Is this a red flag or am I being OTT here?

  1. People who aren’t taking humanities classes as their main focus in school (art, history, literature, etc)

  2. Oh my god, at first I read it like OP has to work hard to convince them that they ARE boring and it made much more sense because as a person with masters in humanities I find all types of humans immensely interesting, the more different their background is the more curious I get, so much to learn!

  3. This is their filter to find people who are prepared to be in a cycle of trying to prove their worth. They're not targeting the OP, Twitter is a drift net.

  4. Why do so many people on OLD want you to be their dancing monkey? Obviously we all want to be with someone that entertains us. But starting off an interaction like this is just so cantankerous and unnatural.

  5. It took me way longer than I'd like to admit to figure out what OLD was..... I feel like there's GOTTA be a joke about me actually being old here... Damn you, 40!!! 😖

  6. It's part of the human psyche when you have hundreds of options clamoring for your attention. How to choose? You start devising little tests to find the "most perfect" one. You feel like you can use the strictest criteria to eliminate options. It feels like there are always more matches, so it's not going to hurt your prospects. You get to play your own personal version of the Bachelorette.

  7. Negging, the negger wants OP to feel compelled to prove themselves and therefore want approval from them. OP should unmatch and wash their hands.

  8. E-mail/text is the lowest form of communication and the easiest to misinterpret. Women typically like to banter and test your strength (do you like history, art and literature is what she's saying.) Men attempt to lead with this as well, but it usually doesn't work and now she's offended.

  9. And people that think like this always have the most tired-ass takes on their "humanities" bullshit. Like they read specific works just to bring it up later in conversation in an effort to look "interesting"

  10. when I was dating, a surprising # of people had "no tech workers" in their dating profiles on OKCupid. Guess they had one too many experiences with boring tech bros, lol.

  11. Listen it was already a handful understanding the LGBT community. Now there are NON-HUMANITIES PEOPLE AS WELL? Surely we are living in a sci-fi fever dream

  12. I mean as somebody who switched majors from engineering to English, I will say that on average my fellow humanities people had a lot more personality. Not usually in a good way. Also, I think the red flag here isn’t that she stereotypes STEM people as boring so much as the fact that she felt the need to point that out off the rip. We all have biases but you don’t go around shouting them at strangers.

  13. For sure, everyone has their own interests and biases but only a truly entitled POS would tell you they're prejudiced against you and then demand YOU overcome THEIR prejudgment of you. The audacity of this bitch is really out there.

  14. Good news though! She can find plenty of her “humanities people” at the local McDonalds for prime date candidates

  15. She doesn’t care about your interests unless they are her interests. Could Talk to her some more but don’t feel bad when you rightfully bail

  16. actually, i kind of get the intent/humour of the first message but it could’ve been phrased better. but they lost me in the second message as they sound considerably more boring themselves!

  17. It gives me “go on, wow me” vibes and I’ve never liked that. I’m not here to do performing arts. Just my take on it though

  18. The narcissism is strong with this one. Unless you want to constantly suffer through implications that you are “less than”—Run fast and far. 🚩🚩🚩

  19. It’s not a red flag, she’s being ignorant and stupid. Since there’s so many fun girls who are into nerds, I say just move on from her.

  20. lmao people like this are only on the app to bring others down and be bitchy. imagine meeting them in real life. they would be intolerable.

  21. Great counter would be to say, "well I don't think I'm that boring, but you're really gonna have an uphill battle to convince me you're not a conceited, self-absorbed bitch."

  22. I hate this but Tinder has made average looking ass chicks feel like Greek goddesses and have like thousands of likes from other guys thus them asking for you to be extra special to get their attention fuck that shit I’d drop it

  23. “Based on preconceived notions of humanities people, you’re going to have to prove that you’re intelligent. Good luck.”

  24. Due to preconceived notions of humanities people you’re gonna have to work hard to prove me to you aren’t poor…? Probably better to just bow out than get snarky though.

  25. Humanities majors having a high horse to begin with is the wildest take I’ve heard in a while. Regardless, this person sounds like a tool, if someone is in their own little exclusive club you clearly don’t want to intrude on their fantasy.

  26. What in the actual hell does she think she is? If she only finds her own niche interesting, she has no social antennas, which that message kind of suggests as well

  27. This woman needs to learn about Inside Thoughts, ones that she can keep to herself, instead of always sharing.

  28. "Convince me you're not boring"??? What sort of up your own ass mentality is that?? 100% red flag

  29. Its a lot of unfounded hostility right off the bat. You should not have to dig yourself out of a hole you did not dig in the first place. Especially one that silly.

  30. I think she’s trying to be funny. “Preconceived notions” is kind of a dig at herself for having them, you know? Also it’s such a silly opinion to have. And then she followed the joke with an answer to the question. This is not a red flag to me. I think y’all are reading too much jnto it.

  31. I imagine this is how modern horror film villains date. “I also run after my victims and the occassional human steakhouse bbq. Btw you cute, can I eat your heart?”

  32. I think it's an off color joke or her attempt to set up some sort of banter. She matched and then responded to you after all. At the very least, it does leave a lot of room open to transition out of small talk.

  33. Massive red flag. She's already laying the ground work for you wanting to please her. It'll give her power, while you're trying to not "bore" her. Manipulative right at the gate.

  34. I often feel the way your match does, but you need to put your best foot forward if you want to be dateable. She should be considerate enough to know this experience is boring and unpleasant for all of us, so, both sides have to do the work of conversation.

  35. Wtf does she mean non-humanities? Is she talking about theatre majors? As in, people who got degrees that aren’t useless are boring?

  36. Be over-the-top interesting and enthusiastic in whatever they want to talk about. When they finally quit being a douchenerd hit em with the "Sorry, you're a little too boring for me. Good luck tho!"

  37. Yep. Move on. I'm not really one for small talk either, but you were clearly just trying to open a dialogue for them to share. Opening with that? Yikes.

  38. This person sucks. You need to prove to them that you’re not boring, and their first response to one of your questions is exhaustingly boring.

  39. Sounds like a jackass full of entitlement. Tell them their bourgeois attitude has made the tiresome. Then charge your phone

  40. Due to preconceived notion about humanities people you are gonna have to prove to me that you are not unemployed.

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