My Grandparents; picture taken in 1955, alongside their house in rural Illinois. They raised eight children here, during the hard years of the depression. Born in the 1880's, they always seemed ancient to me. Here's a hard truth: I'm older today myself than they were in this photo! [OC]

  1. Same here, although my grandpa was a bit taller than the man in the photo. They also lived in rural Henderson County actually...about 18 miles north of Raritan (near Rozetta).

  2. That's a great summary of the state of the world back then and now. If you'll pardon me for nitpicking a little, that should be 'no living person had flown in an airplane'

  3. Im 78 yrs old now and its been yrs since lve been able to keep and find that l don't want to or even learn anymore. Why are al. These young women running around with their hair done like mouse ears...what turn did l miss?

  4. 66 years between the Wright brothers first flight and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. And the first flight was even as long as the wingspan on a 737 these days

  5. I knew my great-great-aunt and she lived until 100 years and 5 days old from 1907-2007. She told me a lot of stories, but living it is obviously different. What she saw must have been mind blowing.

  6. Never knowing a world without internet , streaming music, round the world travel,, etc.. That's very optimistic of you. WWIII would potentially knock out all of that.

  7. Back when a man could get a job at the tin can factory and support 9 kids in an enormous Victorian home on several acres of land. Sure, they didnt have the internet or iphones, but at least hard work went a long way back then.

  8. My Grandmother was born born on a horse drawn farm 10 yrs before the Wright bros flew an airplane...140 yrs ago? Can that be right?

  9. I bet they’re 40 here lol But seriously what a great pic. Reminds me of my g-parents. Never met any of them tho, just pics

  10. Lovely Photo!l appreciate how hard it must have been raising a family in the depression. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I read somewhere that what makes old people look old isn't their physical attributes, but their clothes. If you do a Google search of the Golden Girls with modern clothes and hair it's shocking to the system. The one exception is hair dye, I think I know one female over the age of 40 that doesn't dye their hair.

  12. Funny, we once had a work event where everyone dressed from the 50s. I wore pants and suspenders like these. It was the most comfortable thing ever. Putting on my "comfortable" jeans later made me think we've taken a wrong turn somewhere.

  13. O !! Im not alloeed to post in this /reddit cuz l got banned from it. Ive managed to piss off and get banned from every sub reddit lve tried to post on except for the T n A subs...and those girls are really nasty but l never geard of any one of them being banned for what they say.. Fukkin ResumglicsnLibritards...grrr

  14. Thats no shit Before the decline which has a lot of indicators of getting worse and lengthy it cost about 36K to fuel up a 737.-400. I shudder to think of what it is now and wlll be. Might not slow the time down bit it will slow the pac

  15. Wow this picture made me tear up. They remind me so much of my grandparents from their farm in Colorado. My grandparents were born about 10 years later than yours but wore the same type of clothes. We don't have any color pictures of them before the 70s and I think that is what makes this picture so powerful to me.

  16. If we have a nuclear exchange,love that term so soft and politically correct...gonna be a Mad Max world. Wven if the manage to contain itit wont be good. Putin is inna corner and cant declare Victory it may happen. Few people alive today remember WWII and the destruction of Europe and what happened to Japan. A coupa very close calls but neither side was willing to launch cuz there was some degree of sanity back then and Biden was alive thru that time and no Soviet exists now but Russian animosity does thru Putin hes getting more and more chesty. I dont think he can relate 20 million Russian peoples killed. I cant comprehend that number either. War is the history of mankind and Europe has been at the center of if which l think todays EU really doesn't want to get into it but if war spills over it wont be like VN. Hitler had to be stopped. Putin is using the same play book except in the opposite direction... IJDK how they can just let it go. But unlike VN Ukraine has something to fight for and they do kick ass. I think the EU will stand their ground however reluctantly.

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