Should I use TMs and change his attacks?

  1. I don't know if people told you before... But moves reset upon evolving. So TM'ing before evolving is useless (unless you're dealing with frustration).

  2. Yes I just fouind out from a discord about Pokemon GO, I evolved and it gave me Incinerate and Energy Ball......

  3. Why should you? That only wastes your TMs. Evolve first and then make sure it gets the right moves. Depending on the rest of your teams you can pick fire or ghost.

  4. While asking questions about the game is always okay on the Road, please consider asking very simple questions in our weekly

  5. Chandelure is a pretty decent ghost and fire attacker. So if you can, you may want to open up a 2nd charge move so you can have both Shadow Ball and Overheat available. Then you can use a Fast TM each time to get either Hex when you want to use Ghost moves or Fire Spin when you want to use Fire moves.

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