4 easy ways to be more eco-friendly

  1. And the few who don't will get a monopoly on oil extraction which basically means that not only thing won't change but they will also get more expensive.

  2. Shes doing a parody of videos about eco friendly tips that are practically useless when corporation's dont do anything themselves.

  3. "somehow they've managed to live 10000 years without triggering a mass extinction event" same as every other group of people on the planet

  4. The first people to arrive in the Americas did contribute to the extinction of most megafauna species like the mammoth.

  5. Yeah, first two points are great (with the point correctly being that we do not need individual action from people or leading by example - instead we need to strike at the systems), third is fine but really we have options like heavy regulation and making economy serve the people not people serve the economy, but the last one is just nonsense - indigenous people are human beings like any other not some noble naturalists (redistribution of land is a separate matter - in general, I recommend

  6. Idk about America but at least here in Australia this has some weight. Our indigenous population have cared for this land for generations and have valuable knowledge to share. They performed controlled burns to prevent bushfires for hundreds of years, that we now use annually to save lives. Scientists suspected an ancient volcanic eruption in the middle of Aus based on geological evidence but couldn't quite get the details down. The local indigenous population was like "oh yeah we've always known about that, it's a story we've told for generations".

  7. In the first half she addressed the cause, in the second she gave a solution. I'd be glad to hear about your objections on socialism in case you have an understanding of it.

  8. Abolish animal Agriculture. Animal ag emits more carbon than all of the transportation sector combined. Biggest cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss and the most grossly and obviously unethical. But no one wants to talk about that

  9. I love how some people think we only extract oil for only powering our homes and cars but oil has much more important uses like : creating medicine , create plastic , important chemical mixtures and ...

  10. So what? That is not an argument to continue manufacturing cars or to extract and burn more oil. What you said about the medicine is obvious and should not even be discussed.

  11. No they did not. It was raised alot. But that was because they became industrialized countries. America is already a industrialized country with more than enough industry for everyone to live comfortably and can afford to cut back on emissions if it means no more profit.

  12. Land back doesn't mean that every white person has to go back to Europe. It just means that you're giving the natives back their right to self determination, their right to govern the land.

  13. Most land back people I’ve heard just want to have the treaties honored. It wouldn’t be a huge shift lol

  14. From her $1000 phone, designed by a company that could care less about the destruction it's doing to the earth, assembled with child labor. Sure Karen...

  15. -voting for representatives who will support common sense environmental policies -educating people about how individuals can't do much, but regulating fossil fuel industries can.

  16. You lazy fucks couldn’t organize a fucking birthday party let alone a communist revolution in America, the country where property rights are more sacred than anywhere else on the planet.

  17. So you're saying the entire oil industry has a larger footprint than one specific product made from one of its byproducts, the plastic straw?

  18. Do you think capitalism is any better? if you actually do research about communism, you could see how it will be better for the planet, the people and many other things, but I’m guessing you won’t and you will get pissed I said all this

  19. Does everyone on this sub not understand satire? This was clearly a (sad) attempt at comedy. Yes these 4 simple solutions are ridiculous because, well we’re globally FUBAR at this point and far beyond any simple solutions. Why are so many focused on the indigenous people thing? None of these things are remotely plausible

  20. You miss understood the joke. Her joke is "here are 4 actual things we should do but require more than individual effort to accomplish" not "here are 4 jokey things we should do"

  21. I’m gonna do my part and execute my landlord for climate change. Classic solution. No idea why we never thought of this…?

  22. Also indigenous people didn't own this land as they did not believe you could own land. And they were killing each other for territory long before the white man came and started doing it to them. Not to mention if you want that so bad give your house or apartment to an indigenous person. And then go fight every other country in the world to have them trade back there lands to who the took it from. Most of China belongs to Mongolians. Most of Europe belongs to Germany as they were once known as the gulls and had thier land taken by the Roman's. And I could go on with almost every country in the world.

  23. “Give indigenous people their land back” literally can’t happen, millions of people lived where they once lived, and most indigenous peoples mixed with colonizing populations and no longer exist as a seperate group. If you introduce them to the conveniences of modern technology they won’t want to revert back to their old practices anyways. As for the abolish capitalism lmfao your fucking stupid, no don’t do that, that would be very very bad for a million different reasons.

  24. Figure it out all that oil is coming out of the ground and it is going to be utilized do you want it used over here where we have emissions standards or shipped to Asia were any thing goes because it will be extracted refined and consumed the only variable is where.

  25. there is nothing inherently progressive about communism. workers in non-renewable sectors probably wouldn't want to vote their jobs out of existence.

  26. Somebody doesn't understand world economics and the effects a world market crash would have if we implemented some of these. Totally down for market caps on the percentage of profits a company and its top management can earn though

  27. Feel like this misses the mark. If we just get rid of the profit motive from capitalism, climate change will be solved? No we'll still need energy, capitalism or not. This is only going to be solved if we phase out fossil fuels for alternative energy sources, that's pretty much it.

  28. What do you think is charges your electric cars fossil fuels coal plants nuclear plants and hydroelectric so there so shut the hell up

  29. Says the girl who's on probably an iPhone, which is made in China and on tictok, a Chinese company... this girl seems to support communism to me

  30. I'll get downvoted to hell for this. You don't win any new people to your cause by stating solutions that make you, the viewer, seem like a total idiot for not thinking about it. "Oh yeah sure let me just turn off all the current means of sustaining electricity for a functioning society. It's so simple!" Also, the people that suggest riots and wars are the first to get killed on the front line because they watch too many movies. State the problem, state a reasonable peaceful solution or otherwise you sound like a dick.

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