Can I use any of these pictures?

  1. I knew this man looked like that firefighting astronaut who is the retired army general who will moonlight as a pizza delivery guy! I’ve seen a bunch of his documentaries. Impressive stuff.

  2. he should also add pics w/group activities/friends. looking like stock photos for male pattern baldness. those dudes are always alone

  3. Did you see those barbells? Johnny sins here is pulling celestial bodies. Uranus is on a collision course. Or somebody’s anus….

  4. why would you assume he's trying to attract men? I'm genuinely curious because seems like hundreds are agreeing with you. I didn't see that at all.

  5. At first I thought that you photoshopped some regular-sized dumbbells to look huge and honestly I prefer to keep thinking that because it is hilarious. All great photos.

  6. I think they're all fine. I like seeing people in the gym because I too go to the gym. I don't rock climb, but I like active people so for me the weightlifting pic is cool.

  7. Get rid of the two where you can only see the back of your head, replace them with a picture of you full on laughing and a picture of you with friends. Put the picture of you smiling up first and with friends towards the back

  8. He could use some candids. A lot of these photos seem unnatural, as if they scream "I'm posing for this photo for dating sites purposes" rather than just doing something while somebody happens to be taking a picture.

  9. No the bouldering one has to stay! Better sort out the ones that look a bit unnatural/ just posing for the photo

  10. 3rd photo shows you in a friendlier light, more approachable and open! For myself and my femme friends, clothing hardly matters, it’s the face and the eyes that matter most - having an image or two with an approachable smile or a twinkle in one’s eye will go a lot further than gym pics.

  11. Adding to this, if OP reads it, even though I am a guy: A picture showing an actual close up of his face would be a good idea. After all people might want to see what you look like more exactly.

  12. I think the 3rd photo looks the worst out of all of them though (man still looks great). It's just that the 3rd photo looks like a pic where he doesn't know what to do with his hands, super awkward looking

  13. I agree with you except about the gym. I like to lift and go to the gym so I definitely used to look for guys doing similar activities.

  14. Huh, as a man I would have considered ditching that picture, and considered 1,2, and 6 to be the best ones. Good to know!

  15. Just cause he's single now doesn't mean he'd have a hard time finding a girlfriend/wife. Some girls are dumb as fuck and mess up their chances with a good guy for whatever reason. Any single women over 30 has met a solid guy and fucked it up somehow typically thinking there's something better out there for them.

  16. Those are Farmer's walk handles and it's not as hard as it looks. The combined weight one can carry with those is often higher than one's max deadlift. (Still great feat from OP.)

  17. tip for disc golf form, practice reaching your arm farther outward as opposed to tucked in, it’ll increase your distance and flight path a ton !

  18. Shouldn’t be looking ahead in his reach back either. Come on man you’re reppin us out there, let’s see that huck face!

  19. Apparently I’m seeing things because I did not realize this was a disc golf photo until I read your post….I’m sitting here wondering WTH he has a photo of himself holding a knife 🤦‍♀️

  20. I would say maybe use less photos personally. 5-6 is a good number in my opinion. They’re all great though because they show off your interests, how you can dress up and be professional, friends etc. they hit all the boxes imo

  21. I totes hate those. I feel like he could totally wear better looking shorts. Those ones just give a weird vibe and doesn’t match with this guy.

  22. In my historically terrible opinion: You have too many “active” photos and need to show more diversity. The climbing photo and the lecture photo are good examples of ones to keep. Take out the one of you holding the barbell, backpack, and frisbee. Replace those with photos of you smiling big and authentically. This is probably most important. People wanna see you’re not always so serious, and that you can make them laugh, and that you’re happy.

  23. I’d say all except the 3 with the jean shorts are good. And I think the gym pic is ok but unnecessary because you are obviously in good shape so people would assume you go to the gym. And I do think there is something to the whole “less is more” idea. Like just show a little bit of diversity in like 5 pics and leave them curious. I don’t think you need multiple pics of you just posing, action shots are better. But that’s just my opinion

  24. I’m not gonna lie, and I mean this with the least hate possible, but there’s not a lot of personality here. Fitness pictures are not what women are looking for. Like I said, not trying to be a hater, just trying to be honest

  25. Tbh I'd get rid of the weight lifting one. It's already clear you're fit, and your other pics do enough to show you like to work out. Maybe replace it with another image of yourself doing a more fun/social activity? Just a suggestion from a female, my friends and I tend to feel an eye-rolling reaction to men and their workout pics.

  26. Don’t really like any but keep 3,6,8 & 9. 3 shows your face, the expression is calm and friendly, HATE the Jean shorts, pic would be 300% better if you crop the bottom, 6 shows you like fitness stuff so it’s fine, 4 is showing off, frisbee is just another picture of the back of your head and the climbing one is better. 8 is not great but it also shows your face and the pose is more natural than 1 and better than 2. Last pic is dark, kinda meh but it shows you have friends and can potentially be down for fun activities.

  27. Thanks, my disc golf technique is certainly subpar. We play 2-3 times per wek, but I mostly join because it's one of the primary ways I get to see my brothers. They are obsessed by it, training in weekdays and playing a track most weekends.

  28. The only ones I’d get rid of are bottom right, kind of blurry and showing yourself with other women without context might cause people to swipe left. Middle left, rock climbing pic and other pictures already show you’re in very good shape, the weight lifting pic might make you seem like a guy who only cares about the gym plus the stank face ain’t doing any favors. And then top middle lowkey looks like a LinkedIn profile picture or something, might just list your job/passions in bio and lose that one. Otherwise it looks great

  29. Immediately read this guy as a douche, myself. It’s clear he cares about fitness, but the need to show off his arms/body in all of the photos makes him seem less personable. I’d prefer to see him laughing, playing with a dog, doing something silly, etc. Balance is key. It would make him seem more likable.

  30. I think your best pic is number 3 because we can see your whole face, the rest aren't bad at all, shows what you do as far as work I presume, looking very handsome and professional and hobbies you like in the others but I'd maybe do 1 or 2 more of you not looking like you're posing sideways for a picture. More frontal view is my suggestion.

  31. As a female answering the question, all the pictures are great but I would swipe left on the gym picture. I love the rock climbing and hiking one, top row photos very nice. Can definitely see you’re very physically fit, active and professional.

  32. This is going to sound fucked up, but you look eerily similar to a skinhead gang leader I've met who would only respond to people who called him White Power. All you're missing is the tattoos.

  33. Spoken as a straight man, I think all are good I would take the 3rd out though. All your photos give off a strong confident vibe, but your body language in the 3rd is more relaxed versus where 2nd, for example, is more powerful (shoulders back head high)

  34. That's actually exactly why it should stay. People who come across as relaxed and easy going are infinitely more approachable

  35. Great pictures and variety. If you’re not getting matches, it’s the bio. If you’re not getting dates, it’s your messaging. Good luck and leave some for the rest of us.

  36. I like all of them tbh. People saying don’t do the pink or don’t do they gym but I think they give variety and show personality. Someone who thinks you’re a douche for 1 gym photo isn’t going to be a good match for you anyway. I really like that you’re showing different angles, different activities, different poses. If you do swap one I’d say you could use a close up of you smiling which is always a good staple to have.

  37. Get rid of the picture where you are obviously bouldering in rental shoes and put that picture there to make yourself seem adventurous. It’s a v1 calm down

  38. See, I think the middle picture in the pink shirt is the best, you have a great natural smile in that one and it doesn't seem as posed as the others. It's the kind of picture that makes me swipe right. The others are all good, too, for showing you're a multi-dimensional human, but that one, that one is the best imo.

  39. 1, 5, 8 and 9 aren't great in terms of seeing your face. 3 is a great photo to have as your main photo, the rest are good. Maybe a close up of your face not from the side so people have a better idea?

  40. As a dude, I would say ditch the weight lifting pic, frisbee maybe even the climbing. They can tell you’re in shape, maybe add a picture of you out with friends. You can always add your interests in your bio.

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