Ian is a bad person.

  1. I've been one to hold my tongue regarding Ian. I think he does a decent job at bringing in bigger picture perspectives. However, he has been rather frustrating throughout his tenure by going off on weird semantic arguments, his brain-fried interpretation of words, etc. He speaks with such candor that it is probably easy for someone to believe him about the etymology of various words, as he likes to do. However, anyone with a halfway-decent education will be able to stop and call shenanigans on his etymological arguments. Like last night's cockerel vs. cochrel argument. No, Ian, cockerel is a very common word that has been in usage in the English language for hundreds of years and bears no resemblance to "coch" as in the cochlear nerve (never for hearing).

  2. Big dick move and on his last night to. I caught what he was getting at right away before Seamus called him out because of the conversation about the 9am bud light in the limo a few nights before.

  3. Ian is a perfect example of why we are in the mess we are in with society. All emotions, and blinders on, full of ignorance and amoral standard of living.

  4. I agree. I have hung out with the timcast crew, including ian. Ian is a super cool dude. The first time I met him he hugged me. Very cool guy.

  5. It seems to me he had issues as a child, and those who he felt wronged him he never got over, so he holds resentment for those with similar attributes and cannot separate the individuals from the group.

  6. How in the hell has he not had Adam on as a guest? I don't think the separation was as amicable as they claim.

  7. I hate how he opposes life. That's why I'd agree he is a bad person. You might be okay with abortion, but acting like there is NO counter position, like the child is simply an irrelevant clump of cells is heartless.

  8. Yeah and last night go so far as to argue that it was okay to kill the baby as long as it hadn't been born yet. Even if it was at 9 months.

  9. Most of today's political voices fail to zoom out on Christianity. It's at a low point in many areas now but it's not going anywhere for the long term.

  10. The conflation of legal and morally right, or illegal and morally wrong, is among the stupidest of logical fallacies. I get why Tim has a liberal on the show, but really, Tim… get someone with a brain please? Joe Biden might even be a better candidate when it comes to some episodes. Still baffles me that he swapped out Adam for Ian.

  11. The problem with Ian is that he's an idiot that doesn't know he's an idiot AND he's also an NPC with no morals. He's the exact kind of leftist yes-man that the system relies on to perpetuate itself. Because he's an idiot with no morals, he doesn't even realize how hateful he is towards these strawmen that he builds with his limited understanding and perspective of the world. To himself, he's perfectly content being that stupid and is always going to be stuck in that mode because he's incapable of learning, growing, or changing.

  12. I had the same reaction to this episode and that part that made it click for me is when they brought up that Ian has made comments generalizing his dislike for Christians even though he has had numerous exchanges with guests and has never been insulted or wronged by a single one of them. He justifies his position by the way he was treated by KIDS when he was young which has everything to do with bullying and nothing to do with Christianity. He completely misses the point of the symbology of the Eucharist and the wine, and I really think it’s because he really has no faith in anything. He has no foundation to stand on, so he has to default to law or legality which is a concept created by man. His reaction last night really made me lose a lot of respect for him simply because he was pointing out strictly the physical or literal interpretation of Christianity’s concepts and never once considered it’s metaphysical representation.

  13. Playing devil's advocate here, but one could argue God/religion is man made, if one does not believe in it, which is why it seems to me he favors the legality of it all since in his mind they're all man made creations.

  14. I cut the episode off when they started getting into it. Ian is a huge distraction from the guests they have on. He’ll go off on while goose chases about word and language entomology and the guests don’t contribute anything for 30 minutes because Tim is trying to prove him wrong. Tim had to learn to ignore Ism so that he gets back to why the guest is there.

  15. Yes Ian doesn't just parrot along but he doesn't add anything to the conversation either he argues for the sake of arguing not to understand the other side and too often just derails the conversation

  16. Like when he spends 20 minutes arguing that someone is wrong about something because the textbook definition of one of the words they used doesn't line up with what they were saying. When anyone with half a brain knows that isn't how they were using the word. He just likes to argue.

  17. It’s not a coincidence that the week Ian was gone was some of their best episodes. People say he adds something, but I don’t see it. Ignorance, hate, and NPCism isn’t “adding to the show”

  18. I agree. Best case when he is on, he doesn't derail the conversation with a stupid semantic argument. But by far the best episodes are when he isn't on.

  19. He adds nothing. The few times he makes a decent point he more stumbles upon it rather than thinking critically and arriving at an educated conclusion. I always watch the clips the next day just so I can fast forward through his retardation. He's a post-modernist moron that interrupts good conversation and distracts from points being made in the discussion.

  20. I feel Ian would be ok to hang out with at a skate park or anywhere where talking isn’t one of the primary things happening, but I couldn’t imagine getting high or drunk with him in a hang out and bullshit session

  21. They can find a better person to deliver a more left-wing or every man perspective. Ian is just a post-modernist drug burnout.

  22. agreed, Every podcast needs a wild card ( maybe besides Rogan ) IMO if Ian wasn't on the show it'd become one of those political talk show my dad would listen to back in the day and I'd do anything to turn that shit off or throw myself out of the car.

  23. Let's be honest, we're already in an echo-chamber, Ian does, if anything, very little against that. That's not against him, he just has less talking time and thus less power than Tim, or the guests.

  24. People like Ian are the reasoning behind sayings like, "Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society..." Which basically translates as "I'm incapable of behaving in a civilized manner on my own among my peers unless we are all oppressed into being subjugated by an authority."

  25. I started listening to irl at work after Ian's nonsense and I barely make it 5 minutes in before I stopped listening. I'm going to give irl a break until Ian's gone

  26. Another thing that bugs me about Ian tonight as well is he brought up last nights argument without shamus there to defend himself and just started calling Christianity as a cult and made more bad faith points about what Christian’s believe. Fuck Ian for talking about shit he knows nothing about.

  27. I started watching tonight show but when it got to that point it was pissing me off so I just turned it off.

  28. If someone is constantly proven wrong about topics that are often discussed and fails to educate themselves in that topic and think critically about what it means, they're stupid. He's an educated idiot. Having information, but lacking the ability to understand it is the definition of stupid. He's a post-modernist that lives to use words he doesn't understand to sound intelligent, but that strategy falls flat when dealing with actual intelligent people.

  29. That's a tough one. On one hand it is definitely good for the person breaking the immigration law and their family but it is bad for the country that they are sneaking into. It's kind of like stealing food to feed your family. The act is wrong but you are doing it for a good reason. But at the same time we can't just allow everyone to steal or come into a country illegally or the entire system collapses.

  30. No one is entitled to a better life. Being an American citizen is not something you get by virtue of breathing. If your life sucks, I'm sorry, go through the process like everyone else. It'd immoral to profit off the work of others and not contribute. Illegal immigrants cut in line and then benefit immediately with all the programs blue states give them. While people trying to become citizens the right way have to wait years.

  31. If anybody ruined the show it was Seamus the show went from a libertarian everyone should be able to own McNukes to constant shilling for a dying church... Luke and Tim was a good show Seamus has just made it extremly boring. At least Ian brings some drama every once in a while.

  32. I think they have him involved just so it doesn't become an echo chamber. He represents the thoughts of certain groups of people and Tim can easily make a fool of him

  33. Ian is basically every Californian. He sheds light on the off color mindset. It’s not that he’s bad, he just wasn’t taught the realities of the world. Not that anyone on the show has a proper grasp, but that’s life. We’re all here to learn.

  34. Ian is an idiot and is put on the show to be an idiot. His sole purpose is to make Tim look centered, rational and smart- that’s it. It works because on some level people listen just to hear what stupid thing he will say today because Tim alone can’t carry the show with him just repeating himself endlessly. My wife and I take a long drive every other weekend and stopped listening to the show. Every single episode feels like a rerun because he will get stuck on a set of phrases for months. Does anyone remember the solid year of “strong men make good times…”? I stopped listening period, Tim is a broken record, Ian is an idiot and nobody worth listening to stays on the show that long. I may tune back in if Luke comes back. His uncensored show is hilariously bad.

  35. If he had any balls he'd attack Islam. When people attack religion they always go after Jews and Christians because they know there will be no repercussions.

  36. Ian is the representative of the average viewer.... He asks the dumb questions. Thats an important role as the average viewer has dumb questions that otherwise would be unanswered.

  37. It can be quite frustrating to listen to him, but I guess he's a friend they can converse with and will bring up a valid point every once in a while.

  38. Adam was a friend too and they kicked him off the show for disagreeing with Tim too much. Adam's arguments at least made sense.

  39. I’d say that your points about him are actually arguments for Ian to be on the show. Don’t want an echo chamber, though I do go back & forth between thinking he’s a necessity to the show or he needs to leave.

  40. There is a difference between there being someone with a dissenting opinion and someone that completely derails the show every time he opens his mouth and makes no sense whatsoever when he argues.

  41. You had me up until the “he’s the type of guy to participate in the holocaust” comment, because the vast majority of people on this app would have done the exact same thing back then if they were German nationalists who believed in Hitler. Kinda like how so many Americans are still humping Trumps leg. They BELIEVE in it, even though those exact same people 10 years ago probably would have swore they would never commit an INSURRECTION against the system they “trust”.

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