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  1. Would it be a good idea to go with Avalanche and Bulldoze for Mamoswine? Or is there a better set of moves for PVE as an (primarily) ice attacker Mamoswine?

  2. Mamo is the top non shadow/mega Ice raider with Avalanche. It’s serviceable as a ground raider with Bulldoze, but there are better

  3. 1 is a complicated question. If you don't have better UL IVs and/or it's cheaper to power up the hundo, the hundo is perfectly serviceable in UL, especially given that you want some attack weight to deal with the general bulkiness of Ultra League anyway. It also means that you can use it in both Open Ultra and Ultra Premier, rather than having to build an XL and a non-XL.

  4. Casual player from week one here. What’s with all the repetitive tasks? First there’s “defeat 100 players in battle.” I got to 75 and then someone told me I have to then do it 3 more times? Now I’m catching 40 ghosts, and then…2 more times?

  5. Not good in PVE. Will have to see what gets sorted out before we can know about PVP...the release was buggy (surprise.)

  6. I have an issue with the Mismagius hat in the shop. I bought it some years ago and wanted to equip it now that it's Halloween, but when selecting it the game says that the asset cannot be downloaded. I've already used the download all assets button twice, but still cannot equip this hat. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

  7. I was thinking about spending 120 rare candy on my Shadow Latios, to learn a new charged move for the Giratina raids (also I have no dragon attackers) would this be a good move? Or should I rather hope for a rocket event soon to TM frustration away?

  8. You'll have to wait for a Rocket event to TM away Frustration. . .might as well reserve those candies, short-term. Removing Frustration _first_ and _then_ adding a move means you'll have much better odds of getting the Charged moves that you want--and therefore use fewer TMs to get the Charged moves you want.

  9. What the hell just happened with spotlight hour? Opened my game at 6.05 & saw the screen covered with Metagross! I caught three and each one turned into Zorua. About 2 minutes Iater all the spawns swiitched to Shuppet, none of which have transformed. Guessing that wasn’t meant to happen?

  10. Dusk Form Lycanroc shouldn't be in the game yet, or at least it hasn't been announced. From what I recall, mined data points to us needing to evolve a special Rockruff to get Dusk Form.

  11. Does anyone know if the new Google Pixel watch syncs up well with adventure sync? Aka no BS that you'd have to do with the other brands like fitbit or garmin?

  12. Anyone missing an egg from adventure sync rewards today? I had over 50k. My bottom 3 slots were empty and I only got a 5k egg?

  13. can anyone explain why 0/15/15 stats are so sought after for pvp purposes and why some ppl say it’s better than hundos? why does a stat being all the way at 0 make it such a desirable lineup but only if the stat is attack? i managed to hit rank 20 in pvp this season with 3* teams and only recently found out about the 0/15/15 thing…. why??

  14. In Great and Ultra League, there's a cap on the CP of pokemon that can participate. The CP calculation weights attack more heavily than the other two stats, so pokemon with higher attack IVs will "grow out" of the league at a slightly lower level, pushing their defenses down.

  15. Does anybody know the calculation PoGo uses for power up costs? I just went to power up two lvl 35 lucky Rhyperiors and one somehow cost 2 additional candy and 500 more dust compared to the other. One was 116 candy/43,500 dust while the other was 118 candy and 44,000 dust to bring from 35-40. I've tried repeating it with dozens of other pokemon and all cost 118 candy and 44,000/88,000 dust (which online resources say is accurate).

  16. The 4/15/15 picks up Lanturn and S K9 both in the one shield. I would probably roll with that one, but the 2/15/15 will have a higher total stat product

  17. What to do? I just caught a HUNDO Giratina but also have a 13/13/13 lucky I traded for last month. I PvP so my plan was to power up my lucky for ML, but ill probably now power up the HUNDO instead... Any idea what to do with the lucky? I wanted to maybe use it for UL but it doesn't have the best PvP IVs for that

  18. Altered or Origin? A hundo Altered should be used for PvP. A lucky 13/13/13 could be serviceable for UL, but you’d probably need to ETM Shadow Forcr

  19. Under normal circumstances you're limited to one photobomb encounter per day. Some events allow more than that (5 is typically the limit in those cases), but that comes with the caveat that the photobomb encounter will not normally be Smeargle in those cases (for example, community days give you 5 photobomb encounters, but they'll all be the featured community day Pokémon).

  20. I have a Mega Alakazam with its legacy CD move already, it's a Hundo. Just caught a 98% Abra off a Grunt that is Shadow of course.

  21. The main advantage here would be to alternate between the two and being able to Mega Evolve for free (or at least a low cost) within a shorter timeframe, but that's not a huge advantage.

  22. If they have a mega in the MSG it will eventually come to GO. Also keep an eye on Pokeminers to know when the mega is added to the code of the game, meaning the release could be sooner rather than later.

  23. Hey everyone. Related to mysterious videos that Niantic had released about 6:54 in tomorrow's event. Does anyone know what could this mean? Is there some information more about it?

  24. As folk in New Zealand have been reporting, Zorua will appear as your buddy (mass spawn) from 18:00-18:05 ONLY in your time zone, Tuesday, for Spotlight Hour. It has _not_ been spawning, as such, outside of that time (despite some infographics indicating that Zorua will spawn from 18:55-19:00 in your time zone).

  25. Have issues with getting 7km eggs recent. I have item space, free egg slots and I have likely opened 200+ gifts over the last month and I have only received 1 (ONE) 7km egg? I used to get them every 6-10gifts but now 1 in 200? This cannot be normal? Something I am doing wrong, very bad luck or something else...

  26. Is it worth it to give altered giratina a second charge move? I had one from last time and now have the candy to give it a second move. I was thinking dragon claw and ancient power. Is it a good idea?

  27. In PVP, a second move is always a good idea. As far as which moves, PVPoke still suggests Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak, though I've definitely encountered Dragon Claw and AncientPower before. (

  28. How are the stats on it and what do you plan on using it for? It's good in Master League and Ultra League, and those are two good moves for it, but I would (personally) only double move it if it had good enough stats for either of those leagues, as it's very expensive

  29. I have a 15 15 15 Haunter and was wondering what charged moves I should give it. I got a leveled up 14 attack Gengar with Shadow Punch but I'm not sure if it's the attack I want when raiding.

  30. Second move onto AT LEAST the 4* is a good idea just in case you ever decide to use it in PVP. It's not great in ML but it...can exist.

  31. If you're using a Gengar for raids, especially as a Mega Gengar, and you're wanting to invest in second moves, then the moveset you want is Lick or Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb so that you can use it as a Ghost or Poison mega.

  32. I just caught a perfect Gastly but the cp is 17. Is it worth investing resources to max it out? I googled about this and found an old thread here about not to try evolving Gastly until Gengar can learn Lick? Though this Gastly already knows Lick and Nightshade. (My other 3* gastlys know Astonish and Night Shade and Sludge Bomb and my 3* haunters know Ice Punch and Dark Pulse with Astonish)

  33. Moves re-roll when you evolve the Pokemon - so the lick you have on Gastly wont transfer to gengar

  34. So a few things to note. For PvE, A perfect versus say a 60% (like a 10/8/8 or something) is not really that different performance-wise. So note that maxing it will only make a second or two difference in a raid versus another Gengar, if that. But still, we all obviously prefer to invest in the best possible IVs, especially perfects, so it makes sense that you’d want to power that one up. I’d potentially still go for it if you don’t mind spending the dust as Gengar and especially its Mega are really good raid attackers, just pretty frail ones at that.

  35. There's a few. Wobuffet (who wants to be purified so it can also get return) only reaches 1160, so it definitely wants to be perfect. Same with Chansey (though... don't run Chansey lol).

  36. I've started transferring my Pokémon Go mons to Home - am I right in thinking that it doesn't carry over the capture location?

  37. First off, yeah, you'd generally want to double move either that you would plan to use for PvP. There's some Pokemon you can maybe get away with using 1 charged move, but not Giratina, especially if its only move currently is Shadow Force, an immensely expensive move. You're going to want Dragon Claw too if you use it in PvP.

  38. My brother you have two incredible specimens. Use the hundo for OML and yea double move it. Shadow Force should be a solid closer so you’ll want to ETM that. The other one is excellent for PvP in UL and definitely worth building if you play UL

  39. You wouldn't want to rename them to "traded" as that's an already existing search function and it might actually interfere with the way it works (you can also use !traded to show all Pokémon that haven't been traded). There's no need to tag them as traded when you can already search for them.

  40. Does hisuian Arcanine have any use? Raiding? It seems to have a pretty high potential cp, could it be good in MLPC?

  41. From what I remember it's decent for fire raiding if you've got nothing great in your roster. But if you got a couple blaziken it takes a backseat instantly.

  42. Not that I've seen. I've never come up against one in PVP (which isn't surprising given that there are lots of Swampert about), and it's very much outclassed as both a rock attacker and a fire attacker in raids.

  43. At the moment, not really. Its biggest issue for PvP is its typing. Fire/Rock is bad, vulnerable to common types like water and ground.

  44. Of the current spawns, who should I be focusing on getting? I need to build up stronger for raids. I can easily solo 1 star, but only some 3 star. I had spent previous time collecting only, no raids or fights.

  45. Gastly and Haunter for Gengar (and eventually Mega Gengar; his mega energy is available by spinning stops right now. Worth trying to get 200 for the initial evolution, and ideally a bit more so you can get his mega level up). Gengar is a very powerful glass cannon attacker.

  46. For Raiding (PvE), Gengar is a big one, especially the Mega. Banette too for its Mega. Honchkrow is also one of the best Flying Attackers.

  47. I have a question about pvp stats, I was just curious about the difference between leveling and cp. I want to use my medicham but I'll only have enough to level it up to 1401. But at 1401 I've used about 50xl candies so it's not any less than level 40 (I think?). Would that be better than a 1500 cp low level Pokemon? Or would that still be too low of cp to try on the great league? Thank you to anybody that answers me 🙂

  48. CP doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things. It's just in indication of the ceiling for GL on most Pokemon.

  49. You should use an IV scanner like CalcyIV or poke genie to look at it's actual stats and level. This will make it a lot easier to compare them. With 50 XL invested, it's a few levels above 40.

  50. I keep seeing people mention the Halloween vulpix or gengar, yet I've yet to find them, even when going downtown. Am I just unlucky or are they not active yet?

  51. Lag. Depending on your charge move timing, they may have also slipped in an extra mud shot after each of your charge moves

  52. if i have a old team rocket quest like, “An Inter Egg Sting Development” do i get the Shadow Pokemon from that timeline? Or do i get the current Shadow Pokemon (latios)

  53. Just to add extra clarity, it is always the case that Giovanni only has one Shadow legendary at a time. You can only ever get that legendary, even if you're finishing an older quest which may have dialogue referring to a previously available Pokemon.

  54. When exactly can I walk away from a raid to still be able to complete it? During timer? Does it have to start? I remember being kicked out sometimes but not the specifics, nor if something changed later.

  55. You need to be within a certain distance from the gym (something like 100m, I think?) when you enter the raid battle, so it depends on how close you were to the gym when you started the lobby and how fast you walk. This also applies to relobbying. To be absolutely safe, you can wait until the battle begins. And if it's a boss where you would need to relobby, you should stay by the gym until after that relobby.

  56. Not including the new Hisuian Pokémon, which regional variants have not had their shiny released yet? G. Mr Mime I don’t think has it released, any others?

  57. G-Mr. Mime as you said, G-Slowpoke and evos, G-Corsola, G-Birds and if Niantic decides not to make it able to change form, Zen Mode G-Darmanitan

  58. In addition to the Galarian legendary bird trio, I don't believe Galarian slowpoke (or its evos) can be shiny yet. Also, Galarian corsola (+evo) has yet to be added to the game.

  59. Is or possibly in the future may Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist be useful for anything? I know Trev basically outclasses it in every way so I'm not sure if I should be hunting or hanging on to any of them for anything

  60. It's possible, but idk how probable. Gourgeist does have better PvP stats than Trev, being bulkier, but the issue is Gourgeist is stuck with Hex because it can't learn Shadow Claw, while Trev gets to rock that much better move.

  61. There currently isn't any Rocket research available. The latest one was called Field Notes: Team Go Rocket, but that was only available to start up until the beginning of September. When Giovanni next changes his shadow legendary Pokémon, a new research should be released, which you will be eligible to obtain. We don't know when he'll next switch his Pokémon, although if I was going to guess I'd say it might happen in November.

  62. What are the best buddies to walk for XL candies for this event? I normally just focus on candies for dex but I figured it take advantage of the current bonus.

  63. If you have a legendary/mythical you want to level up, and you don’t plan to raid the heck out of them, they’re a good option. It certainly saves the most time compared to normal walking.

  64. Only got 32 candy for hatching noibat, shouldn’t i be getting more? I have the 3x hatch candy from the event ticket.

  65. It turns out that you get 10 to 21 Candies for hatching a 7km egg. 32 candies are unlucky, but it is still in the range of the number of candies you can get with a 3x boost.

  66. 5km and 7km eggs can normally give a minimum of 10 candies and a maximum of 21 candies. When hatch candy is double or triple, it's the lower and upper boundaries that are affected by the doubling or tripling. Any number can be rolled between and including those doubled or tripled values. So as you have the ticket, 7km eggs will give between 30 and 63 candies, which means you got a low roll with 32.

  67. Any reason why my boyfriend (lvl 41) is getting 3x catch candy during the Halloween event and I’m (lvl 39) still getting 2x? I know its supposed to be 2x so I’m getting 6 candy per catch, while he’s getting 9 candy per catch, no bonuses active or anything for him either. Any ideas?

  68. How many 4 stars does it actually take to unlock the 4 star dex, I'm over 20 with catches + evo's which I've read everywhere says it works, I'm actually sitting at 32 atm and don't have it..starting to get frustrated.

  69. If they were evolved prior to the dex tracking things like 4* Pokémon, the previous evolutionary stages may not count. How many 4* Pokémon do you currently have in your storage?

  70. Returning back to Pokemon Go after1.5yrs of not playing so not sure on the new things. Is this daily 2 raid passes a normal thing every season?

  71. I think recently they've been alternating between the 2nd daily raid pass and guaranteed XL candy from every trade.

  72. Is the optimal way to buy super incubators through the boxes? I know there's been a lot of complaints about the pricing of the boxes compared to previous ones but it seems like the deals for the incubators are still better than buying them straight up.

  73. Anything in a box is usually better than buying the individual item several times, but it's really the amount of coins spent to items gained ratio. Generally speaking you're better off buying during "downtime" sections where they bring back stuff like the Adventure Box (with its high quanity of super incubators) rather than most ongoing event boxes which gives you less incubators for more coins. Problem there is people generally only buy when they need, which creates a vicious cycle of people needing/wanting incubators for egg hatching events but having to pick between bad value boxes or several full priced incubators.

  74. Do we know when the next 2x transfer candy bonus is for a spotlight hour? I only recently started paying attention to that, and I thought they were monthly. But there isn't one in October, right? Has November been announced yet?

  75. You ignore the message. You can indeed rejoin the group (so long as the timer isn't down to around 10 seconds or the lobby completely fills up). You just need to wait around 10 seconds before doing so.

  76. No. They aren't a weekly occurrence. All we know is that there will be another occurrence of Elite Raids at some point during the remainder of the season. We don't know when that will be.

  77. Your post has been automatically removed because Auto-moderator suspected it was seeking to share friend codes. This type of post would be more appropriate for

  78. Why can’t we delete eggs yet? I have so many 5km eggs I’m not interested in hatching that are just wasting space!

  79. Is there any way to tell what level my Pokémon is without the use of third party applications? Looking for an easy way to tell at a glance what's over level 31 for extra XLs when walking.

  80. You will either need to catch another one or wait for it to be added to the elite TM movepool, which will be after November 1 at the earliest when the event ends, but regular TMs won't work on the ones you already have.

  81. Based on past history, Shadow Force will probably get added to Giratina's movepool sometime after it finishes up in raids. Not 100% sure if it goes in the regular pool though, might need an Elite TM to get it.

  82. Very few research tasks have ever given a guaranteed shiny: the only ones I can think of off hand are the paid Go Fest Shiny Mew and the Something Shiny Shiny Celebi. Unless it's during community day or a special event, research rewards are always the same shiny rates you can find listed

  83. What are the most relevant types that I should create a team and power up for raids? Considering also the future. And what types are the less relevant?

  84. IMO: when it comes to legendary raids, Rock and Dragon are among the two most useful types overall, and both have a fairly decent amount of accessible options. (3 gen1/2 legendaries are double weak to rock)

  85. Does the increased amount of spinarak and gastly spawns for the Halloween event mean there’s also a slightly higher change to catch a ditto disguised as one of them? 🤞

  86. Curious if anyone knows. Can Shadow Force be taught to Origin Giratina with an elite tm yet or will it not be available until he shows up in raids next week?

  87. Neither form can learn Shadow Force via ETM yet; new moves usually aren't added to the ETM pool until a little after the event to get them naturally ends.

  88. How good will be Lunala on PokemonGo? When do we expect to be able to evolve Cosmog? Lastly, will they be able to be imported to Pokemon Home if needed?

  89. Assuming its moveset doesn't get updated before release, it's usable, but Mewtwo still outclasses it as a Psychic attacker in terms of DPS (even if Mewtwo has Psychic instead of Psystrike), so if you already have a squad of Mewtwo, there's not much point investing in Lunala.

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