Which character do you feel like you relate to the most.

  1. I got a hot date tonight. (Buzz) a date. (Buzz) dinner with friends. (Buzz) Dinner alone. (Buzz) watching TV alone. (Buzz) all right! I'm gonna sit at home and ogle the ladies in the Victoria's secret catalog. (Buzz) ...sears catalog. (Ding) now would you unhook this already please! I don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment! (Buzz)

  2. That's my husband. He's injured his eye twice in super bizarre ways. First was opening a bottle of juice he didn't know had fermented. The cap exploded into his eye hard enough to cause bruising. Then a couple years later, our crazy kitten snagged him in the eyeball while he was playing with her. He went to pick up her toy off the floor while she was on the end of the bed. He went to the hospital for that one.

  3. Apu, half Indian guy who works in the convenience store business. And the NY Mets are in fact my favorite baseball squadron.

  4. Lisa because i’m smart and i have no friends at school. I also don’t fit in in my family so any episode where she’s the storyline is about her really sticks with me and those are probably The Simpsons episodes that i watch the most.

  5. The seasons 1-8 version of Homer. I'm also a big clumsy oaf who makes sometimes catastrophic mistakes, but loves his family and would do anything to help them.

  6. Tbh I feel I relate to Lisa. Call it cliché but I was always one of the smartest in the class and made fun of for it. I also play the saxophone (inspired by her actually). Ever since I was a little girl watching the Simpsons with my dad I felt like I was her and he was Homer. So yeah that connection to Lisa’s character for me is super real!

  7. My dad and I have a bit of a Homer/Lisa relationship too. He likes to say “ever since you learned to change your own diapers you’ve been smarter than me” 😂

  8. I relate to Lisa in some ways and she's my favorite, but I'm going with Comic Book Guy because he's lazy, nerdy, and too attached to fiction.

  9. Bart in early Simpsons when he cheats on the intelligence test, so he's mistakenly placed in the gifted program. When he's in class with the exceptional students and they all mock his intelligence, a nerve was really struck with me. It reminded me very much of the one-track standard of intelligence in school systems which makes people who think differently out to be inferior. That probably wasn't the point the episode was going for, but when bart was ostracized, feeling insecure, and panicking in class, it all felt so familiar. The teacher saying "oh don't you get it Bart... " ouch.

  10. I’ve always related to Lisa. I grew up watching it and our family has some similarities to it. I played the saxophone in school and have always had good grades and a love for animals. I have an older brother and a younger sister. My mom has twin sisters. Growing up , only my grandma on my mom’s side and my grandpa on my dad’s side were alive.

  11. None but I guess Ralph. In real life I would be closest to Ralph if he was smart. He is the most upbeat character in the whole show. Except for maybe the Flanders Kids. Flanders apparently has repressed rage.

  12. Milhouse. Always reaching for the best and finishing last. He deserves better but never gets it. Loves someone that doesn't love him.

  13. Ned. I’m no longer religious but I did grew up in a religious household beside that, I’m just someone who’s patient with others and keeps a smile on my face despite bottling up some anger at times. Plus, I’m a southpaws with glasses, a mustache and I wear wool cardigan sweaters more often than I should. And yes I causally say “diddly” and “okilly dokilly” way too much.

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