How did abortion become such a religiously divided issue?

  1. Politics! Have a look into Jerry Falwell/the beginnings of the the religious right. Basically they wanted to unite all these types of Christianity under one banner so they could get them as a voting block.

  2. The Catholics have a very large voter block . Many priest work behind the curtain to influence other religions and politicians not just in the USA but other countries also

  3. Evangelicals took up the anti-abortion stance in reaction to rising women's rights in the early 70's. It was a fringe movement until Reagan brought them into the Republican fold and they handed him votes.

  4. Don't forget desegregation of religious schools which had previously been segregated. Abortion became a fascist dog whistle, and I'm using Gramsci/Umberto eco definitions here

  5. Maybe I was given bad info, but I had always heard Nixon saw that he could secure votes from evangelicals by weaponizing the issue of abortion. Reagan obviously continued to carry the torch, but I thought the extreme partisan divide on a non-partisan issue started with nixon.

  6. If you believe that a fetus has a soul, you might believe it has a right to live and that you have a moral obligation to protect that soul. If you believe that it’s just a clump of cells with no sense of personhood until it is born, you might feel abortion is no big deal.

  7. Which is rather ironic as the people who wrote the Bible didn’t believe the unborn have souls until born.

  8. If someone is against abortions for Christian reasons and is also in favor of a strong social safety net (do to the least of my brothers...) I can respect their opinion.

  9. I don't recall who said it, but my favorite argument is that the unborn are such an easy group to advocate for that requires the least effort. Hungry kids and abused women need money. Helping reformed prisoners involves tough conversations. But unborn? You don't have to do anything but scream your opinion and then once they're born they aren't your issue because your focused is on the unborn.

  10. This is an absurd argument, as is evident by the fact that the opposition arguments tend to start with if the subject is even a human being with any valid competing interest. No one contests the interest of hungry children or abused women.

  11. It became politicized in the US back in the 70's, because conservative politicians needed a hot-button topic to rally voters around.

  12. And more specifically, about how the implication of abortion access would lower the white demographic majority in the U.S. as it was educated white individuals who were likely to have abortions.

  13. Evangelicals took hold with the war on drugs and the war on drugs telling people they were either team USA or our enemy. Christianity has gotten a lot more fragmented since then because even normal people don’t want shit to do with the masses.

  14. Because it comes down to when people believe “life” starts. Some religions believe life starts at conception, and therefore, abortion is murder. Some others believe life starts at first breath.

  15. Which is really weird since most anti-choice people claim life begins at conception rather than first breath, when the Bible literally says it's at first breath. But then, sadly, Christians never read the Bible so they don't know that, they only follow their misogynist leaders' creeds.

  16. Not for nothing, but the Christianity isn’t one of the religions that see it as murder. Christians do, but there is literally zero evidence in the bible to support this. Hell, there is literally instructions on how to perform one.

  17. Honestly I don't know why pro-life think pro-choice only means to choose abortion. Many pro-choice choose to keep their baby. It's all about giving the right to the mother to choose what happens within their body but it's made into something bigger than it is. Why worry about whether the neighbors keep their baby or not?? Just worry about yours??

  18. Roe and on demand abortion was seen as the awful consequences of upsetting the traditional family roles. at a time when male manufacturing employment in blue collar work with decreasing, and women for the first time could live independent of a man in a society largely left without any legal tools to change that. abortion was seen as both the epitome of all that is wrong with feminism and an enabler of a lifestyle the destroyed the The only proper way to rear children. women's lib was framed as a zero sum equation where any increase in a woman's ability to deviate from her sacred motherly/Wifely was proportionally a loss to individual children and society at large. 1970s conservatives spoke of abortion with the same disdain they spoke of a mother with a full-time job.

  19. People need to stop saying "pro-life". It's not a pro-life stance. Not if you actually understand the intricacies of actual reality.

  20. When the southern religious right lost the Civil rights battle and Blacks started marrying white women, they needed a new cause to rally behind and create a battlefield to mobilize their base.

  21. Numbers, if I remember right, chapter 5, there's a trial of Bitter Waters, if a woman was accused of adultery they would do a ritual that would involve giving her water mixed with the ashes from the temple ground (where they would sacrifice animals), and the result if the woman had cheated absolutely sounds like it would cause an abortion if she were pregnant

  22. No, He does say do not kill your children like the "heathen" (basically, pagan worshipers of Moloch or Ba'al respectively given time period). He also affirm life begins in the womb and is sacred

  23. Pro-lifers believe a fetus is a human life that starts at conception. Pro-lifers tend to be religious because they believe it's a unique human soul. And I don't get why it's "especially Christians" since religions such as Judaism and Islam do also tend to highly oppose abortion for similar reasons.

  24. Muslim: foetus isn't considered human till it gets a soul, which depending on sect can range from 40 days to six months, so abortion is fine until then.

  25. Judaism has a literal mandate for abortion where the life of the mother is in jeopardy. So no, the rabid belief that life begins at conception is not widely held in other religions. Most believe it enters the body with first breath.

  26. Islam allows abortions given moms life is in danger either medically or socially. (Eg. If Pregnant out of wedlock in some cultures she could be killed). Also abortion is allowed in cases of rape and insect.

  27. Around 75% of fertilized eggs are naturally lost with no human intervention, so if these religious people believe a god deemed life beginning at conception, they are stupidly wrong. Not to mention that God gives detailed instructions on how to perform abortions in the Bible. Stop defending misogynist morons.

  28. Nobody gets late term abortions outside of medical necessity. Late-term abortions are what right-wingers focus on because they have no logical argument. Like all right-wing arguments that are absolutely devoid of logic.

  29. Because "Christians" often consider pregnancy "a gift from god". Non religious folks tend to view the matter from a more rational standpoint. Children are an extreme burden, and not everyone is equipped to do right by a child.

  30. But it's not a child until birth (or maybe a few months earlier). At conception and the first weeks it's just a bunch of cells.

  31. I made a similar reply to another comment, but grew up Muslim and no real stigma around abortion. It's not really considered human until it gets a soul, which depending on the sect ranged from 40 days to six months.

  32. Wouldn't that make abortion a thousand time worst with that logic since abortion would destroy any chance child at this life or afterlife since the unborn child doesn't have a soul yet

  33. They also forget about the bible commanding true worshipers of God to be no part of the world. That the beast in the book of Revelations that represents the world powers is actively going to try and consume God's worshipers before Armageddon begins, bringing about God's kingdom rule.

  34. Im not Christian, but u could argue that a person committing murder is not like god committing murder since god created us he is free to kill us. Like if u invented something ur free to destroy it.

  35. Because there's no scientific reason to be against abortion, it's only because of religion or misogyny (which is correlated to how religious someone is)

  36. This statement is like someone who is too lazy to form a real informed opinion so just says what they feel and everyone is like 👏. Society is really taking a steep dive

  37. I feel it has very little to do with religion and far more to do with power and controlling the rights of women.

  38. as furious as i am about the prolife movement, i don't personally think it's a conspiracy to control women's' bodies. i'm currently under the impression that most of them do genuinely think that life starts at conception and that life is inherently sacred. i personally think this is a very naïve and unpragmatically over-simplified view with unnecessarily shitty consequences that i deeply resent on a personal level, but i don't see evidence to suggest this is a front for an ulterior motive.

  39. I think It comes down to when do you think life begins. Some think at conception, others think anywhere from a few months up until that peanut is a baby. So if you think it's a baby at conception, then abortion is murder and murder is a major sin in most religions.

  40. Not all pro life are religious same as not all pro choice are anti religious the argument for it is when does a fetus classify as human and does it get rights over the mother or not. Yes the mother is of concern but so is the fetus because it will eventually be a a person capable of making their own decisions

  41. I used to be pro-life, but not for religious reasons. Felt pretty alone, tbh. It was more of a "every life is worth fighting for, no matter how miserable it is!" kind of stance.

  42. The religious argument is based around when we believe the soul enters the body, either at conception or at birth. If you believe at conception an abortion is considered so much more traumatic.

  43. The bible literally allows abortions but really we should stop calling them pro-life and call then for what they are, pro-forced birth

  44. The Bible preaches heavily on the concept of not killing and that God knew us all in our mother’s womb. That automatically makes most Christians believe that abortion is a sin against God, because you’re killing what He considers to be living people.

  45. It was about manipulating various christian groups into a single voting block by making voting republican into a contrived moral imperative, somehow.

  46. I left the church because they always mis-quoted the bible at their advantage. At no point in the bible does it say it is wrong to have an abortion, however, it does in fact tell you how to perform one.

  47. But like. Judaism specifically has the right of a woman to have an abortion. So not even all Abrahamic religions have this issue

  48. Control over woman. It's deeply rooted, for example in bible there are instructions on how to PERFORM abortion. The kicker is, it was intended for when woman is brought by her husband and he is suspecting she cheated and he doesn't want to raise a bastard.

  49. Religions started pushing the narrative that live begins at conception, so abortion is murder . They believe their bible says so . Many also say that premarital sex is a sin , and any sex outside of marriage is too . Some even go so far as to say that mastrubation and contraceptives are bad also. Right wing politics aligns itself with Christian “values “ so that’s where it became politicized .

  50. Because it's " pro choice" not "pro abortion" . Pro choice people let people make their own choice while the pro life fanatics push their views of right and wrong on others just like their religion.

  51. I’m pro-choice, but I don’t see the main pro-life argument as an inherently religious one. Everybody has picked their teams and just attack the opposition, not their points.

  52. Pro-life is absolutely inextricably linked with the rise of the evangelical christian right. If you’re really going to say everyone “picked their teams “ and take the centrist position you should at least have a passing knowledge on the issue.

  53. Because the question of life's value, purpose, and ultimate destination are questions deeply rooted in ones faith. There are no stupid questions, but do people even think any more?

  54. For most Christians it’s about control and power and to a very few genuine Christians they truly believe babies have souls and might go to hell if they can’t be born and evangelized

  55. If any of you don’t know who Margaret Sanger is I suggest to look her up. She is one of the founders for planned parenthood. She was a big eugenics fan and was also a racist. She actually got the preachers/ministers in black churches to convince black women to get abortions. She also had the KKK involved as well. That’s also why they set up planned parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods. Even now if you look at the statistics of abortions you will see that Hispanic and black women have the highest abortion rates. In my personal opinion I believe this is a cultural issue now especially with social media and it needs to be addressed. There are more than enough birth control options and condoms out there now that abortion shouldn’t even have to be an option unless you are raped or under the age of 18.

  56. Because some of us think killing people should be a moral redline, and define "people" in the broadest manner possible to avoid confusion.

  57. Since there aren't that many reasonable pro-life arguments, these people tend to go the religious way and pressure people with bullshit instead, because they don't have a choice

  58. Frank Shaffer did an interview on 60 Minutes about it, he and his dad made the propaganda films. Jerry Falwell supported it when they couldn't convince Billy Graham and Jimmy Carter. The plan was Roe, then gay and interracial marriage but it's really about anti-Blackness.

  59. Well religion relies on large quantities of people. If you don't follow their rules, you're the enemy essentially.

  60. Because religious people think if THEY have to live under a rule their religion pushes on just them that EVERYONE has to live under that rule even though their own religion says different...

  61. Because the only justification to ban abortions prior to the point where the developing fetus can support sentience (24-30 weeks) is by using religion mythological mambo-jumbo. Theocratic/Domionist/Christofascist adherents can even consider that their subjective interpretations of the mythology might be wrong, so the feel fully justified forcing their mythology on others. In the US, they can’t even conceive that what they’re doing is a 1st Amendment violation.

  62. So an entire human population becomes undesired and unwanted, and suddenly there's a flood with only a handful of survivors, but when a amorphous minuscule cluster of cells is unwanted and a problem, getting rid of it is bad. Yeah i can see your logic here

  63. In the bible it says that to save one life is to save the whole world. And if you really beleive in the bible, you'll believe it's important to fight for the babies that can't fight for themselves.

  64. In the Bible God gives instructions to priests on how to perform abortions. Read it for once in your fucking life if you claim to follow it.

  65. It's weird too. According to their own religion you don't get a soul until you draw your first breath. So life begins immediately after birth. I've always found it odd that the religious side believes it begins at conception while the secular side doesn't. That seems backwards.

  66. What fucking world do you live in? Republicans support the death penalty by vast majority, and are also almost entirely Christian.

  67. It probably genuinely isn’t anymore. Hasn’t the book been rewritten 1000 times by now? My old elementary catholic school had their own Testament where the priest reinterpreted and compiled some of his favourite passages. If religious leaders are allowed to do shit like that, there’s no doubt a lot of the readings they do are associated with personal interpretation.

  68. It’s about keeping women under control and keeping them as baby incubators for men. Those same religious people will immediately go get abortions for their mistresses and daughters when they want it. It’s about WOMEN not having any control of their own bodies.

  69. Religious folk are selfish cunts that only want their interpretation of an old work of fiction to be forced upon everyone in the world.

  70. I remember it starting as a feminist thing. I’m not sure how we got here. It’s the same thing with Donald Trump. The Hip Hop community had him all over their music, he becomes President and all of the sudden he’s a racist.

  71. It's about the definition of life, and the human rights that that involves. Religious people believe that life begins at the moment of conception, thus that even the morning-after pill is going to be separating a soul from its body. The less an unborn child is not-a-person, the more compelling the case for the application of rights.

  72. The abortion of what you here’d isn’t the same as what the pro lifers are fighting about . The pro abortion groups is fighting for abortion on demand at any stage in the pregnancy. That’s what the news is t telling you. The pro life are for a limited abortions. Up to a certain amount of weeks that is also adopted by other countries . Media does not tell us this either. and then you have your outliers. abortion on demand at any time also includes at birth. Abortion is not a constitutional right and never has been . It should be decided by states and there citizen. even Ginsburg stated this . You can’t have a few states make the rules for the rest of the states that disagree. It’s not just religious people many that are not religious do not believe that abortion should be done at any time up to after the birth . Imagine what kind of society we would have if you could kill the baby while it’s head is just out of the birth canal and say it’s my body and my choice . This is not a reproductive issue or health issue, women will still be seen at the Dr for any and all issues unless it’s an abortion. Bothe sides of the aisles are for limited abortions neither side wants whole sale slaughter of the unborn. The Christian Right are for the most part for a limited abortion despite what the media says . They understand that there are reasons and this should be between the women and God . Again exclude the outliers. What we hear from the media is only from polarized views because it sales. Something you don’t hear is that pro life centers to help women are not for profit and help women from end to end pregnancy, dr, food , and living. Pro abortion clinics are for profit and only help in killing the unborn. So who is really helping the women ? There is much more that the media isn’t telling us , that the actives are lying about . Much of the spiel from the activist and media is totally false once you start picking at it. This isn’t a religious issue it a society, issue . Once society start killing the child at birth it’s only a step to a few months after birth . Sounds crazy ? Look at how often it’s been done in history and what happen to those civilizations

  73. I think something in the Bible or lore of Christianity that abortion is bad or smthn. idk, im not Christian. But I’m not a fan of abortion either, it feels kinda wrong

  74. Abortion has been viewed as a mortal sin by Christians for around 2000 years. Catholicism, the precursor to every other Western denomination of Christianity, has always been vehemently opposed to abortion. Additionally, opposition to abortion remained apart of Protestantism since the reformation.

  75. Cause everything is either religious or political out both. And chrstians just want control of everything. Handmaids take have em to many ideas.

  76. Abortion is an easy way to divide Americans and when Evangelicalism began to rise it coincided with the formation of the Federalist Society who used the momentum to become powerful. They were also able to harness the energy of the anti-abortion and anti-birth control stance of the Catholic Church.

  77. Because people have turned religion into a means to divide and exclude people. You know, the exact opposite of what religion is supposed to do. I am aware this isn’t across the board, but it’s common enough. The phrase “one bad apple spoils the bunch” comes to mind. Except it’s a bit more than one.

  78. Because it would make sense to abrahamic religion follower to strip women of their right to choose to have a baby or not.

  79. Simple, religious people believe it's murder since life begins at conception, murder is a crime therefore it's commiting a crime and that's where the whole problem lies.

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