I just said I wanted to go to Japan…

  1. Meanwhile if a person is actually raped and killed, it’s much easier to transport and hide a body in an area where nobody lives in a car than in a dense city on a public train

  2. Woah, I think you hit the red flag that showed you a red landslide of crazy, selfish, and unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions and blame men for all the wrongs of the world. Run, don't walk.

  3. Does she know that she said something racist while trying to accuse him of being racist, by just visiting a country? "... There are a lot of US cities with dense populations instead of the racist culture of Asian countries." Lmao, yikes.

  4. People like this tend to be the most racist, just in my experience. They’re so scared of offending anyone and want to prove that they’re so far from racist, yet they tend to be the most racist.

  5. Our culture has become fucked up in the west over the last decade. We literally don’t know any other way to solve a societal problem than by adding oppression to “fix” oppression.

  6. I had a coworker just like this. I found myself watching some right wing shit when I got home because it's like I needed to balance out the shit I heard for 8 hours a day.

  7. I wonder if she purchases Asian-made goods? “How can you visit and support such a place” while drinking coffee from a mug made in China. (As if atrocities don’t happen there, either)

  8. I agree. Trying to find funda mental flaws and fights with people over innocuous things just so you can be the most woke and the most righteous. And it is everything. I agree. Seems exhausting. These people need to get laid.

  9. I find it just a fantastic public service though that girls like this are really quick to jump on that woke wagon so soon though. It saves money and time going on a date with them or even worse them hiding that crazy until later. And you get a chuckle into the bargain to boot before you block and ignore.

  10. Bro my ex gf will take any single normal talking point and band stand her superior socialist viewpoints over fucking everyone all the time. I am constantly shocked she has no idea she mentally exhausts people all the time desperately trying to appear more cultured or intellectual.

  11. I was like this. Maybe not to this extreme, but definitely carried the performative energy, and I can confirm that it is in fact incredibly exhausting

  12. Bro I have family like this that acts like the world is so dangerous and if you go anywhere especially out of country you’re gonna get robbed and raped and arrested and murdered and all types of shit. Why can’t people just enjoy life bro, take risks and go on an adventure bruh

  13. A lot of it is just the rhetoric they bang in your head in colleges. I’m in college right now and it’s exhausting how much they try to bring up why X person is a victim. Whether it be climate change, patriarchy, slavery, colonialism, etc. Everyone is a victim and you are complicit if you don’t act. It literally is making me reevaluate being a teacher because I don’t want to constantly bask in the negativity

  14. I love that it's just Spanish for "how do you say" and it was one of the first phrases I was taught in Spanish class in high school lol.

  15. There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch.

  16. ikr how you gonna claim you’re not racist then say you’ll never step foot in an asian country cuz you don’t want to get raped with no retribution?

  17. People that try to convince you their not racist, are by far the most racist people. Not only racist but they tend to be very close minded.

  18. Yes, I think the issue in the original photo is more that she is judging this guy so harshly for saying he wanted to go to Japan and her depiction of Japan and people is extremely one sided to the worst.

  19. Depends in the context. Like after Covid when violence against Asian Americans was on the rise they were POC, but when it comes to employment, academics, etc they are considered separate from other minorities.

  20. As an Asian person in America— this is correct. They do not see me as “POC” because I am East Asian. Apparently I am “white passing,” and yet they still try to guess my ethnicity every time. Makes no sense lol.

  21. Also that he shouldn't visit Japan because of the racist history in Asia, but should stay in the US where we obviously have zero racist history/ongoing systemic racism 🙄

  22. Japan has train carriages that only allow women. You may want to consider whether instances of rape or sexual assault are reported as often in Japan as they are other places.

  23. Not sure about that, the cases might just be declared more often in the US. Japan mentality is a bit screwed up on some points, even if I like their culture!

  24. Lol she thinks herself quite intelligent too, which is the best/funniest part. It’s so cringey and long winded to say the most basic crap. Plus the cherry on top, throw in some casual racism (every country/race/nationality has racism but please, single Asians out) and such and you get this halfwit!

  25. Jesus. I live in Japan, and while it’s not exactly taken straight from the lyrics of “I am Woman,” it’s not a total rape buffet either.

  26. Are you a woman? Because I only lived in Japan as a 16/17 year old school girl and a few months in my early twenties but the sexual harassment was on an entirely different level to anything I've ever experienced. I was molested walking home from school twice, had men try to give me money to have "coffee" with them, dealt with all the men reading school girl porn while leering at me on the train etc. All while wearing my school uniform.

  27. yea. tokyo subway and nyc subway are subways of completely different level lol one is much cleaner and nicer. the other one I fear for my life riding it

  28. Errrrrrr. Such strong emotions in that one. Red flags? Please, she could be a matador and she wouldn't even need to take the cape.

  29. she unmatched right after this so unfortunately it’s the only screen shot I grabbed. I told her i’m going to go study there, she asked why and then she dropped this, total left field

  30. My understanding is that a lot of Japanese culture can be summed up by saying that standing out as an individual is frowned upon. Centuries of typhoons and earthquakes led to a society built on the idea of setting aside the self to band together for the community.

  31. What does that mean, genuinely? It’s giving what? Why is there a “how do you say” before white man? I truly do not understand.

  32. The hypocrisy in adapting the aave phrase “it’s giving” while being white and complaining about whiteness.

  33. I am so confused by the “coming se dice… white man” like she had to search for the right word? Yet she spouts off stuff about patriarchal societies no problem. Why is she pretending to not be good at English on that line?

  34. The picture might look vaguely Hispanic so maybe she’s emphasizing she really doesn’t belong to that most evil of groups

  35. Being fully bilingual, I fucking hate when American "latinos" do this shit. No, yessica, youre not culturally superior to anyone because you interject your basic spanish in conversation with someone you're not sure speaks Spanish. I hate Spanglish. I will occasionally use one English word when speaking Spanish that has no good translation, but adding a phrase, that can be perfectly translated to English, reeks of a superiority complex

  36. Too many Latin Americans born in the US have this need to constantly remind you about their roots so they will inject words/phrases in Spanish into their everyday conversation.

  37. Lol, I've been to Japan. Did I experience xenophobia? Yeah, off the beaten path. I'll still take that over the racism in America. At least in Japan, they don't like all non Japanese equally, they didn't hate me MORE because I am a POC. Here in the US, some white European would have an easier time than I do as a native in some parts of the country.

  38. Assuming she’s of Latin American descent (as am I), we literally have no fucking room to talk about racism or sexism in other countries lmao

  39. US has a problem with racism but nowhere near the level of Japan/China.. casual racism is just the norm in east Asia . (I worked a few years in Japan as a Canadian)

  40. So because Japan has gender inequality and sexual violence issues, you couldn't possibly still be interested in going for other reasons? Wow...

  41. It’s giving me… como se dice… she doesn’t want to date white men even though she’s white-passing and carries a lot of unexamined guilt that would be best talked through with a therapist rather than projected onto potential suitors.

  42. No doubt. But if someone restricted their travel to only where women are treated equally, their options are limited. I can't see the full conversation, so I don't know if OP was being dismissive of women's issues there, or just gave the travel destination. But it seems unwarranted.

  43. I mean thats essentially the same as america then? Old guys treating women like shit. And now i have been reminded of all the bullshit going on over there and i wanna go back to bed.

  44. This is what happens when you’re on social media too long. The whole thing sounded like an angry Twitter thread. Yes Japan is known for some shitty things happening, but shitty things happen in every country. Especially the US. Does she think the US is safe for women????? Also it always seems like white, or white passing, women are the angriest. Like angrier than actual black people and POC. About shit that’s never really mattered to us. Why???

  45. I’m Canadian and I got a similar (albeit less hostile) load of shit when I did a roadie across the Western US. Saying I shouldn’t have gone because the US has turned into The Handmaid’s Tale, like she seriously thought that’s what society had become.

  46. Weird that she recommended travelling to large US cities instead, when rape cases are higher here than most Japanese or European countries. Either way, unless you want an ear full about the patriarchy and how you're part of it you should dip.

  47. POC and white are two of the most confusing and inconsistent phrases, as a non-American. They seem to be applied at will, without any ethnic, cultural or historical merit, and definitely don't really overlap similar phrases in other countries.

  48. Japan is a fairly homogeneous and racist country so I'm assuming that she means that there are not many minorities due to very strict immigration policies in Japan. With that said, i still find it hypocritical and kinda racist to be wary about going to an asian country due to racism but be perfectly fine with going to like Savannah Georgia where Black people were sold on the river street.

  49. I feel like I need to see what you said beforehand, as it seems like maybe you were gushing a lot about Japan? I'm assuming you said Perfect somewhere, which might've been what triggered her tirade.

  50. Girl, tell me when are you more likely to be robbed or raped when you walk alone at the middle of the night in one of those colorful communities in one of America’s big cities or when you walk alone in Tokyo at midnight?

  51. While Japan has a lot of problems and talking about them isn't an issue her attacking your character for wanting to go there is dumb. It's not like you're saying I stand by all of the problems Japan has and think they're okay. When I visit another state for one reason or another in the U.S I don't go on about all the systematic problems they have. Everywhere is shitty right now and wanting to have fun doesn't endorse the shittiness. Unless you got to like a really really awful country, like a North Korea tour or something then I will heavily judge you

  52. Whenever someone unironically uses the phrase "it's giving" it triggers my dumb bitch radar and I'll pretty much end the conversation there.In all seriousness tho,never date someone who's always bitter or complaining or tries to be woke every second of the day.

  53. What does "it's giving white man" even mean? Im not a native english speaker but it doesn't mean anything to me, like its missing one or two words. Is it like "it's giving off white man vibes?" like someone can't be white and progressive/socialist or something?

  54. it would’ve made sense if that was the case, however it was a very short convo and up until this message contained no mention of sexual assault

  55. Tinder is parade of idiots. She’s offensive, unintelligent, and incredibly unappealing. Just block and move on from this catastrophe

  56. Japan has people of culture ? Even a mosque or two ? They even have churches ? Kinda racist for her to hate Asians like that .

  57. Yeah I don't know about you guys but I always consider how many of communities of color there are before I pick my next vacation destination.

  58. Sorry to be the serious sam over here but maybe something really did happen and a nerve really was struck. Basically, it’s not you

  59. Omfg. The gross misuse of punctuation - while trying to sound intelligent-is hilarious. I wonder how long she’s been holding on to this little tidbit?

  60. Japan a place to visit but not to live in. Though I'm very tall so it's not even worth a visit, what with everything made for people under 180cm.

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