A tale of two flags

  1. "Famous whaling town." Hudson is 80 miles from the ocean; what exactly have you guys been harpooning up there?

  2. Albany used to be the important NY city so they would drag the whales up the Hudson and do whale town stuff along the way

  3. Turns out they were harpooning whales. There’s a bunch of stuff if you Google “Hudson NY whaling.”

  4. I was wondering about that too, but apparently it was founded by people from Nantucket, Providence, and the Vineyard and they turned it into a fairly major port back in the day. I guess they used to process whale oil too

  5. Coming from the boroughs of NYC, it does feel like a totally different world going upstate. POC do tend to feel uneasy in some areas, so places like Hudson or Beacon feel like a nice break.

  6. Beacon literally has one of the largest prisons in the state right next to it’s high school. Main Street has only changed because of the influence of NYC escapees moving up there during the pandemic when they thought they’d be working from home forever. Now most of them want out because the taxes have skyrocketed. Outside of Main Street and the waterfront Beacon is an overpriced dump.

  7. Upstate still has a lot of progressive areas but growing up as a liberal ass animal loving country boy wasn't always fun

  8. I think people forget that NY is a pretty big state of mostly rural areas. I live in Westchester now (lived in the city for a few years) and there are places not too far from me where it’s common to see the confederate flag, anti-most things signs and stuff

  9. There are worse flags upstate. Was up in that area this summer and there were a tonnnn of “let’s go Brandon” flags. I agree, seeing a pride flag was a good indicator of a nice neighborhood.

  10. Let's go Brandon doesn't make me nearly as uncomfortable as the thin blue line stuff for some reason, even though there's a whole lot of overlap there obviously.

  11. Why does "Let's go Brandon" make you more uncomfortable than a Blue Lives Matter flag? Is your identity really so inextricably tied to someone who is

  12. I fly an American flag on my porch 24/7, 365, less any inclement weather. It’s very sad that a group of people have bastardized that flag and attempted to make it stand for something completely incorrect.

  13. I’m curious what you think of the blue lives flag. The American flag with the blue line as one of the stripes. My neighbor flies one. Gives me the creeps.

  14. I’m with you. I’m a veteran from a long line of veterans, a safety service worker, a Patriot, and a liberal living in Trumpville. I feel as if I fly my flag, I am virtue signaling to my MAGAt neighbors that I’m one of them. I certainly don’t want any confusion. I’m not sure what to do, but as of now, I’m not flying my beloved flag like I used to.

  15. I understand your feelings and won't tell you otherwise, but my whole life honestly I've thought that people flying the national flag at their house were weirdos. As I got older I felt more unsafe around them. And now certainly I feel they will violently attack me.

  16. My roommates and I have an American Flag flying outside our house all year as well, and we are the most tolerant, chill, happy and proud Americans. It's a shame that the Far-right and hateful groups have hijacked the American flag as their symbol. Being a proud American and being a bigot isn't mutually exclusive. Some may say Germany is a perfect example.

  17. Flags in general signal (to me) an unhealthy association. Think of the homes with college football teams flags. This is XYZ country.

  18. Amen. My flag is righteous and correct, no apologies. I understand the point but, the broad brush strokes on this thread are hypocritical. Perhaps we can return to a time where Americans appreciated the American flag…

  19. I live in a very pro-Trump NY county and all Trump flags are gone. It was strange as they've been up for years and are now gone. The only sign I saw was an old faded Trump-Pence painted sign. Maybe someone should tell them.

  20. As a brown southerner the flags people fly matter. American flags, confederate flags, MAGA flags, Gadsden Flags and certain others, I look out for and know not to go in that direction.

  21. Wait why does the American flag creep people out for me it’s the losers flag that creeps me out. Plus any flag for a specific candidate.

  22. I have a particular street near me that I have to drive down to get to work and about every 6 months someone lines the entire street with American flags every 20 feet or so. There's at least 50 Flags and they're not the small cheap ones. They're somewhere around 3'x5' and the pole stands 8 ft tall. It makes me uncomfortable every time they go up because it means there's someone around willing to press their opinion so hard they are willing to spend money, time, and trespass on other peoples property to voice their opinion. People with the need to push their beliefs onto others tend to be more extreme and dangerous. Im not even black or LBTQIA+ and it feels creepy and dangerous.

  23. It's not just the American flag, I've always thought people who have flags on their walls at home or anywhere but a flagpole, to be of the crazy kind.

  24. Most countries don't have people flying their national flag around. It's a hugely nationalistic thing to do, and nationalism usually runs parallel to lots of bad things. Most people who are flying the flag, especially today, are proud of this country. If you're proud of this country, especially today, you're probably not the kind of person minorities feel safe around.

  25. It's not just the American flag, but whatever the national flag is in a lot of Western countries right now. A lot of us are experiencing a more dramatic shift towards either end of the political spectrum as problems get bigger and more urgent, and we get more disagreement on how or even if they should be dealt with.

  26. I think it's just as much to do with the "Blue Lives Matter" flags that were mixed in among the regular USA flags. I can see how a black man would start to feel uneasy in an environment that shows unwavering support for a police force that's known for regularly killing unarmed minorities... And is rarely held accountable for said killings.

  27. In my town there are these two people who live about a block away from each other one has a ton of pride and Ukraine flags and the other has blue lives matter and a "fuck biden" flag on it

  28. I concur with his feelings, and I even worked alongside the police for over eight years. Due to civil unrest I have come to associate the blue lives matter sticker with white supremacy. Not so much with the firefighter lives matter sticker, but no one says f- the firefighters.

  29. This has infiltrated Canada as well. Last year we had the “freedom convoy”. It started as truckers protesting vaccine mandates to cross the border to the states (a useless protest because Canada has no say over America’s policies). Other Protest was then joined by all the crazy right wingers of Canada. They would drive around with Canadian flag waving from their cars. It has gotten to the point that now when I see a Canadian flag, I don’t feel pride. I feel shame. Because these days the person flying it is likely a racist, selfish, idiotic narcissist. I agree wholeheartedly though, even as a straight person, if I am somewhere with a lot of pride flags I know it is safe. It means people are tolerant and educated.

  30. Moved from a blue state to NC last week. Trying to get used to all the flags even though I’m now living in a blue county. But, just met our new flag waving neighbors and we immediately felt a nice kinship with them. We aim to be good neighbors. Looks like they feel the same. Common ground.

  31. Consider yourself lucky if that’s not your reaction when you see the idiotic thin blue skin, I mean line flag, and the American flag. It’s a subtlety some of you will never quite understand. Those people are sending a very particular message to select groups that you’re probably not part of.

  32. Upstate NY is RIFE with racism. I felt much the same whenever I travel up there. Honestly if it weren't for the great hiking spots I'd just avoid it entirely. I'm also not gay but I feel a lot more at ease among the queer community. just the fact that they made space for them usually means there's a place for me too.

  33. Remember that The Netherlands are under American protection. I doubt you'd fare very well in an attack if not for the "symbol of hate and fear", like in WWII.

  34. It just pisses me off that when I see an American flag flown in front of a house my first thought is "probably racist". I want it back. I want red hats back. I want to claw every square inch of what those fuckers took. I don't want them to have anything nice if they're denying rights to any American citizen or non-citizen. NO, you don't get this because you're an asshole and on a cultural time out.

  35. I own a red jeep. I used to keep a red (converse) hat in it for when I took the top off. Until I started getting those “looks” in places like the grocery store. Like, bruh. I hate wearing blue. Why you gotta ruin red for me, Drumpfy!

  36. I live in a rural KY town. Plenty of nice ppl here with their american flags, but theres plenty of shitty hate filled racist anti-lgbtq ppl too. I know it would probably give my elderly grandparents heartattacks (maybe not..they are conservative but wish hate on nobody), but I want a LGBTQ flag and sign that says "youre safe here". Just because I want to help bring comfort to my fellow LGBTQ ppl.

  37. I'm glad you feel safe, but that is not upstate NY. I grew up near Syracuse, went to college in Potsdam (30 min. from Canada). I hope it is better than when I was there, 30 years ago. I miss NY

  38. As an Australian the American flag also makes me uncomfortable. Especially when some idiot has it emblazoned across their rear window

  39. This is sad. Just furthering the divide caused by the mainstream. I live in a rural area in the eastside of WA. It's mostly farm land. Most people are Republicans. It's the number one producer of apples, blueberries, hops, pears, spearmint oil and sweet cherries in the country. These people are good, honest and hard working. They aren't remotely racist or bigots. Many of them will live in the same home their entire life. If you have a discussion with them, their arguments about government and taxes are logical. Thanks to them we all get to put food on the table.

  40. I live in one of the Whitest major cities in the USA and I see Pride and BLM flags everywhere. My city is super liberal being on the West Coast. Most major cities tend to be very liberal since they benefit from having a very integrated and diverse population. However travel 20 miles in any direction and you'll be greeted with an abundance of American and Thin Blue Line flags. That's the case with almost anywhere else in the USA.

  41. The "thin blue line" flag was ALWAYS known to black people as such though. The police have NEVER been a positive influence on black communities, rich or poor. Anytime I've ever seen that flag in the last 8 years it was flown by the police or cop apologists, neither of which bear me any goodwill.

  42. The Nazi flag has never been a symbol of peace. Perhaps you are just talking about the swastika symbol, but anything on a Nazi flag is no longer peaceful. They could use an actual literal peace sign on a Nazi flag, that doesn't mean they are peaceful.

  43. I bet if he actually talked to people instead of just assuming things, he would find most people are very nice and don’t give a shit about your skin color or sexual preference

  44. The point is how the flags themselves make him feel. Are you black, LGBTQIA etc...? If not, it makes sense that you probably don't understand.

  45. If that was the case though we would not see voting as close as it is the in the states. We know gay rights are on the Supreme Court ballot, we see southern red states implement voting laws that greatly target minority and poc and we know there is a huge systematic racism issue in the country.

  46. Yeah...sorry. I grew up in a place like that. The casual racism, homophobia, transphobia, general bigotry...those are not baseless assumptions. People are only "nice" if you stay in your box and behave in a way that doesn't challenge them in any way, shape, or form 100% of the time.

  47. IMO Windfall Farms in Montgomery NY was probably the most chill people I ever met. Most people that run produce farms I’ve noticed have a natural love towards the earth and all peoples of it.

  48. Was a huge Smallville fan when I was a kid so when I heard that the actors who played Clark and Lex were doing a rewatch podcast, I immediately subscribed. On one ep they had the actor who played Jon Kent on. Everything was cool and then something came up and he was said something like, as you guys know I’m a diehard patriot. I immediately sighed and figured he was an asshole

  49. Speaking as a person who isn't straight, plenty of people do care. I don't know why. It doesn't make sense to me. But they absolutely do.

  50. The American flag is everyone’s flag. It shouldn’t make you feel uneasy. Those pride flag only hang because the American flag hangs too.

  51. I don't get the point of this video. It could be summed up in a single sentence: I feel more comfortable around pride flags. It doesn't introduce any new information, but he makes it seem like he's making a big point? It's giving my brain a syntax error

  52. If he was smart he would see the second flag and then understand the first flag better…but nope…just shade on the greatest country on earth ✌🏼

  53. How does the pride flag make someone understand the America flag better and/or put the America flag in a better light

  54. Yeah, he should go out into the real world, where black men are disproportionately killed by police. That'll make him feel better about a "blue lives matter" flag

  55. That’s because you are trained by the media to be scared of them. The majority of my community would back blue lives matter over blm and they are good people. The media has us so trained to demonize each other. It’s so ridiculous that we as a society don’t think about the merits of each others ideas we just straight jump to stereotyping each other. I’m sure when you see a blue lives matter flag you think you are surrounded by bigots who are going to put a mob together and lynch you.

  56. “Blue lives matter” was made as in direct opposition to black people demanding that extralegal killings by police stop happening. So yeah it kinda does invoke ideas of lynching

  57. So for me, it wasn't so much the media that made me think this as the right-wing extremists that protested my hospital and attacked people in the streets while waving the American and blue lives matter flags. So fuck your "good people" line. And please don't follow it up with "not everyone with these flags..." You all know the message you are sending, at whom you are directing it, and why you are sending it.

  58. the other people are probably also nice just politically delusional sometimes however feeling anxious because of the flag means the media rly did a number on you

  59. he isn't wearing a mask and probably hasn't got his 6th booster. He is a denier I can tell by looking at him and I live in France

  60. My parents fly an American Flag cause we live in America lol. I fly one cause I enlisted and served. I have no idea why someone would be scared shitless of me or make immediate assumptions of me because of an inanimate object?

  61. To me the American flag stands for sacrifices made for my freedoms and the blue lives flag stands for my thankfulness for my safety. It’s disappointing to see that people’s narrow view of a small percentage of outliers gives way to discrimination against anyone who would fly them.

  62. So you feel safer after seeing a flag, that's associated with the one group who bitches, whines, moans, and yells at everyone who doesn't automatically agree with them? 🤨

  63. Why would the American flag and blue lives matter flag freak u out? You didn’t even talk to anybody in that area and yet they freaked you out lol. Our country is getting so fucking soft when they can’t even communicate with people

  64. Go a little further north and that ends quickly. Most of the actual state of NY is deep red. Confederate flags, Trump flags, fuck Biden flags, you name it.

  65. Isnt this dude just saying he associates people who agree with him politically as nice? That's the Main problem in this country, politics isn't everything.

  66. American flags don’t make me uneasy, we live in America that’s completely normal. Blue lives flags are whatever as long it’s not confederate doesn’t bother me.

  67. He’s not gay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. I think if this guy talked to a few people with American flags and blue stripe flags he’d see they’re on the same side. Blue stripe flag means support for law enforcement just like rainbow flag means support for gay community. Neither are “hate” symbols.

  69. Have you ever even met them before? Some of them are absolutely terrifying..... but that might just be the ones in Palestine texas one of the women I met was so butch and loud and aggressive she always seemed poised to attack and she decided to take care of her mother and she spent her mom's medicine money on booze and wondered why her mom died a month later (never went and got her mom's medicine she needed)

  70. It is sad, but true. The pride flag is synonymous with love and seeing it always makes me feel calm and cared about. Whereas, the American flag makes me immediately concerned as those who fly that flag often have guns and or violent tendencies against those they deem less than or different. It’s sucks that they’ve co-opted an entire country’s symbol of existence. However, America is coming to be known as an intolerant, bigoted, fascist state. And that’s what the American flag represents these days. Yet, you go anywhere in the world and the pride flag always means the same thing - love and acceptance. Sure would be nice to think that way of a country, too. Pipe dreams.

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