What’s your least favorite character, and if you had to rewrite them as a character, what would you change and how would to make them better? Would you rather just remove the character altogether?

  1. He’s the worst, but in a maddeningly realistic way. In big bureaucracies, kiss-asses and people with the right connections win out over talented, hard-working people every damn day.

  2. Who was played by Scott McCarthy. Who, ironically, went on to write Spotlight. Which is one of the best movies about actual, quality journalism. Got an Oscar for it. Played the worst journalist, wrote about some of the best.

  3. So damn annoying. Does a great job in showing what a crappy, greedy, and ignorant reporter/ journalist does. There appear to be many Scott templetons in todays journalism world. Never understood his important to the plot, and why much of season 5 was the way it was. Seemed as though they were setting up for a season 5 pertaining to the newspaper, but obviously not.

  4. I always took Kenard being the one to off Omar as showing that “the game” was never on pause. Omar had let his guard down for one moment and it was his undoing when he knew he had a price on his head. I think Omar always knew he’d die by getting gunning down, the only surprise was that it was a kid rather than another old hand.

  5. Omar wasn’t originally supposed to die that way, notice how Omar was limping when he hobbled his way to the store, then suddenly he’s walking fine, now juxtapose that with the scene where Omar hides his pistol in the cooler at the corner store, originally kenard found it n capped Omar. Also notice how Omar barely glanced when kenard walked in, like he just a kid, the same thing he said when he first saw Michael. They did really screw up Omar in season 5 from jumping out of the window and on, I understand it but he deserved either a climactic death scene or to finish the series alive, whistling down the street twirling his 12 gage RIP Michael K Williams, the scar is real

  6. This is true. It definitely was a sort of juxtaposition and continuation of the streets showing that even when you’re not expecting it, you have to be expecting it. Everybody dies.

  7. I hate Walker. They wrote him as a perfect asshole. Only thing I'm changing is the get back from the kids. You are getting worse than some lime green paint dumped on you from Home Depot.

  8. Just wanted to say I really loved cheeses last line. It was honestly hilarious. Everyone is offering like 20-30k for the connect and he’s just like “I got the other 9 mil” and everyone is just like “what the fuck?? U got 9 mil?” And he says some shit like “wtf we are selling dope and coke in Baltimore! If ya don’t have that money your doing something wrong!” Or whatever. I forget exactly how it’s all said but it’s hilarious and Iv been thinking about it recently

  9. I loved Cutty's character but the writers really didn't give him enough of a part in the overarching story when he could've had a much larger impact on the story line.

  10. I agree. Out of many of the characters, if there was another show SOMEHOW SOMEWAY, I’d reckon a show about Cutty and his gym would be top of my list. I wish his character had more, he absolutely had an awesome story and some of the more intense moments in the show. From almost peeling Fruit’s scalp, to asking Avon for a front, to giving up the street life, he really is an awesome and touching character. Plus, he scores all the kids moms😂😂

  11. The death of Omar, while I disliked it and I was sad to see the character go, was really the only way he could go. At the very least, the writers had someone he never suspected kill him - as opposed to Marlo or the Barksdale crew.

  12. Yeah, this is how I perceived the death of Omar. On any lesser show he would have been given some glorious warrior's death, dying in a hail of bullets while gunning down Chris, Snoop, AND Marlo all at once. Instead, he was killed in an unextraordinary, meaningless death. Just another body claimed by the streets. We weren't supposed to like how he died, we were supposed to hate it.

  13. As much as I disliked season 5, it really brought into perspective the way the media portrays what happens on the streets, on the ground level

  14. I agree, that’s what I was kinda trying to explain but you did it perfectly. When that scene hits, it really does just show that Kenard is the next Omar, Weebey, or other street killer. For some reason, I just genuinely felt it should have been someone else. Kenard truly did get chewed up and spit out by the streets of Baltimore, and he absolutely was a tragically sad character.

  15. I thought it was out of respect for Omar that he didn’t get killed by any of the people he was chasing. He never was got by any of his enemies.

  16. Let me tell you a couple of three things. Marlo’s got no respect for this thing. This is a man that stepped over butchie, just to get to Omar.

  17. Damn. Ima keep it real, I MIGHT like Marlo more than anyone in the Barksdale organization. Something about his wordplay and communication. He seemed to be a less emotional man than Avon, and did dirt in the streets too, which you never really see Avon do until they raid the spot when they’re all loading up about to go try and score on Marlo.

  18. I thought Brother Mouzone was extremely out of place in an otherwise realistic series. Just seemed like too much of a “movie character”

  19. I felt the exact same way. Like the wire felt so real yet he really felt like he was actually a written character. Totally thought the same thing about him seeming like some hitman ud see in some corny movie. The library card line made me chuckle but that’s all I really liked about him

  20. Surprised this is down here and not the top comment. He has to be the most dislikable character. Almost cartoonish compared to everyone else

  21. He did feel out of place, but I enjoyed his character and watching him and Omar blast String together was an extremely satisfying scene. After string bringing Mouzone in to fuck with the east side dealers, and then turning Omar on him, I felt he really had a great character. Also had one of my favorite lines: “You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? N**** with a library card.”

  22. I hear that, but if that criticism applies to Mouzone, then it should apply to Omar too. Irl a man like Omar probably dies in S1: in fact, iirc the character was supposed to die early in the series, maybe as early ad S1.

  23. I think brother mouzone is a great truth is stranger than fiction character, and I know this is a sin to say but probably no more a movie character than Omar, both based on real people/composites and both made larger than life for the show.

  24. Can’t believe nobody’s said it yet, but fucking Orlando. That fool should’ve known better, not just from the viewer’s perspective but in the context of the show. Like, how could he be so dumb and given so much responsibility?

  25. Naymond was one of many that needed a lot of help and deserved it bc he truly did wanna be some gang banger. I know that to an extent he touted the street life bc that is his community and all he know and all that ‘gang gang’ shit is made to look appealing and cool and it is exposed to us thru the music, etc, but He was forced further into it as an occupation bc of his mom—and that’s a fact. hurt people hurt people so the way his mom treated him is the ONE of reasons for his behavior—especially towards duquan in particular. Boy was suffocating honestly and I hate that these situations are some kids’ normal

  26. That was the whole point. He's lifted out of poverty while Dukie gets pushed deeper into it. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  27. Naymond was deserving. The real Naymond was a nice kid, but he absorbed the abuse and criminal behavior of his parents and he manifested that input by acting like a punk.

  28. I can see a different spin on that, though. Colvin knew his dad was gone, got a taste of what his mother was like, and knew that she would push him into doing things he just wasn't cut out for. As much as I wish someone could have take any of the other kids we cared about (Dookie), Colvin knew that not intervening would be a death sentence for Naymond. So there's that, I guess.

  29. I agree with that, but it was also kind of cool to see Naymonds arc. His mom clearly abused him in certain ways, and his dad easily killed 5, if not more than 10 people. I do agree he didn’t deserve it as much as randy or dukie, but it was still cool to see him go from supposed to work the corner and be his father, to following Bunny’s examples, and doing well in school. I think his character served as an excellent juxtaposition.

  30. My least favorite character, the one I get spitting and cussing mad at whenever he is on screen, is Colicchio. Ooooo he aggravates me!!! From the whole “Westside way” to that absolutely ridiculous haircut, there is NOTHING redeemable about the character. What’s worse, is he is TOTALLY incidental. He doesn’t drive any subplot. I recognize he represents the disillusioned rank and file and the strategy of policing that is rooted in cracking skulls, and why it is so difficult to make institutional change. But, Dozerman represents that just fine, along with the countless other “extras” that play cops in the background. I can’t even think of a hopper who compares with Colicchio. Maybe one of the kids that kick it with Spider, but Colicchio’s attitude is more like Kenard’s in that irritating way. However, Kenard does have a narrative arc and is important to the overall story.

  31. TBH Colicchio in my experience is probably the most realistic cop, personality wise. I grew up in a cop neighborhood in a different city and feel like he reminds me of a lot of people I knew

  32. Goddamn Colicchio sucked, but he was supposed to suck and showcase what a downright BAD police officer looks like. Watching Carver write him up was so damn satisfying, and a good use of showing some justice despite Colicchio being an awful justice worker. His ducking haircut absolutely sucked too, and his character just screamed racism.

  33. I don't know about redemption because he's written to not be redeemable. However he is an important character because he was a catalyst for Carver's redemption to being good police.

  34. Am I right in thinking that Colicchio's haircut was supposed to imply that he was a former Marine, and that he was bringing a "war" mentality to the street?

  35. Kenard was tragic. He was a really important character IMO. He was there to demonstrate how the conditions of living in the hood effect children in different ways. In his case he most likely had conduct disorder and was well on his way to adult psychopathy. There really were no characters that didn't have their place in the story IMO. There were characters I didn't like; Carcetti and Donnete for instance but they made the shit real.

  36. I agree, I just feel that it could have been someone else that did Omar. He absolutely was a tragic character, and probably a more important character than I’m giving him the credit of.

  37. This is a nitpick, but to answer the prompt I’m going to go with an unpopular choice and say Kima. I felt her character was unevenly written and I wish they committed to her becoming the next McNulty over Sydnor.

  38. I don’t mind ziggy, and with every rewatch his character becomes more enjoyable. Just a kid with not that great of a moral control, unable to afford/ get into college, and got mixed up with the wrong Greeks. I feel for him honestly. Him, bubbles, Johnny, and dukie honestly have some pretty sad arcs

  39. Its 100% Ziggy, Season 2 is so underrated that its actually overrated here. Its not the best season imo, better than 5 but thats it and Ziggy was just extremely annoying. Him bumping music while stealing cars made me fast forward it pissed me off so much

  40. Kima's girlfriend. The whole story line was boring and probably a couple scenes too many for the show. I would have scrapped the whole story line/character. The nagging of Kima being a cop got old after two or three scenes.

  41. IMHO Kima was propped up by all the other characters in every scene. Everything about her felt so forced whereas Lester, Bunk even Rawls really came off like “natural police”.

  42. I might even scrap Kima honestly. Or combine her and Sydnor's stories into one decent character. They're both sort of half developed. In the early seasons when the girlfriend is in the picture it's boring, but in the later scenes when she's not in the picture Kima's character has no depth

  43. This is a very good response. I agree, it seemed as though her only importance is the show was having the child, and serving as an obligation outside of the police work. If Kima had had a wife or a child, she would’ve been police 101% of her lying

  44. Herc. Fucking Herc. The amount of times this man had the opportunity to be a decent, not good, not excellent, police officer were countless. Yet his concern on food, drinks, his own career at the expense of good policing was obnoxious. Then the kicker is he ends up getting the best deal of most the characters and the fact that his working for Levi just proved the system would stay broken was infuriating. Yes, I know his character was necessary for the show but every time I see him completely ignore the importance of having seen Barksdale out of jail in the 3rd season makes me want to punch him in the face.

  45. Give the guy a little credit, without his number for Marlo Lester and McNulty probably don't finish their case on him in time.

  46. My least favourite is naymonds mother but i couldnt rewright as she needs to be that way to show how the kids dont have a chance its sad.

  47. Nerese Campbell. I live in Detroit, so her level of fuckeveryoneelse always feels too real. Raw nerve kind of thing. But I wouldn't want her rewritten. That the character triggers me so much just shows how well she's written.

  48. I actually liked her in Chicago Med so i was fully ready to like her in the wire, and she was so good i hated narese

  49. I never liked D’Angelo. I’m sure I’ll get hate for it but idk how someone could come up in the game yet understand it as poorly as he did. He moved himself away from Avon at the end but he kept the cushy library job that Avon got him. Perfect example of why I didn’t like him

  50. I can see traits of Wallace and Naymond in Diangelo. He saw a lot of himself in Wallace. A dude not built for the game with a good heart. That’s why he encouraged him so much to get out. And naymond because of the nepotism of his uncle being Avon. It didn’t sound like his mom was soft on him either… letting them twins beat his ass lol. Heart pump kool-aid.

  51. I guess yeah, but this is very small in comparison to how some other characters fuck over others. I think after hearing of Wallace death, and Avon fuckin him over by making him drive the package, he truly got fucked by everyone else. Him keeping the library job was owed to him lmao😂

  52. Isn’t this good though? The “game” is not good or natural or human, it’s a pathological subculture created by discrimination and neglect. People shouldn’t be into the game. D’Angelo is someone trying to be normal in an abnormal situation. If everyone fits neatly into this world, I’m not sure what that would say about society, but I don’t think it would be good.

  53. Fucking Orlando. The whole character just seems like he doesn't fit in with the gritty realism of the show. Like we've got this entire city that feels lived-in, full of corner boys who feel real, and then there is this goofy ass one note motherfucker lookin' like he's in an SNL skit about a Bootsy Collins Fan Club.

  54. Kenard is like the kids in City of God who don't respect the rules of the slum except he would fear Marlo. He pisses me off because I've come across kids like him who will try to test u until u actually get physical with them and make them understand with detail that they can't fuck with me, it pisses me off that I met a lot of kids like that when I was younger.

  55. Really? I liked Ronnie and she served as an arc for mcnulttys relationships, and the reason why Elena and him got divorced. It also showed early on that he didn’t take relationships very seriously, and then when LT Daniels stepped in, it showed what he potentially missed out on. I mean there has to be a prosecutor for a show with this much crime and Court related stuff so I view Ronnie as a required character.

  56. He was pivotal, I agree, but without killing Omar, and maybe not taking Naymonds stash, would he have been that important? I mean obviously not if he hadn’t killed Omar, because that’s a crucial plot point and a massive event in the show, but compared to how some other characters are portrayed, I just felt he was poorly written

  57. Made me laugh when he got popped and I heard “This sentimental motherfucker just cost us the connect!” I also loved cheeses line about having 9 mill right before

  58. Man I really loved cheese. Outside of him shooting his dog after the dog fight and just being involved in dog fighting in general I really enjoyed his character and felt method man played it extremely well. Him being proposition Joe’s nephew too I think is an awesome plot point

  59. Barlow. Detective Barlow. Guy was an incompetent idiot, blackmailed McNulty to go swing some clubs on taxpayer dime, and ripped farts around people like he was at home.

  60. Stringer Bell. He always looked down on his people and viewed them as ants that get stepped on, while Avon valued the people under him. Stringer was ready to throw Slim Charles’ life away because his community college attending ass thought he was smarter than he actually is getting rain made by Clay Davis.

  61. Stringer was the foil to Marlo. Marlo showed that keeping that gangster mindset will lead to you never leaving the game and eventually dying. Stringer showed that dropping that gangster mindset and trying to just be a business man will make you vulnerable and a target. It's significant that he was killed in one of his semi-legitimate ventures.

  62. Honestly I could do without Herc and Kima. Herc's arc serves a purpose so I wouldn't want to remove him altogether but he's so one-dimensional. Might give him just a tiny bit of character development, give him some sort of conflict that felt like higher stakes than running around the city searching for a camera. Kima was fine in season 1 but as the series goes on she becomes less important. When she has her girlfriend/family she has some depth but those scenes are boring, then when they're broken up Kima's character has no depth and less screen time and it's like what's the point of her even still being on the show

  63. Top two answers are Ziggy and Scott, which I expected, but I think they are the best characters in the whole series. Not the best people, but best characters. They are the only ones who reached that level of depth and complexity. I love all the characters in The Wire, but they are often pretty straightforward and predictable. Ziggy and Scott are something else.

  64. I'd have to go with Bingy the Clown. I'm not sure on why they bought a clown character into the mix so far into season 4.

  65. He was absolute pivotal with developing Bunk’s double life as a carnival ringleader. Showing that cops have weird side gigs. It’s a shame it was mostly told through exposition between him and Bingy though.

  66. For me it’s always been Carver. He plays it so smug and arrogant, I find that “you do not get to win, shit bird, we do” speech to be really cringe. Not sure why, he’s just always rubbed me the wrong way, I hate his smarmy arrogance. Which is funny cos Herc has an arrogance and is annoying as fuck but it’s clear that it’s meant to be played that way for him.

  67. Kenard killing Omar was perfect. The whole point was to undermine the mythic aspect of Omar and also show the consequences of that myth. There was no better way to do that than having him get capped by a random kid who idolised him.

  68. Probably Bodie. But, I don't think I'd change anything, as sad as his ending was and how much I hated him in season 1.

  69. Damn. I really love Bodies character. I felt he was mature (as mature as you can be in the streets), intelligent, and basically a one man army. I think he went out exactly how he wanted to go out.

  70. Orlando. I wouldn't change anything major, but I would write in a situation where he needs to make extra money on the side. It feels a little forced when he suddenly wants to get in the game for not much reason other than greed.

  71. Herc, Templeton and Stringer. Not sure how I change them since changing them would change how the show plays out. But those 3 are my least favorite with Carver and Landsman rounding out the top 5

  72. Stringer. It isn’t realistic. A millionaire gangster from the hood isn’t going to community college in his free time from being the city’s biggest drug dealer.

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