Fashion Week 2022 feels like an extended Gothita Community Day

  1. I’ve checked nearly 1300 Murkrow and no shiny yet. So I’m happy to see them. But as soon as I get two shinies to have the set, I’ll never want to see them again. 🤣

  2. Why is Diglett ultra rare? I really wanted to shiny hunt it, but with full shiny odds and with 1 Diglett per continent it's almost impossible to even try :c

  3. Don't worry, you will see Gothita again in the Halloween event, and don't forget that we just had lots of Gothita spawns in the Physic event, so I think it's not the Season of Light, but the Season of Gothita.

  4. Mine are mostly Croagunk & Murkrow. The ‘gunks are nice since I want to build an UL And Toxicroak. The Murkrow just seem to waste balls with the low catch rate. The goths & glams have been nice to farm dust and xp, though, so no complaints.

  5. I love the Murkrows though. A little harder to catch, but we’ve have windy weather and some high level ones have spawned and Honchkrow is the pretty solid.

  6. I really want more Mareanie spawns so I can PVP IV hunt. That's all. I play a lot and I'm barely seeing them. It's really frustrating knowing it's going to change the GL meta and worrying about not being able to find enough spawns to find a "good" one.

  7. Right? I don’t PvP IV hunt, but usually I get a handful to pick from to decide “this one has better IV’s, but this one will cost less to power up”, and such decisions. This time it feels like I’ll be lucky if I even get enough candies to evolve a Mareanie, let alone power up and second move it for GL.

  8. And here I am with one that’s ranked number 1 in Gl and probably won’t use it much. It was 499 cp with 0/15/15. Hopefully you find one

  9. I see a lot of Gothita and Murkrow. Would love to see more of the costume pokemon then the one that can't be shiny and the bird.

  10. And this is why I'm curious to why everyone is so excited about the upcoming evolution event. Enjoy wasting 5 Ultra Balls for a Haunter.

  11. Upshot: Gothita and Furfrou are two easy excellents. Gothita-size targets may be some of the easiest in the game, and the way the circle matches the size of the actual mon means it's an easy 1170/1270 per throw. (You do have some sort of Mega Max running, don't you?)

  12. The Furfrou are easy excellents, but they keep breaking out of curved ultra balls. The Kirlia and Honchkrow like to break out too. I have all platinum medals but it doesn't feel like it.

  13. Pokémon like Gothita are more of a challenge for me to hit Excellent throws on because I don't do well with ones that are up close. FurFrou is easy, though.

  14. Where i live it's murkrow community day, feels like 50% of the spawns are just murkrow. Even forgotten that toxapex was released with the fashion week since i've seen 2 in total. One was from a raid

  15. Gimme all the Gothita…not b/c I like that Pokè, but b/c it’s an easy excellent throw. I’ll keep racking up that sweet XP.

  16. Trade you I see mainly Croagunk and Furfrou. Had to go to a nearby town for most of the other costumed pokes. No shiny Absols but 2 Blitzle shiny with very bad IV's.

  17. Either it's a swarm of Gothita, or a swarm of croagunks... Though I saw 3 Murkrow in a perfect row (evenly spaced, no gaps) by a stop tonight.

  18. Man, I have not had this problem at all. A healthy mix of spawns, though to be fair, our weather has fluctuated a lot this last week.

  19. Idk it's a good opportunity to get candy and XL for Gothita if you're into that but personally I'm very pleased with this event and the spawns. Was not expecting Absol to be in the wild and common enough that I would end up with a few shinies for it. So far I've gotten at least a shiny of every single featured species, I even managed 2 of the Diglett. My luck really came out for this event because I only need a few more Furfrou as well, I haven't had this much fun with an event in quite some time.

  20. I've gotten 3 shinies this event,,, all non event mons... Not sure if that's really bad luck or really good luck.

  21. I dont mind it because I need to hoard the Gothita for the double XP evolve spotlight hour coming up.

  22. yeah, was thinking the same this morning. 70-80% of the spawns around me were Gothita & Murkrow. Ugh.

  23. I have seen very little other than gothita too. I did get lucky today and found a shiny absol. Question is whether I keep it on pogo or send it home. I have noticed that digglet was quite rare for me.

  24. Absol is in 3-star raids often-ish, but not with the glasses... So it's very possible you'll find another normal shiny to send to Home. I would keep it in pogo

  25. I don’t mind the gothita since it’s final evolution isn’t half bad, but my problem is glameow. I already have 5 shinies and purugly literally has the word ugly in it, which I think describe it pretty well.

  26. I've only seen like 3 Blitzle's and somehow that's the shiny I get after all of the Murkrow's and Croagunk's I've seen all week.

  27. This happens in most events, it's to be expected. What I'm disappointed is the number of Furfrou... they don't seem equal with some other spawns. Not to mention they have so many forms.

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