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  1. I’m 5’5” and I can still never tell when guys are 6’ vs when they’re 5’10” lmao. There’s no way this girl could tell irl.

  2. It’s amazing to me that these 5 ft girls have height requirements. I get that everyone has their preference but to say they like taller guys when literally everyone is taller than them is mind boggling!

  3. Can confirm, I’m 60 inches and nearly everyone is considered tall. Also, all these folks insisting on large height differences are missing out on many satisfying sexual positions, but I digress.

  4. I love how from a biology perspective they are diluting the pool of future men over 6 ft with their 5 ft ass genes.

  5. That’s why my 5’11 brothers always lie. You’d have to be braindead to not lie about that 1 totally irrelevant inch, because it makes a huge difference in girls minds.

  6. I'm 6'5" and would always send height hoes on their way. I'm married now but I always stood my ground for you short dudes.

  7. I also find it funny that most of the girls that do this height check are under 5'3" like why do you want a dude that is a full foot taller then you? I think they have a fetish that they want to look like a child in public.

  8. I'm 6'3" and my GF is 5'5". It's nice, but.... some positions have logistical issues sure to our leg length differences, haha. There's no fucking way a 5'0" girl needs anyone taller than 5'9". She's just egocentric wanting her BF to be "tall"

  9. I’m 6’5” and my girlfriend is 5’8” (5’9” if you ask her). Every girl before her was like 4’11”-5’3”. It’s definitely more convenient having someone closer in height to me.

  10. I'm 5 9 and 5 foot women are short as hell. My mom is 5 foot and her head is chest height to me. When my cousin was like 12 he was taller than her

  11. I'm 6' 2" and had a stint with a girl under 5'. Interacting with her physically in any capacity was a challenge and I'm pretty sure she looked like my daughter from behind.

  12. Something my mom always said was something like "Be with the person that loves you, not the person that you love". No way a woman who fantasizes about her man being a foot and a half taller is going to love you unconditionally, sorry. All of my friends are pretty short and they're the best people I know. Just ranting, but I don't think men should be entertaining that fetish like that :/

  13. I’m 6’0 and my ex was 4’10, it was incredibly inconvenient, to hug her I’d have to pick her up unless I basically wanted her hugging just above my crotch, and whenever I wanted to hold her hand I’d have to basically squat a little to actually hold it. In the end it was her family that drive me away though.

  14. My bf is 6'2 and doesn't really date below 5'11... Je somehow manages to find people but I can totally see why he wants to have women close to his height. I'm exactly the samen: I want my bf or gf close to my own height so somewhere close to 6' is perfect for me.

  15. I just can’t get over it how people would literally stop everything just because of height. Bruh honestly I find stupid, “oh I don’t date tall girls” or “no sorry I only date taller guys” or “sorry we’re not compatible/ convenient” (just because of height)

  16. I'm 5'2 and I dated a guy that was 6"4 and it was too much. Even on my tippy toes he had to always lean down to kiss me.. I felt like I had to climb him for a kiss.. I did not like that.

  17. I'm 5'5.5 and I've dated a guy who was 5'2. I think I have a lower limit of 5'2+ in height, i tend to wear big platform boots and i felt awful for the mocking he got that i ended up getting rid of the boots and felt a lot of guilt for the shit he was getting with my being 3.5" taller than him. Thats my issue though not theirs. I also had a brief fling with someone approaching 7'. It could just be the people themselves but I was much happier with the shorter guy than massively taller.

  18. She's the type that has a checklist and only cares about fulfilling it to compare herself to other people.

  19. I once made an ID card, lady asked me how tall I was, I said "make it 180cm, so I can tell my dad I'm officially taller than him" (that's 6ft, and I'm not taller than my dad). Lady giggled, put it into my ID, now I'm officially 6ft. Not really, but officially.

  20. Thats funny, imagine a girl not believing you when you say your 6ft only to then whip out ID and point it out

  21. Same for my passport. Lady was saying ok 177 maybe 178 and I gave her a hopeful look so she said ok maybe 180, you can still grow (I was 17 and did not). So now they just kept that. If I'm ever searched by Interpol I have a way out lol.

  22. I’m 5’7”, and if she’s 5’0”-that makes me a taller guy. Something tells me in her world, it wouldn’t fly. Good for him.

  23. I’m 5,8 and I’ve had girls 5,2 and shorter tell me I’m too short to date. One girl I did convince to go for a drink with me and see the height difference isn’t as significant as she thinks, agree to it. She spent the entire time talking about hight but had such good time she wanted to go out again. That’s when I dropped it on her that her fixation on a person hight makes her unbelievable and uncomfortable boring to be with, I pushed the point she didn’t have anything else to talk about other than height and other shallow comments rather than having a common conversation. For instance me being a Software developer- “won’t you make a lot of money doing that” no interest in the field or any questions other than what you make.

  24. It's not about the actual mechanical differences of whether the guy is taller than her, it's about the status of having what she thinks society perceives as a high value boyfriend. Just like guys want to be seen dating a hot girl with certain attributes.

  25. I always thought the ideal height for my partner would be same as me, but in reality it has NEVER been a determining factor for me.

  26. Sorry but this is bullshit. I am 6’0 but my dad is like 5’2, I have short friends and they get treated like second class citizens when it comes to dating.

  27. I'm 5'7 and I've dated people anywhere from 5'3 to 6'6. Honestly, apart from the neck ache and the getting annoyed at me for pulling the covers up in my sleep which accidentally uncovered his feet, I never even noticed the height difference. My husband is 6' exactly and I only learned that for sure a couple of years ago (we've been together for 12)

  28. I'm 6' and I went out a couple times with women who were 5'0 - 5'3. Stuff was just... uncomfortable. Even simple things like holding hands while walking.

  29. I'm 5'10 and the girl I'm seeing is 5'4 and tbh that's pushing it. Every girl I've dated has been 5'6" to 5'8" ... I don't get these fixations of wanting someone a foot taller.

  30. I'm 6'4 and my gf is 5' and tbh the only uncomfortable thing is dancing. I don't whats the big fuss about the height difference.

  31. I think it’s 100% reasonable to use height as a way to identify if you’ll be attracted to someone. I’ve learned that my preferred height is basically 5’7-5’8”. Outside of that, and I’m just not feeling it physically. I’ve been with both shorter and taller girls in the past, and I love that my wife matches my height preferences. I was never demanding when dating other girls before, but felt like I was not physically attracted to really short or really tall girls. Don’t know if that makes me an asshole, but don’t feel like it should.

  32. As a tall girl, this happens so much.. men have told my friends I was too tall to be attractive more than once. I hate dating for that reason. I wish nobody discriminated based on height, I wish I could help being this big, ugh, rant over

  33. As a 174cm dude, I've dated girls that were 25cm shorter than me and a couple that were taller - one was 185cm. There's no such thing as being too tall to be attractive, just as there is no such thing as being too short to be attractive. We're all the same height when we're lying down anyway, right?

  34. Also a tall girl. It was usually short guys telling their friends not to date me. We’re all in our 30’s now and you couldn’t pay me to date any of those people. It gets better!

  35. I’m 5’11 and I’ve had this before so much too! ‘You’d be perfect if you were a little shorter’ also cue the ‘what’s the weather like up there’ comments 🙄. Stupidly it’s the same men who say they love my long legs on my dating app profile pics, but then when they find out how tall I am, get put off. 🤦🏻‍♀️. I feel you!!

  36. Girl I’m seeing is 6ft, never been attracted to tall girls but as I’ve gotten older it’s not a big deal at all. She suits being so tall and it really works for her, I like her for her heights irrelevant. Don’t give up!

  37. Those men must have an inferiority complex. Almost everyone I know finds tall women attractive. Don't beat yourself up!

  38. never understood the u have to be 6’+ height thing. i’m 5’3 and i just like a guy that’s a little taller than me 5’4 is perfectly fine but even then it’s not a deal breaker if you’re shorter

  39. I mean, everyone's allowed to have preferances but putting an arbitrary height limit like you're an amusement park ride is super weird.

  40. I think a lot of girls like tall guys because it makes them feel small and protected. I wouldn’t be rude about it to someone directly but I understand the preference.

  41. Objectification of people. Tinder is a shopping mall and everyone is looking for the right object to match their taste. More options we have, the less we look at them like people and the more we try to match our shallow check boxes.

  42. Everyone is talking about their own height or experience, but completely glossing over her shocked Pikachu reaction to her being treated exactly how she was planning to treat this dude. The double standard that exists is this girls mind is boggling.

  43. Dating my really tall ex when I was even shorter than I am now was logistically just problematic sometimes. We couldn’t comfortably hold hands walking side by side, I couldn’t snuggle him as big spoon and when I was little spoon I was absolutely suffocated, and his only use was grabbing things off tall shelves.

  44. There was dating app like that that got taken down because people would use the reviews to slander and doxx.

  45. Wouldnt work because just like Yelp idiots try to slander otherwise good business, angry people who got rejected or were actually the problem would leave negative reviews on others.

  46. It’s so weird how American girls obsess over height. I’m 5”6 and so is my girlfriend and it works out great. Our heights align when we kiss and we can easily switch around when we spoon each other =D

  47. As a short guy, I don’t really care if a girl has a preference for taller guys. Everyone has preferences no? I’m not really into skinny women for example

  48. This whole thread is weird to me. What is the outrage about? Are people not allowed to have preferences?

  49. Yeah, weird white knighting like this just makes us short guys look bad. As a short guy, I intentionally filter dating apps for women that are shorter than me. I label my height, as well, so you can’t miss it. If your profile says you’re an inch or two taller, I’m not going for it unless there’s some other factors at play.

  50. As a 6' 1" gay woman, any woman who asks my height gets the same treatment as this guy did here because I'm sick of being fetishized. Keep fighting the good fight as it's the only way these creepy fetishists are going to learn.

  51. Bro as a 6'4" honestly FUCK dating short girls, never again. I get back problems, she gets neck problems, nobody wins. No idea why anyone wants to pursue it.

  52. Lol you’re not wrong. My ex was 6’3’’ and I’m 5’3” — I could never initiate kissing if he was standing, hugging him made me feel like a child. I found him attractive and he was a good kisser but you’re so right.

  53. As a tall woman, it used to drive me crazy that tall men always go for short women. But this was in high school/early college. Now I'm 30, and I think by that age, the tall men have realized what an inconvenience it is to be with a short woman.

  54. Plus you gotta keep your priorities in check you have the chance of having some nba babies if you find a girl decently tall. (From a 6ft tall man that had 5’7 dad and 5’5 mom who dreamt of being in the nba)

  55. I support this completely. As a tall gal, I don’t understand the tall-guy thing. Find someone who doesn’t make you wanna fucking die. Don’t worry about height.

  56. Just wait until you mature and realize chemistry is the only thing that matters for who to date. No chemistry is usually a short-term relationship.

  57. Can someone explain why is every other girl obsessed with height and treat it as a deal breaker? I'm 5'10 and have been rejected because apparently 6'0 is like some golden threshold.

  58. I don't think this sentiment of men having to be abnormally tall exists outside north America and internet culture. At least I can't imagine a Dutch girl acting like this.

  59. Lots of ‘‘em are just echoing what they think they should like. Most people don’t think their opinions through very well. Otherwise it’s just our animal brains being attracted to what nature says is an advantage and likely to help us survive.

  60. Can we finally make a rule about height posts / discussions? They're not funny, not interesting and we get multiple of them per day here where most of them aren't even screenshots from the poster as it is the case here. Maybe restrict posts about height to one day per week or something?

  61. This is the only comment that matters in this thread lol. We need to start hammering down on height posts because it’s the same nonsense every time.

  62. You are so right. If these people want to judge on things that others can’t control like height, looks, etc. then it’s time to bring up things that they can control like their finances, etc. and see how they feel.

  63. Short girls can tend to be so shallow and need to give shorter guys a chance. Love how he put this midget in her place. Lol

  64. Yuck! Looks like he dodged a bullet. As a 5’8 female, height does not matter to me. I dated a guy 6’4 and he was toxic and abusive. I don’t care if you’re 5’ or 6’, just treat me right damnit lol

  65. When it comes to girls and the height question I always lie and say I’m 6’4” (I’m actually 5’8”). I don’t ever give a shit about how they respond because it doesn’t fucking matter.

  66. I’ve never looked at a guy I thought was attractive and wondered how tall he was. I find that so bizarre. I guess I get not wanting to date a guy shorter than you if you’re super short. But I’ve dated tall guys and average height guys (I guess, what even is average height?). I’m married to a guy who is about 5’7”and I’m 5’6” and I’ve always liked that we match up. But if he was taller or even shorter I doubt that would have changed my opinion on him. Girls who only date guys over 6’0” seem to be rather shallow (unless they’re also 6’0” in which case I can see why they might want to date someone the same height or taller).

  67. lmao now she knows how that shit feels. Shallow bitches don't get quality men when they think a man's worth lies in his height.

  68. I love how she totally expected her dig on short men to somehow become a positive and then she got called out for being shallow and lumped in with all the short men she doesn't find attractive.

  69. I'm 5'5" and dated a guy who was 5'4" we didn't make it but we ended on a good note and he was one of the best lovers I've ever had. Everyone has their preferences but height seems weird to base a judgement on.

  70. I am over 6ft tall but I won't swipe right on anyone who mentions height. It's a sign of mental retardation. I caught my sister complaining about her boyfriend's height. I suggested she get back together with her taller ex-husband.

  71. No 👑 for people who go out of their way to be like this about a simple preference. She wants someone that’s not short like I want someone who’s not fat. I don’t care if you can control it or not, preferences are real and as long as you’re polite about it there’s nothing wrong.

  72. Just respond with 5,7 and she can remove herself that way. If she sticks around she can get shocked. Pull the old, oh... you meant physical height and never elaborate.

  73. The part that gets me is the fact that without knowing his height, she was already excited about the date they were going on. Then she drops the question, implying that if he gave an answer she didn’t like, she would of cancelled. She could of just had a nice date she was excited for, cause she clearly liked the guy regardless of height

  74. Its the hypocrisy in her response to him that makes the post funny. He respectfully declined her for having a height requirement too and she clearly got upset.

  75. This sub has been completely overrun with bitter incels. This was just a post a few months ago from the actual OP. Now somebody reposted it and they're still getting cornball dudes saying "yeah king!". These dudes only swipe right on wannabe instagram models then act SHOCKED when those women have their own preferences

  76. To everybody saying that its ok to have a preference an yadda yadda yadda, it is ok. She doesn't have a preference tho, she has a requirement. She was making sure he met her requirements.

  77. Not only that, but felt the need to state her requirements even after he passed them.. seems like some kind of holier than thou attitude that immediately rubs me wrong and online dating is all about first impressions. He was just as respectful as her, the only part I would change is the first line about it being shallow. If you shine a mirror and they're disgusted, then that says everything it needs to

  78. I'm gonna say it. It's not wrong to have physical preferences. It is wrong to be a dick about it. I don't think she was a dick about it here.

  79. LMAO This is just having preferences. There is nothing wrong with only liking tall guys and not short ones. There's nothing wrong with preferring people with bigger boobs than someone else. It's simply a preference lul.

  80. I have actually changed my mind on subject's like this because its perfectly reasonable to have a preference on height just like a preference for anything in a partner.

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