Solgaleo evolution available

  1. No, it cannot be traded. If you try and select it you get "Some Pokemon, such as Shadow or Mythical Pokemon, can't be traded."

  2. It doesn't matter too much at the moment. For a good IV one, go for the one you like; for a bad IV one, go for the one you don't like.

  3. My Cosmoem is 12-10-10. I want Solgaleo, but maybe I should take a chance and use this poor IV to get Lunala in the dex. But, next Cosmog could be 10-10-10 for all I know. Decisions, decisions.

  4. 10/10/10 is a nundo, equivalent to a hundo. This bad 12/10/10 one is better evolved into the form you don't like just for dex entry.

  5. If I understood correctly, we will need to wait some while to fill both Solgaleo and Lunala in the Dex, as there is no way to evolve Cosmoem into both now?

  6. My 11/14/11 on Poké Genie shows that the rank in UL would be identical for both evolutions. Is that just my particular stats, or are they really that even in terms of CP / movesets that it wouldn’t make a difference either way?

  7. I've seen some reports of people needing to reinstall the game to get the evolve option to show up - a restart didn't fix it for them. This comes from seeing a report online and having friends who had to reinstall to get it to evolve.

  8. Well, there’s one person willing to evolve to Solgaleo 😂. Someone should post a poll to see what folks evolution plans are if any.

  9. Evolved mine to Solgaleo as its attrpcious, and more likely Lunala bevomes better so will grind got that when possible. And I like the SaberLeomon vibes

  10. Is anyone else short like 20 candy to evolve it? There's just no way im walking that far anytime soon as its 20km PER candy.

  11. I'm in the same situation, I have 77 Candy and have only used the office ones it told me to for research. I don't get how I can be short any if there's a specific task for it...

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