Should I add this on my Tinder as a full body pic? I am not quite sure what pictures are acceptable on there

  1. This photo is a gem!!!! You look fabulous and fun! I kinda think the glaring woman adds a nice contrast to make you look even more carefree. But I’m also not your target audience for a Tinder profile.

  2. You look great and the background shows you doing something fun instead of just a lazy bedroom selfie. Sends out very good vibes. Maybe wanna crop a bit but I think others said that already.

  3. Genuinely feel like you were just fishing for compliments🤡it’s literally a normal picture of u at a fair ur either dumb or u were fishing. You look good though peace and love now move along

  4. If you want compliments just say that. You know there is nothing wrong with this pic it’s not like your licking the Cotten candy smh

  5. Definitely, but perhaps you can crop it a bit centre you and enlarge it. I’ve been shouting at my screen for 5 min to do this but it’s not happening 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  6. Thank you haha but Ehm I think it’s the same but more harassment, people following you on the street and guys just wanting to have sex with you for your looks and not actually taking the time to know you.

  7. Yes, love it! And definitely don't crop out the weird white lady will give them something to respond about!

  8. Lovely shot, just crop the picture! Some pics are great but are just too zoomed out so they feel off. Zoom in, crop out weird glaring lady in the right, center yourself in frame.

  9. You’re a cute woman, you’re gonna get hundreds of likes no matter the type of photo you post

  10. 100% yes use this photo! You are absolutely gorgeous and this is a fun and lovely photo which gives a couple of good conversation starters (or maybe even a first date idea - return to the funfair? 😊)

  11. I’d say it’s a good pic. You look very nice and it’s always good to show yourself out and doing something. As others have said maybe cropping it down a little would be a bit better

  12. Sis this is stunning! The framing of the photo, the whimsical pose; everything about this is so fun! It’s like Katie Perry with a dash of Sazon! 🤌🏿🤌🏿🔥If you put this on a dating app that allows captions, you should say “I’m not the lady in black” just for a laugh 😂

  13. I love this! Shows your personality off... you look happy, fun and fit! I mean, who doesn't want to date that?

  14. Miss, you're fire. Definitely, yes. No offense, if anything, but this is wonderful pic, and this is so nice and real energy from it, so I say — yes, and good luck finding right person for you!

  15. You’re really pretty so I think it’s a good picture the women on the right of you is really creeping though

  16. Crop the lady on the side out and make the Farris wheel more centered, 2 birds with one stone and it’s be the perfect photo for everything

  17. As a guy I am always looking for at least 1 full body photo something like this just because of what I’m looking for personally. Will help with future matches and not getting ghosted after the first date and they can’t say they didn’t know what you looked like or that you catfished them

  18. I see nothing wrong with the picture where you’re holding the purple cotton candy. That’s fine for pics.

  19. You have a great taste in fashion and I love your vibes. Like the others I would recommend cropping it, the elements in the outer reaches of the photo can be a bit distracting from you, the subject. Good luck :)

  20. I thought this was an advertisement at first glance. I love it so much, especially how much personality is captured in the photo.

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