That sucks, but uhh... Maybe not the best opener

  1. lol that site has actually become a LIFE SAVER.... LITERALLY. They sell a generic version of chemo pill thats like 15k a month for under 50 bucks a month.

  2. I always knew Mark Cuban wasn't as scummy as the other sharks. Then he did this and proved that to be right! I just wish it was available in Canada.

  3. I hit her with a "Damn that sucks" and she never replied. Woulda done yours but she has mutuals and a buzz cut so I think she's real?

  4. This could definitely see this, however I could also see this coming from someone who is stressed out and is prone to over sharing. OP doesn’t have to keep talking if he’s not interested, but it could be genuine and related to stress. Fibro pain alone is awfully debilitating!

  5. Meds are fixed, gonna have to kick the security up a notch for this message you know, for HIPAA requirements.

  6. Eh. It is what is. As someone who is chronically ill/in pain, I find it better to be honest and put it out there immediately rather than lie about what’s going on in my life so that someone is later shocked by the level of my disability and say I didn’t tell them. I actually think it’s pretty shitty and kinda ableist of you to put this person on blast for being honest.

  7. THIS! I am chronically ill/in pain as well and this entire comment section (aside from a few!) and OP are really ignorant for this 😅

  8. Men really out here thinking a majority of women are scammers. They think the lowest of us while expecting ridiculous standards too. It’s disheartening and gross.

  9. Autoimmune diseases suck. Unless you understand invisible diseases and how much of a life burden they are, tell her good luck and unmatch.

  10. I have fibro and type one diabetes and tend to be open about it. This seemed like a normal opener for me and, even if it’s not (which it seems to be), then I’d simply wish them good luck with getting their meds and i hope that they feel better. So many people don’t understand how hard these conditions are.

  11. This is why I'm not even trying to date right now. My health is at an all time low and trying to find someone who is cool with that is exhausting. How do you bring it up without being like "hey, thanks for the interest! Here's my baggage. That cool?" And putting it on your profile just gets you weirdos who fetishize your disabilities. It's a no win game.

  12. Literally these comments suck. The person’s obviously having a hard time, and people need to learn not to ask questions you can’t handle that answer to. Your response is the right one, not OPs decision to screenshot and share this

  13. This thread just makes me sad. Ya’ll are literally yelling “run!” When someone has clearly expressed how our shitty healthcare system and wealth inequality prevent them from functioning and keep them disabled.

  14. I think they’re saying run because it’s more than likely this person is about to ask for money. Any time someone automatically brings up not having money for something, plus a bit of a “feel bad for me” story, within the first response…it’s usually just a scam for money.

  15. and this is why those of us with chronic illness suffer quietly. literally sent a message not dissimilar to someone while dating about how bad my pain was and instead of sympathy i was accused of being a yea. but positive end of story did meet a very nice human via the tinder and we have been together for about 3 years now and it's been nice to have someone by my side as i navigate chronic illness/pain.

  16. Correct. I don’t even bother dating because I don’t want to be told I’m an inconvenience and a burden time and time again. Fuck OP, fuck everyone else in this comment section being a piece of shit.

  17. There is a big difference between sharing vulnerabilities step by step as you get to know someone and dumping really heavy stuff on a complete stranger. The first is someone who is emotionally mature and open; the second is someone with poor boundaries. I say this as a person with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. “I’m under the weather so I’ll just be resting for the next few days” or “I’m m having a chronic illness flare up so just resting” is an appropriate level of info and vulnerability for a stranger. Sharing personal details or asking for emotional support is inappropriate.

  18. I have fibro and I feel awful for my husband. He gets so scared when I have a really bad episode and I feel really bad that I can’t do much to control them! Thank you for understanding the hardships and I’m sorry you had to endure that as well

  19. All I’m getting is that people with chronic illnesses aren’t allowed to tell others how they’re actually feeling. And that’s fucked up!

  20. Its a great opener. If you aren’t up for all thats involved with those things you can take off. Could be a money bait of course but could be legit too. My partner has two out of three of those and it can be rough for them and can be rough as the partner too. Not to take the fun out of the comments but yeah.

  21. Some people just have open personalities like that. if you continue with her you would probably find shes just a genuine caring and nice person.

  22. you guys are all so goddamn mean man this is just how life is when you're disabled or chronically ill. and this kind of attitude makes it impossible to date when you're sick—disclose off the bat and people accuse you of trying to scam them and whine about how weird it was for you to open with that, disclose later and people accuse you of deceiving them and treat you with revulsion. this person shared something vulnerable with you and you spun it around for upvotes on reddit. maybe this is your first time hearing someone say something like this not because this person is fake, but because many of us who are sick do not talk about stuff like this in mixed company, knowing that people like you are out to paint us as frauds and leeches. grow up

  23. I have multiple chronic illnesses that leave me much like the person in this screen shot. I’m also an attorney that works FT, run a side business, and am writing my first novel. My husband has been with me for 22 years. I hardly think he “lost” when he got with me.

  24. As someone with all 3 as well, it doesn't sound like a scam. It sounds like someone who thinks people owe him things because they were dealt a shit hand. I had the same mentality for a while, but I sure as hell didn't verbalize it to people I just met lol

  25. Right? This is my thing. If it was something like "no I'm staying home I'm not feeling well" then fine, we can talk. There was no talk of interests or hobbies in her bio. If she's dealing with all this, my heart goes out to her, I can't imagine having to deal with that. But if literally the first thing you say to someone is "I have all these diseases and need money" I'm not sure how many conversations you're going to get.

  26. Even if its not, rest assured, its a scam! Her meds, her responsibility... If she runs out, she should beg her dealer for some weed, not tinder first message... This is why i dont ask people how they are (on tinder/social media), until i get to know them. Heck, IRL i go with y'alreet? Then if they start moaning, next time i say "i hope you are alright". If it continues, i dont ask. Only if i ask "are you ok?" do i expect a negative response. Fuck starting off convos on downers...

  27. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience if you lived in Australia I'm sure that you would be looked after,i really feel for you please stay strong.

  28. I am so sorry you can’t get your meds. I so understand. I could not get two diabetes meds because I could not afford it. It hope it gets better for you.

  29. Her: “I don’t have the money. The money? The money I don’t have? You know that money? It would be nice to have. The money. You want to help? No. I couldn’t ask you to. To help. With the money. But if you want to. Help. With the money. You know? The money?…”

  30. I I've ran Into a few of these types, it's usually that they don't have any money to top up their gas or electric, soon as they mention anything like that I'm out cause I know soon they'll follow up with "Hey could you do me a huge favour, could you lend me £20 till I get paid?" Bitch no, I don't know you!

  31. She 100% wanted money from you. Yeah I tell people about my medical conditions so they’re aware if something were to happen but don’t say “I’m out of my necessary medication and want you to take pity on me”

  32. Def not the best opener but she’s probably sitting there consumed by her pain and self pity and just wants someone to feel sorry for her lol. Maybe appease her? Or don’t.

  33. She can’t afford her meds that keep her own immune system from attacking her body. Of course she needs a pharmacy.

  34. Seems like to me she was explaining why she couldn’t hang with Until she feels better. But I’m not an heartless asshole

  35. Sounds like my cousin - run. Her ailments are her personality and all she ever talks about. Half of which are made up and NOT actually diagnosed by a DR.

  36. If you respond to that message with anything other than offering her money shes gonna immediately steer the conversation to you giving her money, sucks to be in that situation but its also a dating app so dont feel bad for unmatching

  37. They’re going to ask for money. I had a friend who I hardly speak to message me and ask how I am then when I asked her she told me a story of how she’s broke. Has no money for her cat and dog and they’re crying cuz of starvation and she can hardly stand to hear it and if only she had some way to get money but oh well they will just have to starve until she’s paid.

  38. be like “are you asking me for money?” I really wanna see what she says because shes 100% asking you for money but trying to be “””subtle””

  39. why tf does that sub even exist…? faking illness is incredibly rare. guarantee half the people you gossip and obsess over on there are genuinely sick and maybe just don't have the correct diagnoses yet. i know lots of genuine chronic illness influencers who get harassed daily by people like that. disgusting.

  40. Lupus and fibromyalgia are extremely common conditions to have together. RA and Lupus both are autoimmune dieases so it isnt impossible to have both. Stop assuming disabled people are lying.

  41. See seems to have a host of medical conditions that aren't going to be easily fixed and let's assume that they are genuine. Run, don't walk. Who needs a chick with those kinds of problems.

  42. “Could you please send $200 in PayPal friends and family, so I can get my meds and hang out with you baby, ok?”

  43. My guess is they answered like that so that you won’t ask them on a date that they have to say no to.

  44. That's why I waited months before telling my partner. I try to keep it lighthearted and fun, despite the struggle that is so so so real!

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