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  1. Is it possible to gift a ticket to a Pokémon Go trainer in Singapore (for the event in a few weeks) if I am in Australia? Maybe I’ll just need to find a way to give them the money, but it would be a better surprise if I could just send them the ticket.

  2. The ability to Elite TM usually gets turned on after the event ends worldwide. The event is still live in several time zones. Sometimes it takes 1-3 days.

  3. You can compare your IVs to the rank 1 purified using pvpoke matrix battle and see if you're missing out on anything, and whether it's enough to matter to you.

  4. You can search for tag names if you type them in the search bar. If you've got Pokémon with nicknames that are the same as the tag but are not tagged with that tag, then it may confuse the search function. Having the show evolution line button ticked may also confuse the search function.

  5. In the level 40+ field challenges, if you dont complete them but do carry on gaining XP does the XP count towards the next level or is it wasted?

  6. Does anyone have an image of what XS pumpkaboo looks like with a best buddy ribbon? I’m thinking of best buddying the shiny pumpkaboo I just caught, but I’m not sure if it’ll look nice and have no idea where the ribbon even goes on pumpkaboo

  7. My wife’s account is linked to Facebook. It kicked her out. When she tried to sign back in it first gave her “unable to authenticate user” and later gave her “account does not exist “

  8. I still havent finished my main team rocket quest, in 2 weeks there Will be a event of team rocket. Do you guys think i can line the quest up? So i can Get a extra? Or do you guys think there Will be a new Main rocket quest, if thats the case i wont get the new one because i didnt finish mine.

  9. Most of the time, it's a requirement that you need to finish any previous Rocket quests to pick up new ones. The only time people have been able to stack radars is when there have been extra quests without that requirement, for example, Misunderstood Mischief, or the paid Apex research from Johto Tour earlier this year. When we get closer to the upcoming Rocket Takeover, there will be a full announcement as to exactly what it involves, and we should get a clear indication of whether unfinished Rocket research will need to be finished to get the new one. And if that's the case, when we'll need to finish it by.

  10. Got a guaranteed lucky trade with a friend. We generally long distance trade for xls. Is shiny magikarp or non-shiny psystrike mewtwo worth the lucky trade? Or just save and lose out on the xls for a while.

  11. Unfortunately not. The only raids that give mega energy are the ones with the mega symbol/egg. The current gengar is only a 3 star raid.

  12. I have a 0/13/13 shadow mudkip, and I'm struggling to pick which usage would have the most utility for pvp.

  13. Giovanni's current Shadow is Latios. If you've already got one, it's definitely not something you need another of, and if you don't, then I guess it's up to you to decide whether you want one, even if it's only for collection purposes.

  14. Any idea if we will be able to evovle ursaring to ursaluna during the december community day? (all my shadow teddiursa still have frustration so i wont be able to get the event move on any of them in november)

  15. There's not been anything announced, but it seems like it would be logical for them to disable the requirement for a full moon during the potential December recap (or in other words, force a full moon in game when there isn't one in real life).

  16. Good question. Niantic haven't said anything about December CD yet, and though we are pretty confidently assuming it'll be a "recap" style like those previous, that's not guaranteed/confirmed. So whether they have a "special" full moon to enable Ursaring to evolve is also an open question at this point.

  17. Just to be sure, if I remove frustration during the event on say a Charmander, evolving it won't give it frustration back right?

  18. Community Days now have an accompanying Special Research that you can buy for a dollar (or equivalent in a different currency). It's totally optional, and gives you some extra things like pokeballs, encounters with the featured pokemon, candy for the featured pokemon, usually a Rocket Radar, and some premium items, like Incense, Starpieces, or Lucky Eggs. Here is what

  19. If I still have leftover 7km eggs from this event after midnight I know the pool on those eggs will remain the same but will the shiny Noibat odds stay the same or will they revert to regular odds?

  20. They should stay the same. The pool, whatever Pokemon is actually in the egg, and the shininess of that Pokemon will all stay the same, even outside the event.

  21. Regarding past task about Tapu Lele and others. It happened that I have these quests, Prof. Willow congrats me to be able catch these mons, but I never actually seen them. They were rewards from these quests, or I missed something?

  22. These special research tasks were originally released back when the Tapus were in raids. At one point in the research, they gave you a premium pass and had a task to "Win a raid", presumably with the intention that you completed that task by doing a Tapu raid. The professor's dialogue was just flavor text to reflect this, and wasn't changed after the Tapus left raids. You were not supposed to get the Tapus as quest rewards from the research.

  23. if a friend trades me something they’ve already mega evolved, does it lower the cost for me to mega evolve that same pokémon? also is there any way outside of mega raids and field research to get mega energy for a pokémon i haven’t mega evolved already?

  24. Nope. When they revamped Megas to be worth using for the top tier end game level playerbase, they removed the cost reduction being retained on mons Mega Evolved prior to trading them.

  25. My kid and I are lucky friends and I'm wondering which form of Giratina is better for us to trade. We both have crappy IV spares of each one. Anyone got some input there?

  26. Both are good in master league PvP (as hundos). Origin form is great in raids, whereas Altered is useless there.

  27. Giratina O for Raiding, Giratina A for Raid memes/Master Leage PvP (if you're lucky enough to roll sufficiently high IVs on the trade). I would opt for Giratina O personally, as Giratina A tends to prefer non Lucky trades for Ultra League PvP capable IVs (or really anything under the 10/X/X floor for the Attack IV from raids).

  28. Is Zorua CP/IV inconsistency a known issue? I'm used to seeing two accounts catch the same overworld spawn seeing the same stats, but catching the 'same' Zorua gives totally different results.

  29. Does the game has a search string for each size of pumpkaboo or not ? (I want to collect it the same amount of each size but pretty hard when search by iv string (I mean 0*-4*) )

  30. There are search strings for XS, XL, and XXL. (And XXS, which I don’t think Pumpkaboo uses.) I don’t believe there’s a search string for the 4th option (“average” size).

  31. Massive HP stat but a mediocre Defense and alright Attack. Max CP of 2800ish and a Dark/Ghost typing. Should be usable in UL depending on the moveset but doesn’t look like a good PvE

  32. It's got low attack and defense but tremendous HP, so maybe PvP viable if it gets the right moves. Definitely bad for PvE, like... abysmal.

  33. I have a hundo Rhyhorn Should I wait for a community day to evolve it? (Not sure when or if there will ever be one) or is its special move not that much worth it? (Note: I have a ton of Elite TMs I dont mind using one)

  34. Waiting for a Community Day won't do anything. You'd need a special event that allows us to evolve Rhydon to Rhyperior and get the special move Rock Wrecker. We don't know when an event for that may be, but they just had an event for it in August, so it probably won't be any time soon. You could either evolve now and use the elite TM, use the Rhyperior as a ground attacker (it isn't as good there, though, as it is as a rock attacker, or wait.

  35. It's not as good without rock wrecker. Stone edge is pretty bad, and it is behind CD garchomp and excadrill as a ground type with just earthquake as well.

  36. Yes, either be lucky or use some weird strat to do an IV reroll prior to catching the thing. Zorua spawns in the same spots for everyone, but their IVs are randomized (with exceptions), essentially being what it was like prior to hitting Trainer Lv30.

  37. Its still not a bad deal saving over 1k coins but 2 weeks ago there was better boxes, should i wait until November to spend 2k? Any idea whats happening next month? Also cosmog… i transferred my really bad barely 2 star… and now im on evolve a cosmog… any way that cosmog will be coming back or catchable in the future? Also for dratini day any tips on shiny hunting?

  38. Nobody knows yet how bad (or maybe not) the next boxes will be. They do seem to be even worse during events than they are between them, though.

  39. If it's still shadow and you removed frustration, and then you purify it, it'll wind up with return after being purified.

  40. Do I need to do something special to get Zorua to spawn? I have not gotten a single spawn and it's only 19 hours left of the event. My buddy is a shiny flower crown Sylveon if that matters. Do I need to feed my buddy treats so it's on the map for Zorua to spawn or no?

  41. My buddys not even out on the map iv had 2 spawn while laying in bed this morning, didnt know i thought i was catching togetic(my buddy who wasnt out on the map) so i threw a silver pinap thinking id finallyyy have enough candies for togepis final evolution (such a troll so sad)

  42. What would cause me to not get mega candy for distance walked? Also, not getting my five free gifts from my buddy at the usual time. < Figured this part out; my free gifts arrived in the middle of the night for some reason.

  43. I just wanted to say how awesome the wild Zorua catch animation is. I was so thrown off seeing a openly shiny Obstagoon standing next to my shiny Obby buddy today.

  44. Yup it'll be today at some point. Niantic doesn't do (much) announcing on Fridays and almost never on weekends, so that left today.

  45. I have reached level 49.5 on my hundo Gengar and remembered there is gonna be a task at level 46 to level up 3 pokemon to max level. If I power up my Gengar to 50 will he count towards that later? or will I need to do it all over with some other mon? I'm currently level 44.

  46. It does not retroactively apply. When you need that milestone you would need to power up 3 Pokemon to Lv50 regardless of how many Lv50 Pokemon you had. Things that retroactively apply are things that cannot be redone at all once completed, like Pokedex completion, badge tiers, etc. unlike powering up which could be done on a different Pokemon.

  47. No reported issues. At 1/20 rate, there's about a 1/346 chance to go 114 without a shiny, which is pretty awful luck but not unimaginable. Sorry that you had to be the one.

  48. Might have simply overread it, but is there any timeline for how long Zorua will be catchable? I thought I've read somewhere that it was only for the duration of part two of the halloween event... but for the live of me can't find the source for that.

  49. This might've been asked/answered already, apologies in advance, I had a busy weekend and didn't quite follow all the goings-on with Zorua. The question is, does Zorua spawn in the same locations for everyone? Obviously the disguise will vary from trainer to trainer, but if I find a Zorua in a certain spot, can others find it in the same place, a la Ditto?

  50. I've been having some big issues with connecting Got-cha Evolve since Friday, and everything I've looked up has not helped. Does anybody have anything current for troubleshooting gotcha Evolve? Datel is not helping the way I'd imagine a company would..

  51. Niantic screwed up and if an auto catcher caught Zorua, it gave you the Pokémon it was disguised as. Players were amused by their new shadow Mewtwos. Niantic shut down auto catchers until it can figure it out.

  52. I'd recommend going to PvPoke, go to the Matrix and input both Azus and see which performs better (if there's any really difference at all)

  53. Other than comm day, comm day classic and Origin Giratina raiding until the 8th I am not certain we know anything else about what’s happening in November

  54. Is there still the research task for mega Absol energy? I saw it was supposed to continue through the event but I have yet to see it since the end of part 1. I also do not see it in the go field guide app, either.

  55. do we know what the November content update is? i believe it normally drops a couple days before the end of month

  56. Can you mega charizard to both X and Y forms on the same Pokémon? I evolved mine to Y form the other day and now I’m working on leveling the mega up but I got the option to mega to X. Can I interchange them as I need the different typings?

  57. Yes you can. However it is generally suggested to have two Charizards since Dragon Breath is CD move. Have a Fire Spin/Blast Burn ‘Zard and a Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw ‘Zard so you don’t have to burn EFTMs

  58. Do the three rocket leaders always reward their first pokemon? Since Giovanni isn't around, should I just not use the rocket radar and get a wider variety of monsters from the grunts?

  59. Considering you can't earn more radar parts with one in your inventory, most grunt pokemon are garbage and Charizard /venusaur are pretty top tier attackers the leaders are well worth doing, also leaders have boosted shiny odds, grunts don't reward shinies

  60. Hey; I haven't used Silph Road much since 2018 and did find the community day meetup check-in thing to be a nice way to connect and get out of the house, is there any place or page I can be informed of upcoming ones? Or has there just not been very much lately due to Recent World Events

  61. Is it normal for them to have not announced the upcoming month still at this point? Need to know what teams to work on lol

  62. Waiting one more day won’t hurt you if you need to level up mons for raiding. It doesn’t get more expensive tomorrow :)

  63. Do we know what the legendary raid boss will be after Giratina? I want to know whether to use my raid passes now or save them. It feels like they usually would have announced it by now.

  64. Sometimes because of time zones, your daily friend interaction grants 2 days worth of friendship. Is there a way to do this on purpose?

  65. Should I Power Up a Magikarp a bit before evolving? It seems like it’s 2k CP when 180 Magikarp, while it’s 1800 or so at 150

  66. got sent a campfire invite without having the campfire app itself installed on my phone. When I click on the campfire icon on the phone Pokémon go screen it takes me a website called ‘TestFlight’

  67. Catching zorua counts for the task "catch 3 transform Pokemon"? I totally forgot to complete that task during the ditto spawns and kinda stuck there

  68. Do you have teams built for either league already? Do you have teammates to use with your giratinas (particularly ML--do you have other pokemon powered up)? In the long term, both is probably a good idea, but if you don't have the resources for ML then I would go with the UL first.

  69. I have a shadow Dratini. If I evolve it to a Dragonite during the community day time window, will it learn Draco Meteor?

  70. Has anyone not seen Zorua yet? I’ve played every day since they released it and still nothing. Tried on my boyfriends profile last night too and it didn’t show up. Is there something special we have to do? Do you have to be walking? Or is it supposed to just pop up as your buddy when you log in?

  71. You need to reach 2000 rating by continuing to win more matches than you lose. Likewise for Veteran, Expert and Legend (ratings of 2500, 2750 and 3000 respectively).

  72. If you’re talking in terms of pvp it’s easiest to find a site/calculator to calculate the stat product for you. Because different mons will have different stat products with cp caps - hence you can’t just average defense and stamina. Many legendaries will have high numbers for all three so in lower leagues they won’t be as bulky as some thing that have lower defense/stamina and way lower attack.

  73. You should multiply them, as it's the product of Defense and HP that is used in damage calculations. This is also why Def and HP are mostly equally important for gym defenders - it's a common misconception that HP matters more because defender HP is doubled, but since it's a product in the calculation, 2x HP doesn't favour high HP Pokemon any more than high Def. I say "mostly" because higher HP does help in generating more energy from received damage.

  74. It's a regular Pokémon so it should do. It's just been very buggy and at the moment there are Zorua with illegal movesets and CP values, which is why they've disabled trading for it.

  75. Shadow Force costs 90 energy. Even with a high energy generation move like Shadow Claw it's going to take a long time.

  76. Bite's energy generation is similar to charm and is identical to dragon breath. . Heavy fast move damage pressure unfortunately usually comes at the cost of low energy generation

  77. If I complete a task, I can claim my research breakthrough today. If I claim today it will be Shedinja, but could it be something new if I wait until tomorrow to complete a research task?

  78. Also completely forgot, but November's breakthrough has already been confirmed as a Starmie plus a Star Piece, if that helps your decision any.

  79. The breakthrough will switch on 1pm Pacific on November 1st, which is in a little under 56 hours from now. If you decide to wait that long to open the box, then you will get November's breakthrough. Keep in mind that as long as the box goes unopened, you cannot claim any other research rewards.

  80. You might have to poke around in the developer settings on the device and see if there's an option to force overlays. "Worst case" scenario is that you enable the option to force apps to be able to be ran in Picture in Picture mode, then open Facebook Messenger and force it into PiP mode, which should make it start generating as a bubble for the app whenever a push notification for it pops up. It's fairly handy but also terribly annoying, so it's more of a semi permanent (as far as I am aware its possible to disable, but I haven't quite figured out how just yet) setting change. It's also like only way that I've actually been able to get notifications for Pokemon Go, even if some were slightly delayed, rather than the hit or miss default delivery speed.

  81. What are the IV and CP of your mandibuzz? Most people recommend hoarding stardust so for a lot the answer is a straight "no" just in case you need it. But the game is for playing and stardust for spending.

  82. I just caught two, and had a runner also. Going by the announcement, I think they should be around til the end of the Halloween event.

  83. Is there an exact movement speed threshold where Go considers you to no longer be "walking" for the purpose of hatching/research?

  84. To add to the other comment, autocatchers generally are a term applied to devices that, without further user input aside from pairing the device to the game, would seek out and attempt to capture Pokemon or spin Gyms/Pokestops. This distinction is generally only seen in 3rd party devices, with only the Pokeball Plus having true auto spin (assuming there is a Pokemon inside the ball, requiring either a brand new device or a used/preowned one and access to a Nintendo Switch and either Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee or Sword/Shield).

  85. A physical device that bluetooths to the device you play pogo on and it catches and spins stops for you. There are two official devices and a bunch of 3rd party. The latter are technically against the rules but there has never been serious reports of bans because of them

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