Why pole dancers aren't fully clothed

  1. Having to explain to people the bruises in odd places were from pole and not my partner 😬 especially the inner thigh ones!

  2. Also one reason why you don't apply anything greasy on the skin before using the bar (otherwise the next person will resent you)

  3. I've seen comments like that when I see hoop dance videos (doing tricks with hula hoops, flow arts). Reddit doesn't understand that fabric can't grip onto plastic, so there's always someone in the comments saying something along the lines of "this is cool but why do these girls insist on being half naked". Props have the best friction to skin. Plus with that and pole dancing, it's a really physical activity. It can get hot pretty quickly.

  4. Too many girls injure themselves by wearing pants when doing a pole dance. Its kinda funny to see it but yeah. I rather not see them hurt themselves

  5. It's completely natural for this to be needed explaining, since it's something every pole dancer does and without trying it you wouldn't understand.

  6. Seeing a lot of "strippers and pole dancers aren't rhe same comments" and wanted to just throw out there that all strippers are also pole dancers. And pole dance as a sport and art wouldn't be a thing if it were not for strippers. It's important to acknowledge that when using this defense (I used to as well) because it projects that being a stripper is wrong (adults can choose to make income in anyway they choose that does not directly harm others) and tries to wash away the origin of the sport.

  7. Man that is impressive. Anybody who disses dancers should really reevaluate their biases. Very talented people that deserve more respect

  8. I’ve had past partners or friends try a few moves on my pole when they make those comments. That tends to shut them up. I’ve even had someone who was an expert in parkour try an invert and even he was like “oh shit that’s not easy”.

  9. I gotta give her props for the dedication to the bit. Those falls can't have been much fun, even though she was expecting them.

  10. It’s only for safety reasons. I would get a lot more tips if I could wear my sweatpants.

  11. some of you are so fucking sexist and dumb pole dancers are not the same as strippers POLE DANCING IS A SPORT maybe think before you say shit like “men won’t pay to see dancers fully clothed they only want strippers” mf if you go to a fucking ballet thing they aren’t naked or stripping. here’s a few links for you who don’t believe it’s a sport ❤️

  12. The funniest part to me is that pole dancers have a ton of respect for strippers in general and will admit there's no way they could dance for a full shift in a club. It takes so much core control and raw strength to be able to do this stuff.

  13. Pole dancing is a sport but it was made by and for strippers. It is definitely a sexual performance. Trying to desexualize pole by separating it from strippers is just putting down strippers. Instead we should be saying that yes pole is often sexual and that's FINE. And just because something is sexual doesn't mean you are allowed to make unsolicited comments about what you want to see someone wearing. Support strippers by including them when you defend pole dancers.

  14. friction and gravity (if ur skin is sticky like tape or something please seek medical assistance)

  15. actually it’s a type of sport dumbass check your self before you comment shit you don’t know ❤️

  16. Yes. Good summary of the long and many faceted evolution of the noble art of pole dancing. In the beginning our fully clothed ancestors utilized their pelts and skins on the rough barks of trees. As the art and sport progressed and we started using metal poles more friction was needed and eventually leather made way to direct skin contact. This inspired erotic dancers and that’s how the poles ended up in strip clubs. Really fascinating /s

  17. I learned 2 things from replying to this thread/in this sub: The /s is not known by all. People take pole dancing (and perhaps themselves) very seriously. Oh well…

  18. what the f are you even trying to imply. she proved over and over again that the sport literally doesnt work unless you rely on bare skin to stick to the pole. what could possibly be more of a reason than just doing the pole dancing poses correctly?

  19. Ya I do pole dancing as a hobby to stay in shape and people say I sexualize myself when I'm trying not to snap my fucking neck

  20. This is such a good educational video, I learned a lot. I'm going to watch it again for research and for the sake of thoroughness.

  21. There is something just absurdly funny about the sound she makes when she slams on the ground just “thump” and she’s clearly having a hard time keeping a straight face

  22. Yeah so I train at an aerial studio, you know how many work at a club? Zero. Why? They do it for fun and self satisfaction. Pole is a legitimate sport. Look up the world championships FFS.

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