it's a tumor or something but you'd probably notice a change in some other way (difficulty peeing, pain/severe difficulty nutting). Other than that my guy, you're blessed. It's probably just your body doin its thing

  24. i would get a physical to be on the safe side, but if it's a disease, i'd like to know if it's contagious. bc i would really hate to have a bigger dick.

  25. When I first jerked off as a teenager my penis would get swollen and because it was new and I didn’t know what was going on I wished that it would go back to normal. Now I have a small dick.

  26. I had an fwb situation where I was only ever giving him head and his size was kinda average to below average. He hadn’t had penetrative sex in like over a year. He began having penetrative sex w his now gf, and his size seemed to like, double. Like mini coke can to mag lite. It was crazy. Never seen anything like it. No cheating involved in this story, just enm.

  27. Opinion from a female perspective. From my experiences the size of a guys erection can change depending on their mental state. I've noticed that a partner might get a much "bigger hard-on" if they're feeling particularly confident or turned on. Or if they are feeling a bit nervous or having a down day not so much. Obviously it's still within their own limitations I'm sure, but it's psychologically interesting to me.

  28. Even if it's just a few kilograms? Because now that I think about it, I did gain like 3-4kg around the same time (I'm underweight so I'm happy I managed to gain weight btw)

  29. This is not an insult but what was your sexual educational experience because it doesn't sound very comprehensive.

  30. Not to be a dick (no pun intended) but have you lost weight/working out more than normal? When I started working out and bulking up a bit, I noticed changes for me like being thicker and a little bit longer. If not, don’t sweat it, enjoy it having a bigger dick. If it starts to hurt during sex, I would go to see a dr.

  31. Just so you know, puberty doesn't end until you're around 25 or 26, and different parts of your body growing or changing up until that point is pretty normal.

  32. Iv been with my partner since he was 17 his now nearly 25 and his dick has changed over the years, thinking about it his member did have a growth spurt between the age of like 21-22. I think it’s quite normal but if your worried or you have any funny lumps bumps swelling or discharge then do see your doctor if possible

  33. I noticed more girth myself,but has gotten shorter with age. I think it's an illusion, but the other day my wife started to call me baby dick. So I'm confused as well

  34. The girth change I wouldn't be concerned about. It's probsbly just a harder erection that you normally get on your own.

  35. Humble brag dude. Lol. Mine varies day to day depending on alcohol and exercise ect but more a blood flow thing.

  36. I wouldn’t say I noticed it the same as you, but my dick was already pretty big in high school, and by the time I was around your age or maybe 25 I felt like it had gotten thicker. Did measurements and was up almost an inch in length as well.

  37. First time having sex? Your body is just really, really turned on and you're getting harder than when you jerk off. Try larger condoms, see if they fit better. Or enjoy the tightness, some people do.

  38. Yes dude. Because as far as I knew that's not supposed to happen. When your body does something weird (even if you like the outcome) I feel you should still be wary...

  39. My only concern would be a pituitary gland tumour as they can lead to certain parts of the body continuing to grow, but I'm not a doctor. It's probably something to worry about if other parts of your body start to grow. It could just be one of those things.

  40. Have you done more exercise recently? Gotten in better shape? I definitely noticed a significant increase in size and the amount of 'lead in the pencil ' after a few months of vigorous workouts.

  41. I don't have a dick, but I did grow about 2 inches in height when I was between 22-24. I wouldn't stress about it too much.

  42. Curious to know if it seems the same or bigger when you're not aroused? That could help determine the best course of action.

  43. I think this happened to an ex of mine. We didn't see each other for more than 6 months ( he was 21 or 22) and then we met again and had sex. I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to because even though he wasn't rough, his penis was hurting my cervix so it definitely grew in between those months. I wasn't sure that can happen and was still wondering if it's possible to this day, but seeing your question and after reading some of the comments, it surely is.

  44. Probably not concerning but could be something to talk to your doctor about. Could be a hormone overlord. Could be late puberty.

  45. Everybody's joking here but honestly you should go talk to a doctor. I saw a video a couple days ago with a guy who had a giant middle finger. It just kept growing to the point where it looked like a Frankenstein finger. Everybody wants a big dick but no one wants a giant dick. Seriously go talk to doctor. Maybe this is normal but maybe there is something wrong

  46. If you've lost weight, i.e., fat, gained muscle and eat the right foods with a lot of protein, it is possible for a penis to grow a little more, provided you never smoked cigarettes. But the growth is on a smaller scale, no pun intended. You won't gain a footlong, but the increments are pretty minimal.

  47. Nah bro, you're just having the best end of puberty ever. Your hormone levels don't usually level off till you're at least 25.

  48. I can't see that being an issue unless sits causing you long term pain, changing colors (purple/blue) when engorged, or you losing consciousness when aroused.

  49. It's normal. Penises can increase beyond usual erection depending on arousal. My partner's knew when I was halfways to climax because they felt me swell in them in girth and length. Also, when it was really passionate, my condom would be tight.

  50. Have you been losing weight? Weight loss and better circulation can cause perceived penile growth. Also, vaping/smoking will shrink a penis due to restricted blood flow

  51. You’re not out of puberty yet. So there’s nothing to worry about. 24-27 is generally when puberty ends.

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