What is so satisfying about "eating ass"?

  1. I understand receiving an ass munching, BUT GIVING IT!? I don’t judge, as I have my own fetishes, but you are literally putting your tongue where they take a shit.

  2. Exactly!!! For sure if you dont clean your anus it will be disgusting af, but a proper cleaning job turns it irresistible!

  3. My boyfriend really likes my ass and likes to put his face in there and be smothered by it. That's how it started, then one day he got curious and put his tongue in there. At first I was like "eh whatever, if he enjoys doing that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯". He never went back to not eating ass after that very first time lmao. Now that I'm used to the new feeling, I think it feels great, but more so like a really good massage rather than something that will lead me to an orgasm.

  4. Is there anything special you need to do before he does it? I mean obviously taking shower but would there be anything else involved? Asking for friend >_>

  5. I don’t see how it’s primal. In the literal sense were people really going around eating ass, historically?

  6. The anus and parts of the rectal wall contain the same type of pleasure nerve endings as the clitoris and head of the penis.

  7. As a married hetero woman, i in fact do 100% jokingly mention sexual acts that i would 100% yeet him out the bedroom for doing lol. My hubbabubba and i both have made jokes of things weve previously said "yeah, no." To.

  8. I've always wondered if pathogen transfer plays a large role in our sexual behavior. I mean, think about kissing. Why do we want to attach our mouth to someone else's when we're sexually attracted to them? It seems kind of arbitrary, and it's disgusting thinking about kissing someone you're not attracted to.

  9. i’ve never let my dog lick my face… though i’ve always felt bad about it it seems totally gross picturing the poo on her tongue when she licks me

  10. I think the intimacy of it is appealing. Some people are into the taboo-ness. For me personally, I am so turned on by my SO that I would literally lick any single part of her body and like it. I'd lick her ass in a heartbeat, but she's just not into it

  11. Ass is a special hidden type of fruit. It's delicious. Try it, you may like it. Plus don't forget "in the moment" your hormones and thoughts drastically change, and things that were once disgusting are no longer.

  12. She was probably testing the waters. Additionally a clean ass is far cleaner than most people’s phones and I bet you have no problem holding a phone and then touching the food you’re gonna eat right?

  13. I'm gay but for me it's extremely...primal? If I'm being submissive, it's the ultimate type of worship on another man. It's the most intimate area and here I am licking it like a dirty little (word that rhymes with maggot) and being a good boy for sir/master...

  14. What got me into it was this amazing woman who had it all and was totally out of my league and had the hots for me. She wanted to peg me and I was like “is that even a real thing?” …. It is, lol. We started off light and after some vanilla seks she had me grinding on her face with her tongue lapping me up and pushing her tongue as deep as my ass would let her. I had never felt so special 😊☺️ and it was hot af to see her starting to get drunk on my ass.

  15. Donkey meat is delicious and nutritious. If you are comfortable eating cow or chicken, eating ass shouldn't pose any problems to you.

  16. Why are a lot of the comments like " just do it " or some shit like that ? Op is allowed to have preferences like anybody else and it doesn't mean that his gf would leave him for it lol y'all pressuring him for no reason

  17. This. It's "taboo" for good reason and I personally can't fathom why it's apparently such a deal breaker to not want to eat someone's ass. It isn't for everyone honestly and the risk is real. But yeah, it's understandable why he doesn't want to do it.

  18. Ass eating champ here. It is the satisfaction of delivering hard orgasm where she will be close to passing out from pleasure. Giving someone that kind of pleasure brings great satisfaction.

  19. You just hit this point of being so turned on you don’t give a fuck anymore and eating ass seems like the most reasonable thing to do.

  20. Yeaaa I'm actually curious about this. realistically, maybe 3 or 4 out of 10 random women would WANT their ass eaten. I'm surprised it's so accepted on reddit because it seems less commonplace in real life

  21. The same thing that's satisfying about performing any sexual act, giving someone else pleasure is empowering. Also vaginas and buttholes are like 2 inches apart, lots of the germs are gonna travel across the skin. So unless you're planning on shoving your tongue inside her asshole it's gonna be the same as going down on her when she hasn't showered right before.

  22. If a girl is nice enough to jam my cock into her tonsils, the least I can do is do is play with her bootyhole while I finger her...

  23. Never got the whole thing either, until my partner just went down there and I gotta say, it feels amazing. He’s really into it himself, the more taboo and kinkier the more arousing. I really enjoy when he’s a little further south. However, we keep it to the times after shower and such

  24. Tell her to take a shower then just lightly lick it, from the back… just try it and get back to me… I got turned on just typing this lol… it’s cause it’s naughty man, doesn’t everyone want to push the red button they’re told not to?

  25. Former FWB totally got off on eating my ass. I let her because she enjoyed it so much and I made sure I was very clean. It felt good, but my brain wouldn't accept it. I couldn't relax and enjoy it. My brain would be like "Bro, you DO realize this woman has her tongue on your asshole..."

  26. Whats the logic in that? If someone wants candy do you only get it to her if you try and like the candy first or what lol. You either fine with it or youre not, why would he randomly suggest to her to eat his ass when he obviously isnt interested.

  27. It’s hot af and nothing gets me harder then putting my face between a woman’s ass that I’m attracted to.

  28. Um it feels good? It's like foreplay for anal sex? If a girl suggested it to you she probably isn't joking and is trying to hint hint to you. Have a conversation about it. Tell her you will do it if she is super clean and watch her jump in the shower lol

  29. Nobody “jokes” about that. Do it man, you won’t regret it. Just have her take a shower, and then you’re going to love watching her melt for you.

  30. Nobody “jokes” about that. Do it man, you won’t regret it. Just have her take a shower, and then you’re going to love watching her melt for you.

  31. She wants it, obviously. Yes there is some health hazzards - but it’s waaaay less problematic if u both take a nice shower, especially around that area😄

  32. Dr. Edwards here. I studied the act of “eating ass” for the last 25 years. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a new surrounding for the first time, the euphoria, the sights, the taste, sometimes the smell. It’s an experience that most would call “nasty” when most of the time, it’s cleaner than the vagina. As long as your partner wipes, then you’re all set! I’d highly recommend the professional technique that I call GFEA. It’s the sexual advance of going fast, and eating ass. It’s great for everyone to enjoy no matter the age!

  33. It's REVOLTING. As a massage therapist, I know for a fact that swamp ass is a constant thing. Even if a client "just took a shower" their ass still smells through the sheet. Absolutely disgusting. There are always poo particles no matter how clean you think you are. So apparently people who eat ass enjoy eating shit too. WTH is wrong with people. 🤢🤢

  34. It’s not like you “eat ass” after walking all day and nervous so it’s all sweaty down there. Fresh out of the shower while going to down on her give the rim a tickle it will be fine. Just make it clear you will only do it when it’s clean. Like the other people also wrote have her do it first.

  35. I’m guessing probably the bliss of ignorance in how small particles of fecal matter actually are. Couldn’t pay me enough to eat out anyones ass.

  36. LITERALLY. I don't trust anyone to actually know how to clean their ass to 100% sanitization. Besides, I reckon most ass eating is done in passion and all parties haven't had the proper time and prep work to actually clean it. Nasty as hell

  37. Bro….you apparently ain’t very good at cunnilingus if you’ve never brushed your tongue on a bootyhole. There’s only like a centimeter between the openings. Furthermore don’t ask your girl to give you head anymore, you don’t deserve it.

  38. I don't know I had a guy eat my ass once, it was weird for me. He actually wanted to do it I didn't ask but it was uncomfortable the entire time I was thinking "I hope I wiped good enough" lol I never understood the ideal of anything up the ass

  39. “Violation towards health.” Are you 11 and trying to sound like an adult. Just make sure she showers and eat her ass for gods sake

  40. My bf loves it, I feel like it turns him on to do it to me more than anything. He’s giving me pleasure and that turns him on more than anything. Of course I’m very clean and it’s always after I’ve showered recently

  41. Ur tongue is 1cm away from her ass when ur eating her pussy so how is eating her ass “gross”. Ps getting ur ass licked is epic

  42. Feels nice - after a wash/shower who cares? Doesn’t taste like anything - have her eat yours after and you will understand

  43. Straight out the shower ass is pretty tasty 😝 but for real it's the tits. If you feel wierd about the oder, taste or just hygiene in general what you want to do is always do it right after a shower and I'm sure she'll know to clean extra well. My gf always has it nice and clean 😂

  44. I think your confusing the pleasurer and the pleasuree in this scenario. I really feel bad for your partners if you think that every sex act is supposed to be satisfying for you.

  45. Its amazing first of all haha. Its very pleasurable, you have nerve endings there.. therefore pleasurable for men and woman. And men have a prostate not far remember therefore… its not a health violation if you clean properly. No difference in eating pussy.. its just nice to give pleasure to someone else

  46. It's taboo making it sexy. Also when you do eat your girls ass, she will obviously clean up shop before she lets you.

  47. I’ve never done it but I’ve come close. I dunno though, it’s definitely gross, but in the moment there’s something so tempting about it. It might be because it’s seen as taboo or kinky, and I think people just like people like pushing the envelope of sexual experiences

  48. I love eating my husbands ass because I’m a former Catholic and violinist and everyone knows Catholics are kinky af and violinists love butt stuff. Also he has a juicy booty.

  49. the fuck wrong w you to not wanna eat ass boy 😭😭 you finna have to grow up one day or another and put your tongue in that bitch asshole 💪

  50. I’m just saying, eating ass is enjoyable and getting your ass ate in enjoyable. Try it, you’re gonna like it.

  51. She asked for it; girls don’t “jokingly “ do that; she really wants it; if you don’t do it she may look elsewhere

  52. Plug her and call it done. 😂 I too find it a violation of health and hygiene. 😝 it’s like licking a toilet. Who does that! Maybe just maybe. If she was employed by that Biome company that pays bank for their poop cus it’s used to Re-culture the gut of people with C-diff. That would me a her sh** is high quality and pure. 😂 keep my gut healthy kind of crap.

  53. If the idea grosses you out, do not do it. There are health risks associated with this and straightforward oral sex, too.

  54. Ths satisfying part is letting go of typical reservations because you're horny and because you know she's getting off from how you're purposefully touching her. In all the right ways. Do it

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