* cries in American*

  1. I knew it was fake because none of us actually know the national anthem. There's "Oh say can you see" then some stuff, then "BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR!" then something about maybe waving the flag like you don't care? Then... Shit I actually just forgot the end.

  2. How the poor Americans do it: no breakfast bc you wake up just in time to get dressed and go. You've packed a sandwich for lunch because you can't afford fast food because of gas prices and your insulting wage. You go home and rage scroll because you get no time to yourself because everyday you may be called into work and just work in order to pay rent at the very least so you have a place to live :(

  3. I wake up and start preparing to go to work only to realize that I'm already at work but i fell asleep at my desk because i want my boss to think I'm working hard.

  4. Yeah, because Americans don’t have espressos and we all work 14 hour shifts with no lunch break. I forgot that we don’t have the capability to pack a lunch either. We are so dumb, overworked, and uncultured!

  5. Pretty much. Most Americans if they own guns at all keep them put away. There is only a very loud few that keep them out in the open.

  6. It's not a priority thing. It is a we need money to survive and the companies know it thing. There are very few (and growing smaller) numbers of people who find work today that pays enough while giving enough off time for a healthy work life balance.

  7. He's Italian. He lives in Texas with his American wife. They have a funny YouTube channel where they are always teasing each other about their culture differences, this is one of those videos.

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