1. For the record to all my short kings 9/10 times it’s all about carrying yourself with confidence. I’ve dated 6ft tall woman that others have told me are drop dead gorgeous and they don’t know how I pulled that.

  2. Still don't get why it is so bad that someone gets rejected for their height. I'm quite short in my country, but I also only date women shorter than me, it is just personal preference.

  3. It’s just an internet thing. I actually told her it’s all good and she said hey you do seem cool though let’s be friends and I said ok.

  4. I’m 5’6” 150lb. Very athletic build. I’ve been called a pig for only wanting to date girls in the under 110 area. I’ve also been rejected for my height. However I understand the difference people have different preferences. I don’t agree with the double standard though. If I can be rejected for being short, then I can reject for being fat.

  5. Yeah but if a girl was an average height of around 5’5 or 5’6, being 110Ibs or less would actually mean she was significantly underweight. The middle of the healthy range of BMI for a woman who is 5,6 would be around 140Ibs. So you’re rejecting a bunch of women who aren’t clinically underweight and implying they’re ‘fat’ 🙃

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