This is what a cornfield looks like, honey. Hmm.

  1. It's not The Godfather or Citizen Kane, but the early season writers sure did get a fair bit of use of Hitchcock's various films.

  2. I quote this often and no one knows what it's from. I live in a very rural place, so everyone thinks I'm talking about the literal corn fields around us.

  3. I think its so crazy they settled on Marge's voice lol Kavner is great otherwise she wouldn't have been the voice for 30 yrs but man before it came out I never would've guessed that would be her voice

  4. Similar to me, I saw the film in the summer. I dunno how many times I've seen this episode before seeing the film. Anyway, I was watching this episode again yesterday and it just makes it funnier now, knowing the reference.

  5. I just straight up never got why there was a WW1 plane firing at them in some random ass cornfield that is presumably in America. This was more than likely the late 60’s to early 70’s too lol

  6. Unsure if you've since learned, but the scene is an hommage to North by Northwest. The situation is due to old planes being used as cropdusters. Farmers or cropdusters wouldn't have invested in a new plane, especially since ones like this biplane would have been easier to use and repair by hand.

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