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  1. The throw must've hit the Moltres, or you must've had a connection issue that terminated the encounter. And that "strategy" is a myth that they wouldn't need to fix because it doesn't actually exist.

  2. Any idea when Mega Kangaskahn will return to raids? She is literally my last Kanto Dex Pokemon and I missed her in May of this year (temporary hiatus).

  3. Trade for it. It will be quicker than waiting for them to put a gen 1 regional back into worldwide raids.

  4. Should I worry most about IVs in catching a good pokemon or about moves, because I have 2 lucky pokemon with good IVs but their moves are not good.

  5. Should I complete silent schemes rocket quest asap? I'm worried the next one might come out soon. Which wood make me miss out on 'Field Notes: Team GO Rocket - Summer 2022'

  6. Do we have any indication that Ursaluna could get a ground-type fast move? I know it could have some pretty decent moves like Shadow Claw, Counter, or Tackle, but does the Teddiursa line get anything outside of what it can learn in Legends: Arceus? Do we simply not know that yet?

  7. Can somebody inform me the shiny odds of Hisui Braviary? My friend and I decided to do the raid bc there was nothing better near us and we both got the shiny. Probably the craziest moment in my experience playing.

  8. Is High Horsepower likely to make any PvE impact? At 110 Power it looks like it would be a terrible 1-bar move but it would tie with Blast Burn and Outrage if it's 2-bars.

  9. If I reach a certain rank in GBL, such as Ace or Veteran, are my end of season rewards locked in? I just got back to 2000 and don't want to risk losing my Ace rewards by losing a bunch.

  10. Yes. You can't rank down, no matter how far your ELO (4 digit number) goes. Once you get your Ace rank you are guaranteed at least those rewards.

  11. Would the December community day that allows you to evolve past 1-2 years of pokemon and get the special move include dratini (classic community day draco meter) and alakazam (non-community day special move psychic)?

  12. Community Day Classic is a new thing this year, so we don't know if Dratini (and Bulbasaur and Mudkip) will have their moves included in December CD. As for Alakazam, it definitely won't, the moves included are based on Community Days only.

  13. correct me if I’m wrong but XL pokemon are banned in ML Classic (i think). If I have a LVL 40 mon (not XL) that’s best buddied, can it compete in ML classic with its buddy boost active?

  14. When can we use regular TM for removing frustration? Is that known when the next event will be to do that?

  15. We don't know. We have been getting them about once a season, so probably sometime during this month or the next, but it has not been announced.

  16. What is a better an XL mon let’s say ranked #75 or a regular mon ranked #5. Trying to decide on what to invest in for a Medichan

  17. If you are specifically looking at medicham definitely build an XL… a hundo doesn’t hit 1500 without XL.

  18. It depends on the final stats after you power it up. Those rankings don't really mean much out of context of the species and how it fairs against the meta at each set of values.

  19. If I evolve my mudkip into swampert in December will he get hydro cannon? Or is it only mons from this year's comm day?

  20. 2022 was the first year with CD Classic events, so there is no precedent for whether they will be included in the December recap CD. We will have to wait until Niantic announces the recap CD details to find out.

  21. Mudkip did have a Community Day Classic this year, but we don't yet know whether these will be included in the end of year Comm Day.

  22. It’s almost never worth investing in something just because it’s a hundo… unless it’s for battle league where it’s not hitting a CP cap.

  23. Torterra moveset for Raids, he is lucky, 15 14 15, I am level 26 and his current moves are, Razor Leaf and Stone Edge, Earthquake.

  24. Its perfectly fine as a grass counter with frenzy plant (CD move). Most of the starters have very similar performance, though they all fall behind roserade, tangrowth and kartana now. It's around the trio range against

  25. There's typically one per season, so hopefully some time in October or November. However, they have skipped seasons before, so there's no guarantee that we have to have one this season.

  26. Just beat a xerneas raid and caught it too, yet didn't get any special candy. We usually get candy for winning raids right? I think this is the first time there's no rainbow candy. Got all the other rewards tho, xp, stardust, potions, etc.

  27. Do you mean rare candy? If so, it's only a possible reward, not guaranteed. Bulbapedia has a great breakdown for how the rewards work.

  28. The level that the buddy Pokémon is also effects the chance of getting XL candies from walking. If the Pokémon is level 31 or higher, it has a 75% chance of finding an XL when it finds a regular candy. That is the maximum.

  29. No. If you'd like to increase rate of candy (and possible XL) from your buddy, the only way to do that is through the temporary "excited" status which can be achieved by either feeding a poffin or earning many "emotion points" in a certain timeframe. This will halve the distance needed for the next three hours.

  30. No. Shadow Ball is better in both raids and PVP (although chandelure itself isn't great in PVP to begin with).

  31. This is a question about leveling up. If you hit the XP requirement before you finish all the level tasks, will the extra XP carry over? So, for example, I'm level 41, and I've exceeded the XP I need for level 42, but I keep forgetting to set an eevee as my buddy to evolve espeon and umbreon. I have 9,140,000 out of the required 7,500,000 XP... will the 1,640,000 difference be applied toward my level 43 total once I complete the eevee challenge and level up?

  32. I've seen all 3 birds while taking my daily afternoon walk. My girlfriend has encountered articuno during our evening walk. So I think time has nothing to do with it. (As the other comments also said)

  33. If you'd like more data, I usually use my incense late at night and have found 2 zapdos, 3 articunos, and 4 moltres at night, plus across the occasional times I've used it during the daytime I've also found 1 moltres during the day. While not impossible, I doubt that time of day has any effect. (Also, none have been weather boosted, but it's been almost constantly partly cloudy or clear here anyway, so there have been very few opportunities for weather-boosted birds in the first place.)

  34. I've not seen Moltres yet, but I've seen Zapdos in the afternoon and the morning, and the one time I saw Articuno it was in the afternoon.

  35. Are the elite raids still happening? I didn’t see an end date so I figured I’d have at least the week so I didn’t prioritize, but I haven’t seen a new elite egg all day yet. Did I miss my chance?

  36. It was Sunday only. There will be another wave of Elite Raids later this season, but a date has not been specified yet.

  37. There will be another chance at them at some point during the rest of the season. They're not something that happens every day or every week though.

  38. Just started playing again after years. What should I prioritize? Anything I definitly need to know/do? Is there any place to add friends who are active?

  39. Your post has been automatically removed because Auto-moderator suspected it was seeking to share friend codes. This type of post would be more appropriate for

  40. To add onto u/ TheRealHankWolfman's point, we could also see it without a ground fast move during its debut, but IF it gets Mud slap/shot in Scarlet and Violet (assuming its in those games), they could also add it to it AFTER in a GBL move update (like the December 1st Season update)

  41. For my pvpers, I have 400 candies to get a Bewear, what league do you guys see him having more play. Ultra or Great?

  42. There are currently more special cups in great league than ultra league... so If I could only build one I'd do it for Great League. And I wouldn't put its CD move on it if I'm only making one. I'd run Superpower and then either Stomp or Payback depending on desired coverage.

  43. Is there any reason to keep and use incense if your area is already full of plenty of pokemon to catch? For example, someone mentioned something about events where they attract special pokemon or something?

  44. Yes, though it's a lot rarer than the female variant. I believe it's an 8:1 ratio for it being female versus male.

  45. Yes, but it's one of those species with a gender ratio of 7:1, so only 12.5% of all Litleo are male. They definitely do exist though, I've been lucky enough to get both a shiny male and a hundo male.

  46. I’m making an ultra league team with trevenant and cobalion, with trevenant as the lead. Any suggestions for a third Pokémon?

  47. Scrafty would be good, though that does require a fair amount of XL. I'd best focus on something to cover Trev's biggest weaknesses, being dark and ice (also Charizard/Talonflame). Samurott could be an interesting thing to try. Also Tapu Fini (who I'd argue would work best)

  48. What happened to Elite raids? Yesterday they were all around me but after all of them hatched no new eggs appeared? Was it just like a one time thing?

  49. It was one day only. There will be another Elite Raid Day at some point this season, but the date/boss has not been confirmed yet.

  50. If you haven't completed Season of Mischief, is there any other way to change the form of Hoopa Unbound to Hoopa Confined for a Hoopa acquired from the yesterday's raids

  51. Hey y’all, saw the niantic breakdown for the month and noticed that only altered form giratina was getting a raid hour this month. Is it safe to say that origin form hour will come in november?

  52. I think it's a good idea to throw in a couple Chandelure. While Darmanitan often does more damage per second than Chandelure, Chandelure can often be better due to its Ghost typing, which can let it resist a variety of moves (Focus blast on Regice and Registeel or Cobalion's fighting moves for example)

  53. Chandelure is a solid Fire attacker, if you have the resources to spend on them you could make them dual purpose with the second charge move slot so they can have both Shadow Ball and Overheat, then just switch the fast move between Fire Spin and Hex when you change them from being a Fire attacker to a Ghost attack and vise versa.

  54. It resets on Monday at 9am, but the rewards come up through the notification system so the game has to be open and not doing anything for the screen to pop up.

  55. 1) the Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are rare spawns from Daily Adventure Incense (and they're very hard to catch and will most likely flee). The Kanto forms of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will be in raids again at some point, but it might be several months before we see them again. Likewise, Mewtwo will cycle back into raids eventually, although if you can grind 176,000,000XP to get to level 50, you'll get a special research that gives you a Mewtwo. Mew is available from special research.

  56. QUESTION 1: I have an 11/13/15 shadow Machamp (3038cp-ish) which has counter and dynamic punch. For the charge attack, is it better to instead teach it cross chop or any other move? Additionally, should I teach it another move and if so, what move should I teach?

  57. For PvE, Cross chop is good for maintaining stun lock in Rocket battles, otherwise you don’t really need a second move for raids, with counter+dynamic punch being good enough by itself.

  58. All raids machamp should have the moves described in question one only. Pvp rock throw/slide or whatever it is is good to counter flying types

  59. Q1: What are you using your Machamp for? If it's solely for raids, Counter + Dynamic Punch works absolutely fine and is in fact the recommended moveset. I think in PVP, Cross Chop can come into play, someone more experienced on that side of the game can comment further. A second move might be useful in some circumstances too, but again, Counter + Dynamic Punch is the optimum combo for raids.

  60. Are community day moves only by evolving or would a wild/raid/reward encounter fully evolved pokemon know the move automatically if caught during the community day time frame?

  61. Yes, if the Pokémon is capable of spawning or comes from a research reward claimed during the community day event, it will know its community day move. Just bear in mind that it's likely that only Pokémon that had community days in 2021 and 2022 will get access to their moves during December Community Day.

  62. Is there any discord or something like that to quickly access Niantic campfire? I need that raid map feature badly.

  63. Just depends on how dense the spawns are where you are and how much you are willing to move around for other spawns. If I stick around in an area with a small amount of spawns even lured I would only get 0-2 shiny, but if I go some place more dense and walk around I can get 5-8 in the same amount of time.

  64. Watching the 2022 Pokémon GO Salt Lake Regional Championships live gives us any code or something to get a Field Research like last time?

  65. They only appear on gyms with the EX raid tags (and even then, not all of them), and they would've appeared yesterday evening if they were going to appear.

  66. When the message that the egg is ready to hatch appears, can you hatch it later and, for example, hatch all of them in one moment, despite the differences in the distance that had to be covered? I think about it with the halloven event in mind.

  67. Is there a list or dicussion of shadow pokemon that if purified and lucky traded would be good for raiding (or masters league or possible ultra/grest anything). I.e. dratini and magickarp and larvitar. I know usually the high attack is bad for pvp, but good for masters league, but sometimes can be good (i.e. umbreon). So the cp cap of most of the current rocket pokemon makes them bad for the 12/12/12 iv floor.

  68. Pokemon which have a mega useful for raids are good for purifying to lucky trade. Anything else should only be purified if you want to trade shinies.

  69. Purification in and of itself in a post shadow bonus environment is generally a consideration in oddly specific edge cases. Almost all purified lucky trades are a gain, but it requires the "negative" of purifying the thing then using it in a trade, with the oddly specific edge case being that it'd be extremely cheap to invest into, so it's something that you would eventually want to get with the intention of maxing it out.

  70. Every shadow is instantly worse for raids when you purify it, aside from the temporary fact that it gets to level 25 right away. You just can't compete with the 20% damage bonus. It's so huge that shadows outperform normal mons that are 10+ levels higher.

  71. I've been considering using a full poison team for Halloween cup next week, with Toxapex, Nidoqueen and Golbat. My only concern is opposing Frosslass, but I'm not sure who I should add to the team to fight it. Maybe Umbreon, but that would make Shadow Scizor could potentially become an even greater user. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  72. Hi. Can I get shadow banned from traveling to a different country? I almost don't see pokemons after traveling..

  73. Depends on if you legitimately travelled there or not ;) there are some sort of timers too so if you are really there you may have to wait a bit.

  74. How does friendship damage in raids work in a mixed group? So me and my wife are best friends, me and my cousin are ultra friends, if we all raid together how do the damage boosts work?

  75. Can there be multiple lobbies created for a Hoopa raid? Like if group 1 battles and beats Hoopa then can group 2 try as well? Or does it go away and group 2 can only get the rare spawns around the gym?

  76. Yes, multiple groups can do the raid, though beware that you can't create private lobbies, so you'll have to wait for the first group to actually get in the raid to start the second one.

  77. When I go near a gym I get zapdos and other rare spawns on the radar but when I go to the location they flee but reappear on the radar back at the gym. Can anyone explain?

  78. The bonus is only active within a certain radius of the gym where Hoopa was defeated (if it's actually working at all - it isn't for a lot of people). Within this radius, you're meant to get switched to a different set of spawns and this affects what you can see on your nearby. However, if you leave the radius, you lose the bonus and spawns revert back to normal. So unless the rare spawns are inside the radius, you can't get them.

  79. I've got a question with regards to noibat eggs in GO Halloween event! In order to get noibat in the pool, do you need to GET 7km eggs during the event? Do you need to HATCH them during that time? Or is it necessary to GET and HATCH them?

  80. The contents of an egg are determined when the egg is received. So you need to get the eggs during the event. It doesn't matter when you hatch them.

  81. Definitely. Volt Switch, wild charge, superpower, Acrobatics, drain punch, there are lots of possibilities.

  82. If you have the ability to form change it, you can change it to Confined form and then transfer it to Home. It cannot be transferred in Unbound form and if you haven't got the ability to form change it, you're currently stuck with it.

  83. I'm sitting under the first elite raid of the day in ly town and there's nobody around yet rare pokemon are spawning, is that normal?

  84. Do you think we’ll get another one of these mega raids soon? I’m so upset I missed this cause of work 🥺

  85. Has anyone else been losing to Arlo recently? I can beat him somewhat but sometimes his team feels like they've been buffed at times and his team changing around a little bit doesn't help either.

  86. No. His team can be a bit awkward if it has both Salamence and Gardevoir and Gardevoir has Charm, but my Charizard/Swampert/Tyranitar squad usually works just fine.

  87. Noob question here, I’m a returning player from 2017, I’ve seen a lot of videos about Giovanni and looked up and found out I’d have to do a special research to defeat him but when do I get that special research I’m level 35, I’ve done the mew special research, done the meleotta special research, currently doing the celebi research but Giovanni research has never popped up

  88. So at some point you should've received a research called A Troubling Situation. This is like the introduction to Team Go Rocket research. Once you complete that you're eligible to receive the periodic research tasks that let you encounter Giovanni. The problem is that there isn't currently a research that lets you encounter Giovanni available. The last one was only available to start up until the beginning of September. For now you'll have to wait until Giovanni changes his line up, as that will cause a new research to be made available. We don't know when he'll do that, though it is expected that it'll probably be some time between now and the end of November.

  89. Everyone can get pokemon home for free so it doesn't make any sense to try and share one account to potentially be breaking the rules.

  90. I live in Asia and Mr Mime is spawning everywhere. Is there some kind of event detail that I didnt take note of?

  91. Not sure if this has already been answered but I have Hoopa Confined and missed out on the Mischief Unbound research so I can’t change its form. If I somehow manage to successfully defeat/capture Hoopa in an elite raid, would that allow me to unlock the unbound form on my existing Hoopa, or would I be stuck with two separate Hoopas that are locked in their respective form?

  92. I checked online raid maps to see where ex gyms are but I don't actually know what time it will start (11am, 2pm, 5pm) or if the gyms even have that egg to begin with. Is there an online tool that can show me if a gym far away from me has an egg on it/what the timer on that egg is?

  93. Yes, Campfire can see them everywhere in the world. You can get an invitation to it, and there's

  94. It was working in my town earlier. Did you already catch everything around the gym? And did you have a timer on the right of the screen indicating an event bonus?

  95. Not a question and not an answer. Just a thought. This whole elite raid with Hoopa and timers and special "bonus" is just dumb. It's not making me interested in being a trained monkey for something I have and will only be useful if I have about 296 more of.

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