When a couple announces they're pregnant, does everyone picture the couple having sex?

  1. Like my sons uncomfortable thought when he realized his birthday is exactly 9mo after mine... (He's done some standup and used this for a gag!)

  2. I remember I had teachers before I knew what sex was that got pregnant, then a few years later when I learned about it I realized " :O Mrs. xxx had sex???"

  3. I took a few years of mandarin in high school and the teacher was this like 4’11 Taiwanese lady. Well she announced to us she had become pregnant and a few days later her husband came by to drop her off lunch at work and he was like a 6’6 American guy. It’s an image I still really can’t get out of my head…. Just…. How?

  4. I had a teacher I wasn’t close with but had to work with as an assistant language teacher (Japan) not tell me she was pregnant until a week from her maternity leave and then she approached me and said . “Do u know. I am pregnant.” Like… no shit lol. But I spent months wondering if she was until it was more and more obvious but until then she never said a word.

  5. Your a lucky one cause my mind definitely does picture it. It’s horrible and uncomfy for me. ☹️😩 I just say congratulations and try to move on.

  6. Same you described it better than me! I “picture” it, but I don’t THINK about it (as in imagining all the details and like making up a story in my head about how it went lol). I basically just shrug it off and move on

  7. Haha, yep. And when I see a pregnant woman, that little voice also says, “So, what position did it? Was it doggy? Ah, it WAS doggy, wasn’t it? You rascal, you.”

  8. Well shit, now I’m over here wondering how other people picture my fiancé and I doing it. I wonder how others think we do it lol

  9. I've always wondered why if you tell people that your are trying to have a baby people get excited for you, but if I say I'm cumming in my wife no one gets excited. Except me...

  10. When I was pregnant, I had many older men ask me if it was planned. So, they were pretty excited to gauge cumming levels to some extent...

  11. I have two friends who are a lesbian couple. One of their coworkers at a party asked jokingly “when are you gonna get her pregnant?” And she responded “I’ve been trying just about every night it’s 🤷🏾‍♀️ Idk what to say it’s just not working”. The look on his face afterwards was priceless

  12. Oh god when we first got married people who did not know us well (work bosses mostly) asked when we'd start. Pretty damn personal.

  13. “When someone says, ‘yes we’re currently trying to get pregnant.’ What goes through my mind is ‘My boyfriend is doing big cums in my pussy.’” Idk where this came from, maybe a tweet but it’s what always comes into my mind.

  14. Everytime someone says they are trying to have a baby I just imagine them saying I'm double cream pieing my wife every night and I wanna throw up a little

  15. No but knowing someone has a lot of kids has triggered that lol my youth pastor & his wife back in HS, for example, had 5 kids by the time they were like 27 and I just remember thinking every now & again how his wife is one of the loveliest women I’ve ever met but also she be getting her cheeks drilled on the reg by a guy who looks like realistic elmer fudd lmao

  16. I had a coworker with 7 kids, a real dorky dude, just kept cranking them out. I almost felt sorry for his wife, but she's the one who kept letting him do it to her so

  17. When i hear "we have been trying for a baby" i just hear "ive been creampieing her often". like bro i don't need to know just annouce the pregnancy if it occurs.

  18. The numerous comments my partner and I have been getting from family, we've agreed to simply jump to saying "oh yeah we're trying. We've been going at it so much-" and go into all the details until they get uncomfortable and shut up about it.

  19. My fiancee says it makes him think they're doing "big cums" and I was mortified when he told me especially since we are trying currently.

  20. Yupp. Especially when you know they've been trying for years and were unsuccessful. So at the very least you know she gets injected with some juice during the monthly ovulation cycle.

  21. I try not to but if I see a couple that seems mismatched or like super different sizes I picture it. Or a couple that’s does not do pda at all.

  22. Back in middle school there were two girls that were pregnant and it took my brain an entire year to process the fact that they had to have sex in order to achieve that.

  23. and then that silly sounding like from the guy all like; “OH YEAH. WE’RE PREGNANT!” even though i understand that’s technically the “correct” way of expressing it rather than saying “she’s pregnant!” lmao just sounds odd

  24. I get the image because the realization hits me. The same thing happens when I meet their kids. My Latin teacher brought her daughter to school once (she was better at Latin than all of us. It was our third semester) and my brain broke when I realized how that kid was made.

  25. When my friends and I were in our 20’s, I had once mentioned some sex toys my bf and I had and one was like “omg you guys have sex?!” Like we were both close friends to her and she imagined us both as her siblings so it was weird for her to know we had sex? I kind of get it but it was funny at the time.

  26. Not the sex act per se, but as a Pre-K teacher I have many parents pregnant with 3rd and 4th babies, while still having all babies, toddlers and preschoolers under 5 and I am kind of amazed and impressed. Y’all got all this chaos of littles at home and you are still getting busy? I don’t understand, but God bless you.

  27. One of my old bosses has 12 children but at the time they were trying for number 7. I asked him when was the last time he had a full night's sleep and he said at least 10 years ago.

  28. Kind of off-topic but I'm a big fan of the band Psychostick. I got VIP passes to see them once and was going to bring my little sister to the show but when the show finally came around she was far too pregnant to be on her feet all night at a metal concert. So I took a buddy instead but when I was hanging with the band and mentioned that my sister was "too pregnant" to be there they did a little video for her where they said they were sorry they missed her and then asked what happened and why she was pregnant and to explain it to them. It was pretty hysterical!

  29. Getting pregnant is like getting a promotion. Everyone congratulates you but no one knows how many times you’ve been fucked.

  30. Yeah this is one of things that bother me but I also know I'm wrong to be bothered about. Despite being a hard liberal/progressive, I just get annoyed when I hear a couple say "we're pregnant". No you're not. She is, and he got her pregnant. Of course you are both all in and will work together as a team to ensure the best possible outcome. But you don't need to stretch the logical boundaries of language to make that happen. It just sounds weird and, to be honest, I don't see how it's fundamentally different from any other type of political language that tries to circumvent reality and brush over the facts to "get everyone on the same page" or whatever. But even as I write this I feel like I'm being some old fart conservative ass. And really I am being that because probably what really bothers me is the idea of the husband saying it just to keep the wife from jumping down his throat, or because that's what the other young couples are saying, instead of actually thinking about it and talking it through as though it's actually a real partnership instead of a pretend partnership just to keep the peace. But yeah I'm pretty sure I'm wrong to think this. End rant.

  31. That’s my second thought. Usually followed by, “Omg, why would she do that to herself?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy jf they’re happy but at same time, pregnancy is a horror story.

  32. My nephew’s aunt on his dad’s side was at a party for him. She was probably in her late 20s at the time, I was idk maybe 23/24? She proudly announced she was pregnant. I literally said “OH SHIT! What’re you gonna do?! …. Oh wait, you’re married. You probably want a baby. My bad. Congratulations!”

  33. Yes. Sometimes it's fascinating to be at a big gathering with young and old people and thinking about all the times grandma got her back blown out to make this beautiful reunion happen.

  34. Always kinda curious as to where it happened. Is this just a normal bed baby? Or is this the port-o-jon at a musical festival baby? Perhaps a quickie in in the car?

  35. Holy shit thank you. I was starting to lose my mind, thinking i was the only one who doesn't imagine people fucking the moment i see them

  36. Same. Then because of Covid my husband wasn’t even in the room when I got pregnant. Just a few women. That’s fun to tell people with no context.

  37. EVERYTIME. I don't do it in a sexual way, but you wonder this about people, you know. What kind of stuff they enjoy together and what do their intimate moments feel like.

  38. Exactly. I don't imagine it in a sexual way, it's simply in a curious way. It's rare to see or hear about people in those very intimate moments, so it's easy to forget that it's a natural and regular part of life for the majority of people.

  39. Only you, that actually hasn't ever crossed my mind, only financially as in how can they afford to have a kid or its a fucked up world to be having kids nowadays.

  40. Haha! When I got pregnant we’d been married a year, and I stopped suddenly, looked at my husband, and said, omg-my dad is going to know we’ve been having sex!”. But in answer to your question, I don’t go there. Some things you just can’t undo.

  41. I don’t really think about it at first, I’m just like “aye congrats” I just subconsciously think it I guess and don’t dwell on it

  42. When you are young, yes. When you are older, It's not exactly a taboo concept that people have sex so you don't think about it.

  43. I only do because of the idiotic "congratulations" flying around. All I can think is "what, exactly, are we congratulating them for, having working genitals?"

  44. I mean, a lot of people don’t just conceive easily :) and then if they do, miscarriages.. so being at a point where you’re sharing is definitely warranting a congratulations. it can be a long and grueling process

  45. I don't do exactly this, but a variation of the original statement. When a couple announces that they are trying for kids, I picture the husband asking his wife if he can nut into her tonight, and how they clean up any drippings afterwards.

  46. "Congratulations! Missionary or doggy-style? Kitchen, lounge, or bedroom? Or was it in the park, you naughty pair?"

  47. My neighbour(m) was in an auto accident in late 2020, resulting in some fractured vertebra. I remember his wife telling me she was pregnant last summer. My immediate, automatic, response to her was "I guess his back has healed."

  48. What they say: “We’re trying for a baby” What they’re really saying: “He’s cumming inside me every night”

  49. Yeah. Then I think about stretch marks. And leaky boobs. And centimeters dialated. And freakish appetites eating bizarre food combinations. And more weird images of sex while pregnant.

  50. I once heard it explained that a man telling his father in law "we're trying for a baby" is the same as telling him "I've been raw dogging your daughter a lot lately."

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