Wildest Supermarket Ever

  1. My husband and I went to the Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. We had literally no idea what it was or what to expect. Honestly, the absolute best way to do it. We were absolutely blown away and had so much fun. I am so glad that they are building these all over the place. It gives local artists a space to go absolutely crazy and make the most beautiful fever dream.

  2. I went there last weekend and am going again this one!! It's such an incredible place and I feel like there's still places to explore I might have missed the first time

  3. I went to that one a few months ago aswell! Its so amazing even after an hour we were still finding new stuff, we kept messing with buttons and screens in the weird TARDIS room which was apparently fucking with the doors while people were trying to get through but we didn't notice cus we were very high lmao

  4. Just did the Santa Fe one it was awesome! My first one was the one here in Denver which was also amazing! Just need to do a Vegas trip now

  5. Yep! Omega Mart. It's located in Las Vegas. You just have to go during slower hours and avoid weekends because it isn't as fun if it's packed.

  6. I went to the one in Denver and had an amazing time. I wish there was less people but I was there for 4-5 hours and could’ve stayed for double that figuring out the whole world. They’ve got so much lore packed into that place!

  7. I think I watched at least 3 video of omega mark with the exact same script on tiktok

  8. It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not wake up. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured. The only way that they realized they needed to wake up was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to wake up. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and PLEASE WAKE UP.

  9. Ironically this is in Las Vegas where weed is legal. Just take an edible and go through Omega Mart. Shit would be trippy and awesome.

  10. I swear I've seen this exact video but it was a girl narrating and she said "cursed" a lot less.

  11. I have no issue with ads if they're interesting and fun. The problem I have with ads is that they're fucking boring. I don't give a shit if you advertise your product as long as it's not utterly boring.

  12. They also rarely mention what the location actually is to (1) keep you watching the video until the end and (2) make you comment “where is this???”. Both are engagement metrics for TikTok and will make the algorithm show the video to more people. I hate it.

  13. Given I've now seen two, that point out exactly the same features in the same order I would say either yes, or this this a very linier exhibit - which kind of ruins the point.

  14. Wait, this is a real place? I thought the whole thing was just an absurdist surreal meme about how weird dreams can get, stitched together from a bunch of different places and sets

  15. Yeah it's always "Wow I found this crazy store... omg things keep getting weirder!" (Oh by the way I forgot to mention I paid to get in here knowing exactly what it was advertised as)

  16. ‘I found’… no no no mate, you went to an attraction. You bought a ticket to an attraction and you went. Or even more likely, you are doing this as advertising for them. You’re not quirky or interesting, the attraction you went to is. Hate this fucking style of vapid bullshit.

  17. This is also a carbon copy of a video a girl did a few months ago. Has the exact same talking points. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, and not a pre-written marketing campaign by said attraction.

  18. I knew I recognised this lad. He's a youtuber that my son was into a few years back. I used him a a good example of someone who pretends to be dumb to make himself more relatable but he took it to extremes. Sometimes I'm like "maybe this person is actually that stupid? Maybe it's not an act?" but if he really was as clueless as he let on then he wouldn't be able to work a computer, let alone maintain a YouTube channel.

  19. I found this AMAZING dog park near me. It's like filled with all these flying seats, and games, and stands that, like, you can win things. I got this dope ass gold fish that's only a little sick!

  20. Yeah, I don't like the dishonest opening, poisons the rest of the video for me. "I found one of the strangest stores," no dude, you went to a surreal art installation that is designed and advertised as an art installation, not intended to confuse you by pretending to be a real supermarket.

  21. Commented the same thing before I saw your post. He knew exactly what it was but acts like he wandered into an H mart or something

  22. Influencer dream. And everyone else nightmare as it is literaly impossible to walk without being blocked every 5 min by a tiktok celebrity

  23. A firefighters nightmare, just imagine having to search that building in case it caught fire tight spaces twists and turns plus hidden rooms

  24. I have been involved in designing the fire protection systems for these types of buildings - they are much more robust than what you would install in a typical occupancy, due to the difficulties with egress paths.

  25. This is the kind of cool shit you’ll never truly get to have the pleasure of going to because it’s such a hotspot for viral marketing and social media that it’s just not even fun to go. I know I sound bitter, I’m not. You see enough in the video that it’s not any cooler in person. Slightly better than the tourist spots in beautiful parts of the world that just have hour long queues for a photo op, because it looks like you actually get to have an experience rather than a photo of one you could have had.

  26. It would be neat if we saw more of this artistry exhibited in everyday life. Imagine a library like this, with little rooms where you could read books or something.

  27. Went to Omega Mart in LV last year and spent 8 hours inside. Worth it and definitely would go again. I only got a little food poisoned from the things I ate from there! 5 stars!

  28. Didn’t some girl make a video about this place like a while ago? And it’s like… an exact replica of that review. It makes me think these are not reviews of customers and it’s just adds for their thing. Actually yeah this is how they’re selling their place. Anyway I’m sure it’s fun. And it actually seems more stupid the more I see their stupid fake reviews. Like what’s the point of this place??? Like you go through and buy their stuff… and it’s kinda fun in the moment… but it’s kinda stupid and what is this a theme park or not?

  29. Yeah man, what is the point of art anyway?! Silly people expressing emotions through unique mediums and connecting people through a shared experience... it'll never catch on.

  30. Omega Mart, it's an ARG (alternate reality game) that has a story that usually needs to be uncovered by the player base but it's a story in a world that's relatively similar to our own. They're usually pretty neat, but this one took it to another level with physical stores.

  31. I went there a couple months ago, and the ARG is incredibly cool and deep. Seeing all the TikTok posts that boil the whole experience down to “look at this crazy store, and also there’s a playground behind it” is so disappointing.

  32. We’ve all had this dream. Whoever created this was a genuine artists. Absolutely captures what it feels like to be in a dream and know something is wrong.

  33. This is Meow Wolf in Las Vegas, NV. This iteration is called Omega Mart. There are other version built on different themes in Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM

  34. you gotta spend a few days at omega mart to really feel like you completed everything. me and my friend are planning a trip there. gonna spend at least 3 days there

  35. Went to Vegas for a week with my roommate. She kept talking up Meow Wolf the whole time and I kept saying, "We can go whenever you want." She went with her other friend instead.

  36. "There were weird products on the shelves telling me to wake up, a room with slides and they gave me alcohol in a pouch, and on the walls there were like these plants with googly eyes and then there was a fridge with a secret entrance to....."

  37. Meow Wolf also does crazy good Twitch streams. I assume there's probably a youtube video somewhere.

  38. It would’ve been wilder had no one made a tik tok of this and would’ve kept this a fun surprise instead.

  39. personally meow wold was not my cup of tea. Just felt like a cheaper film set. But i was at the Denver one. Heard the others are much much better.

  40. How many influencers did they hire to make this EXACT Omega Mart ad? Every time I see this video, it’s the same shots, same script, just a different good looking person showing us around.

  41. Oh hey, one of the dudes that designs products for this place was on an episode of Conan Needs a Friend a few months ago. Neat!

  42. The guy seems happy and I know I'm being a dick but god damn is that commentary hard to listen to. I don't know what it is but it just seems so forced

  43. So no groceries? How do you push a cart through so many obstacles? Is even a grocery store? Looks prop like and can’t feed my family.

  44. this would be the perfect place to film and arg Equally, it would be the worst place to go if you had psychosis or derealisation.

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