Anyone else lose interest when people say shit like this?

  1. this not a normal thing to have on? My dad once asked why I turned them off after I clicked through one of those pop-ups without looking. After I turned them back on, I had people asking me why I turned them on, and was like....?

  2. I turn that shit off immediately on any messaging app, because I know I'm someone who kinda obsesses over them. So I remove the temptation by just turning them off, which disables me from seeing if others have read my messages.

  3. I honestly did not know you could turn them off, but why would you? They let you know if its worth checking messages or not.

  4. personally it’s the trauma lmao i had exes that demanded they were on because they thought i was ignoring them. didn’t start doing it because i wanted to

  5. My coworker has read receipts on just for our boss. She gives no fucks. She just reads the texts and doesn’t reply.

  6. I detest it when people act in this manner. In the target parking lot near me, there are frequently some vehicles parked diagonally. I don't comprehend. also their little automobiles.

  7. Are these color schemes US thing? I looked at my messages on my iPhone (took me ages to find real people lmao) but no matter iOS or android, I’m green and they’re black.

  8. Lol it's not even a "You have an iPhone? Me too!" Moment, it's "Are you like me / do you have the same things as me? If not, fuck off, you're in the out-group."

  9. That’s not really the point. If you’re messaging with people who have an Android, it will go in as an SMS rather than an iMessage. And if you’re messaging with another iPhone user who has their data/wifi turned off, it will also go in as SMS. That said, people don’t really like SMS

  10. It’s deeper than just a marketing stunt though, Apple very intentionally makes communication with non-iPhones a painful experience. Marques Brownlee made a really interesting video on it.

  11. Yeah it's really toxic marketing. I've had a few exes that constantly complained about it. I think apple went out of the way to make the green background particularly obnoxious and hard to read. It's practically white text on a yellow background from a design standpoint

  12. Actually apple makes people feel tingling in these same brain regions religion does. Funny and scary at the same time.

  13. Recent studies have shown that exclusion is the most common form of bullying now. Excluding people based on what phone they have just tells me you're a bully and probably a shit person.

  14. It's not a marketing stunt. It's an absolutely malicious highjacking of communication protocols coupled with absolutely malicious apartheid. It's not a marketing stunt, it's malice. Let's call stuff by its name.

  15. Ehh if someone's deal breaker is that they use an android phone, that's a big red flag. This is an android ad to me

  16. I live under a rock and do not use an iphone. It looks like the sender is able to decide the color of the messages that will appear in your app. Is that right ? Why the hell would Apple do that?

  17. Yep, what's funny is the experience is just as bad on the Android side as it supports RCS now but iMessage doesn't. I tell my wife not to send pics or videos to iPhone users because it'll look like crap to them.

  18. Same with how video compression happens when sharing stuff to non iPhone, it's not a software issue or anything it's just Apple wanting everyone to have iPhones

  19. It's fine for a joke but if anyone actually bases their personality/dating preferences based on the color of a text bubble then their actual color is red flag

  20. I have an iPhone and don’t care if the other person has an iPhone or not. The one thing that does bother me about iMessage vs SMS, though, is on the iPhone, the green text bubble for SMS is an obnoxious green, in my opinion. To be overly dramatic, it burns my eyes, whereas the blue is much easier on the eyes (perhaps that was by design?). I wish they’d change it or allow customization (cue the Android people trying to convert me on customization). But that’s an Apple problem, not an “I want everyone I text to have an iPhone because I’m an Apple fan boy” problem.

  21. My wife's boss has literally suggested buying her an iPhone on the company dime just to get her on blue messages. She pulled out her phone and said "look, you're blue, and she's orange, and he's green. Everyone gets their own color on my phone..."

  22. People will literally bully other people for this. It's not fine when adults do this, now imagine a group of kids or teenagers.

  23. Oh so you don't like basing preferences on bubble colors, but flag colors are just fine? THE HYPOCRISY!

  24. My understanding is this is very much a thing in schools now. No one will be your friend if you have green texts

  25. I've done it every time. It's frustrating when you're clicking in all the right ways, go to text and they say "ew, that's a green bubble." Yeah, you could have at least pretended to not be a moronic Apple fool.

  26. Because people have the incorrect association with Android phones being exclusive to cheap tracphones. The notion of "if you have an Android, you're poor" comes from the prepaid minutes based phones that run Android due to Android being an open sourced operating system, thus practically free. iOS is exclusive to iPhones.

  27. The only reason Apple chose a green with white text bubble is that it would be hard to read and create a dislike for Android users.

  28. A marketing department convinced an entire demographic of narcissists that their mass-produced electronic gadget is a status symbol and they ate it up.

  29. Because iPhones have features that only work with other iPhones that make day to day communication easier as well as things like adding and removing people from group chats and accessibility options like that.

  30. I remember in a group chat where a buddy said he has an android and someone else in the chat said he needed to grow up. He didn't respond though when I asked how iphone is more grown up than Android though.

  31. I personally don’t care but maybe because messaging from iPhone to iPhone has a ton of features that you can’t really use with android.

  32. Because most Apple users aren't very smart, and their only pride in life is owning a phone that was a status symbol 10 years ago

  33. I don’t have unlimited talk/text, so the blue messages are free and the green messages cost money, if I’m not mistaken. So I inherently prefer the blue messages to the green ones. It’s not about the socioeconomic hierarchy of smartphone brands, as your Android probably costs more than my used iPhone 6S (I still have the headphone jack though so idk it’s superior in that sense.)

  34. Yes. American phone plans have had unlimited text messages for a while, so people just used text messages to communicate. Countries that had to pay per each SMS sent learned real quick to use “free” internet apps instead.

  35. Lol I would get the ick and not go on a date if someone reacted to me having green bubbles. I say this as a iPhone user.

  36. The only reason I prefer other people to have iPhones is that I work 3 floors underground, and there is zero cell service. The wifi has no problems sending iMessages, but it’s hot and cold sending texts on wifi.

  37. If you had an android phone, you could text anyone over wifi, regardless of whether or not they also had one. This is one of the reasons I think iphones are objectively worse, they deliberately exclude people that don't have them.

  38. I also live out of cell service so if an android texts me I won’t get it until I go to town.

  39. I can text and call over wifi with cell service turned off, to any other cell phone. You're explaining your phone's handicap as if it's a good feature.

  40. I wish, so badly, that people understood that it's actually APPLE that causes this problem. They're literally using 20 year old texting technology.

  41. I was just reading an article about this. Apparently, Google has a campaign trying to pressure Apple into breaking this blue/green barrier.

  42. I see it as more from a standpoint of the types of content that you can send over iMessage, not the other person’s choice in phones.

  43. And the emojis aren’t the same which makes flirting difficult. I was slightly horrified once I got an iPhone at the difference.😏😒😘😉

  44. I mean, so many people use social media apps to send shit. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook messenger. I don't see how it's an issue.

  45. i feel like its not even the problem from apple, you can easily get whatsapp on appstore and text whoever you want, either they have iphone,android or linex but the americans are dumb enough to do that, they would rather blame apple

  46. This is exactly the thing - SMS is objectively outdated and comparatively crappy, but the whole “green messages” comments just scream Apple marketing.

  47. I’m an apple user but I’m constantly trying to switch all my friends and family to Signal because I prefer the interface. It’s one way to make the green bubbles go away lol

  48. Redditors don’t understand nuance or banter. Not saying that these were particularly good icebreakers or anything but generally no one in the real world cares that much about your phone

  49. I don't get the stigma with hating android. Way better hardware and capabilities. But social status symbol go brrrrrrr

  50. Everyone is criticizing this person, but the person is not too wrong. Apple makes it a point that messages between android and iPhone suck, so she's not entirely wrong for disliking the green bubbles. Apple is wrong is pushing this bs

  51. I tend to prefer texting people with iPhones (or on platforms like WhatsApp) because I live in a rural area with ZERO cell service but plenty of wifi, but that’s my only reasoning

  52. That's another of apples shortcomings. They use a method for messaging that isn't the current standard allowing wifi texting. IIRC it's also why apple users videos look like dogshit to everyone else.

  53. just wondering.. what is the difference between Android and iOS in that case? Tbf, I never heard of that here in Germany (where we have loads of villages with bad/no cell service, lol)

  54. I mean I enjoy texting someone with an iPhone because you can do more things but it’s not so much of a deal that I’d even bring it up

  55. Yeah I think people in these comments are missing the point that it’s not that they think it. I think every iPhone user agrees that it’s more seamless and satisfying to text another iPhone. It’s that they actually said it as like a greeting lol

  56. This is an actual red flag. Basing one's character and dating compatibility on what phone brand you have.

  57. Not exactly. I had an Android when I first met my now fiancée (she had iPhone). We’ve texted many times early on and she hasn’t complained, but did briefly mention the negative experience she goes through. Eventually, I find out I’ve been left out of group chats because I was the only Android user among friends and fiancées friends - she still kept me up to date on what’s going on in the group chats by sending me messages separately. It was too much for everyone to bear, it started to make me feel depressed when left out, I love my fiancée for having to deal with it for over a year and half - none of this was their fault, Apple literally induced a negative user experience to its users and there’s nothing that we can do about it. My social well-being became really important and so then I bought an iPhone.

  58. People compare iPhones to having money and androids as poor. Which honestly is hilarious to me. I’ve been an android user for years, but tried out an IPhone on my last upgrade. I’ll be switching back to android on my next upgrade; why would I want to pay $20 for a headphone jack or $100+ for AirPods thag I’ll just lose? It’s a joke.

  59. OP if you look it up this is actually a thing. Android is trying to get Apple to change the color scheme because it causes such a negative user experience reaction in some people.

  60. I’m aware of the stigma I just find it fascinating for someone to care enough, as I’m currently messaging from an iPhone, to verbalize thank god you don’t have an android as your first text lol I just find that so weird

  61. It’s an apple thing I know people who say it, but tbh it is generally easier to chat with read receipts and other iMessage perks

  62. Hahaha I didn't even know this was a thing but I also heard that that's a deal breaker for this person. So dumb

  63. I don’t have a huge problem w people who prefer imessage (as long as they aren’t genuinely judgmental of those with androids), but it’s v weird/unnecessary to point out when most people have it anyway

  64. If someone I met on a dating app commented on the color of my text messages I would 100% block and unmatch, regardless of whether the comment was positive or negative.

  65. As a tech guy, I immediately know it's someone who's gonna try to school me on stuff I do for a living and they know jack shit about, so yeah.

  66. Getting that comment 24/7 when transitioning messaging from tinder to text is why i got an iPhone. I feel guilty about caving to the pressure, but it made me more successful on tinder… which is fucked.

  67. It’s very shallow and elitist. It shows in their character that they care about status and outward appearances, and that they treat those that are different from them like they are less. It’s a very subtle thing but it shows a glimpse into their character

  68. People are so nuts nowadays I ask them if they have Telegram or WhatsApp to talk there wayyyy before I talk to them with iMessage. Telegram is great because I can give them a user name and not my phone number and if it doesn't work out I can delete the chat for both of our devices. Google chat is excellent too, I have a side email I use just for internet stuff and dating apps.

  69. Soo many girls are like that in my experience as an Samsung user. Honestly it's soo cringe. A common first response I used to get once we move chat over to texting is " get an iphone".

  70. Is it really that common to use imessage/sms inthe US? Because over in Europe everybody uses Whatsapp or Telegram? I never ever touched that imessage app even lol

  71. This is a simple fact. The only reason iPhones get a "green message" from an android is because iPhones are still using fucking ancient SMS technology when it comes to sending text messages. It's Samsung and other modern androids that have upgraded to the new system of text messaging, so everytime a dumbass iPhone idiot says "ew green text message" it's literally because their phone still uses ancient technology and hasn't caught up to modern standards yet. That's a simple fact you can Google.

  72. With iMessage, it’s not the color, but several things associated with it. For me it’s mainly the delivered and read receipts. They give me a sort of comfort. Most interactions I have with green texts are also from bots, so green automatically associated with being more robotic (even though it’s obviously not, that’s how my mind associates). Aside from that, there’s several quality of life features like GamePigeon, Apple Pay, Apple store, FaceTime, find my iPhone. All of it ties into compatibility, so I definitely understand and support having a brand preference in a partner~

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