Imagine being this insecure

  1. FR. The constant fidgeting along with the weird quiet voice shows she’s super uncomfortable doing this video. If you’re not actually comfortable or happy with these bizarre, controlling, likely-abusive rules, don’t try to brag about them

  2. Girls with extensions do this all the time because they’re self conscious and not used to how they feel. You can see her real hair is above her shoulders.

  3. I had a cousin like this, some folks can be homeschooled until 18, go to a Christian college, get married, and then work for their family business.

  4. Sadly, it’s usually one person that imposes it on the other. I (M,25) had an ex-boyfriend (M,32) that constantly berated and questioned me for hanging out with my male friends, unless of course he was “sure” they were straight. It’s easy to become conditioned and hard to identify these toxic behaviors if you hadn’t been exposed to them before.

  5. I'd bet that these rules were initiated by 1 or the other in the relationship. Sad part is that with boundaries like this, if they stay together, someone is going to end up cheating.

  6. I made the sacrifice and went through her TikTok. Looks like they both agreed to it and have the support of their friends. Regardless, boundaries like this are pretty much guaranteed to damn a relationship. You can pick your professors, but what about your boss? How are you gonna control that? Just seems like wild insecurity matched with trust issues that will break down the relationship eventually.

  7. Insanity, insecurity, unresolved issues. This is absolutely not normal and she needs to seek help from a professional.

  8. Honestly I think its a whole 'thing'. I know some really evangelical types and I think I remember them referring to it as 'guardrails' but you could probably google Christian relationship guardrails or something, its like a whole curriculum. But basically its the Mike Pence shit like you cant be alone with a woman , the things she is talking about it kind of extreme but it is for sure a thing. I remember someone mentioning they can't ride in a car with a person of the opposite sex alone.I was like wait - so if your married co-worker or or boss was like 'hey lets ride over to this meeting this afternoon' - you would say 'nah I cant ride with a male' ? Yep.Imagine how that would make someone else feel , ya know? Like , 'lady im not trying to take you for drinks, i just need wanted to ride with a co-worker of 4 years ... ass hole' lol

  9. I was with a girl like this in high school. She pretty much alienated me from all of my friends and killed my self esteem. I couldn’t talk to other girls, sit near them, acknowledge their existence, she would say she hated my friends and that they didn’t like her even though they never even talked about her. She would attempt get physical with me. Guilt trip me. Pretty much narcissistic behavior. Thankfully by senior year I had wised up and when we broke up again for the millionth time, I just decided to be done and slowly just stopped talking to her. Best decision I ever made.

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  11. I know you are joking but one of them is definitely going to cheat. Then they would still be together and talk about God testing their strength and resolve and how they were tempted and influenced by another sinner.

  12. The little cross necklace really checks out for this scenario. Married too young & completely insecure in your relationship? Sounds about right for hyper-Evangelists.

  13. Constantly using the word boundaries is also a major tell. Definitely going to a Christian college, likely an Assemblies of God one too.

  14. Either this is an attempt at satire or one of these two is going on the bender of the millennium once their inevitable divorce happens.

  15. It's satire, go to her second video and look at the comments. Someone even said it could be an SNL skit, creator liked the comment.

  16. 100% satire. I don’t doubt that people this nuts exist but this is a gag. Especially because if she was that religious she wouldn’t have tattoos at 19(20?) according to her tik tok. Also if she was this open I guarantee there would be pics or videos of the wedding on her page.

  17. Nah it's totally doable, my wife and I operate by a very similar set of rules. My wife's girlfriend is very supportive of it too.

  18. I feel really bad for both of them. This screams religious indoctrination and lack of confidence in their own choices. I hope they both are able to figure out they are being insane. Cause this is NOT sustainable in the work force. You can't just decide you aren't speaking to whole genders or working shifts with only men/women in them.

  19. In another video she explained why they got married. Reasons included so they could live off campus, so she didn't have to wear full length dresses to class, and so they could hold hands.

  20. The account is a satire account. She is just really, really good at it, as evidenced by the comments in this thread

  21. Complete satire, all of her videos are obviously satire. So annoying that people don’t check the profile before stating it’s real.

  22. It’s blowing my mind that multiple Redditors are saying they went through her entire account and STILL think the videos are serious. How can you watch all the videos and not realize she’s fucking around?

  23. I think its satire. . Most people who live like this (southern baptists) dont get tattoos. This type of crazy is so common inside that religion, and so rare outside it.. but anything is possible.

  24. Basically she says that her and her husband are both college students and the rules they have set for each other/themselves is: they aren't allowed to sit next to the opposite sex in class, they aren't allowed to reply to the opposite sex on discussion boards, they try to avoid having professors of the opposite sex, and they say that they're married during every class introduction so no one "tries to cross any boundaries".

  25. You got your explanation, but I just want to say your comment made me laugh my ass off, I had no idea reading it would be so relatable 😭

  26. Her whole account is like this lol they’re hardcore evangelicals. I do wonder if this is mostly one sided or if they’re actually both crazy

  27. I can imagine people like this, it's her posting it online like it's not crazy that makes it seem fake to me. Which I don't even think it is fake, my brain just can't comprehend this thinking.

  28. I wish stuff like this was a joke but damn, my ex was just like this. She was always watching my eyes to see who or what I might be seeing, I had to always check in with her to see if a tv show or movie was ok to watch just incase it had anything in it that might “arouse me for another woman”, I wasn’t allowed to sit next to female coworkers, etc etc. I would even have to give over my phone regularly and she’d go through my Instagram or whatever to make sure I wasn’t messaging other women, or following them. She was an evangelical, and thankfully a few friends woke me up from how controlling it was and I left. It’s been a few years now, and I just saw that she found another guy and got married, and all I can think of is how this man probably has 0 life, and sits in whatever prison she’s crafted for him.

  29. 5 years down the road they’ve both left the church and are in happy gay relationships. Turns out the same sex only rule is how they start their journey to becoming their true selves

  30. Married while in college, honestly if this is the shit they’re up to at this early stage of their relationship it will absolutely not last past leaving college. This is just fucking unhealthy all round. Idk if religion plays any part in this madness, that might be why. Not that that makes it any less insane obviously.

  31. I could be wrong but there’s a trend going around making fun of one woman’s “rules” for her husband and it seems like she’s doing the trend. Hopefully 🤞🏼

  32. I can understand this subreddit not knowing about tiktok trends since it probably mainly consists of people not using tiktok... So when OP, presumably a tiktok user, reposts satire from tiktok while withholding context it just seems like rage baiting 🤔 Or OP is astoundingly naive and scrolls tiktok while in constant confusion.

  33. I am 100% certain that she will end up cheating on him. The only reason you have this vast of an insecurity is that you are aware of what you are capable of and are projecting.

  34. Could you imagine being so scared? How can you live life with ZERO trust in your partner or yourself… bananas.

  35. None of these rules kept me from cheating when I finally decided to leave my marriage. Nobody needs rules if there is commitment, period.

  36. Wow that is a recipe for disaster. I bet they will both be in their mid 30”s with 2/3 kids already divorced and partying like they were in college. I could be wrong and if I am good for them.

  37. Rule 5: I have to touch my hair whenever I say crazy things. My boyfriend does his very best to not be in any classes with other people that have hair.

  38. So, what she's stating is there is enough commitment between the two of them to make an effort to enforce such restricting and idiotic rules but not committed enough to trust each other or themselves personally to not cheat on the the other person.

  39. Americans seem to get married very early, or is that just the religious ones? So they can have guilt free sex? These two don’t seem ready for marriage to me.

  40. Rule #489: Neither of us can watch movies with the opposite sex in them. Including animated movies like Up. That grandpa is SOOOO H-O-T! /s

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