Fashion Week Boxes

  1. Straight trash.. niantic artificially inflating their prices, 2-3x what it should be, as if somehow these virtual items are subject to inflationary pressure and supply chain issues. Get real, Niantic. While Europe is paying 5 or 10x more for gas/petrol/electricity/energy, Niantic thought they should join the fun. Not long ago 1480 coins was sufficient for a good stock of incubators or passes. Now its 3000+ for a couple passes and 10 incubators. It doesn’t require advanced math skills to see the difference.. so they must think we’re really stupid.

  2. I really hope not.. I haven't bought anything since they had the boxes with 18 super incubators in them. These boxes are straight crap.

  3. They make them worse so when they release a box that seems ok people go crazy, even tho they wont even be nearly as good as previous boxes.

  4. These boxes are hot garbage. I admit to almost mindlessly buying boxes but I haven’t since they got rid of the last decent adventure box. Losing my money for sure

  5. Only thing I use coins on now is incubators, so the hatch box is decent being 5 incubators for the price of 3 1/3 incubators, but that’s about it.

  6. I've dropped 1k~ in July and August and havent bought any of these newer boxes (aside from that remote raid box) this month.

  7. The point may actually not be to get people to actually buy them. It may be to allow F2P players a chance to save up coins for better boxes.

  8. Well, I got a few off those 3x remote raid pass boxes with some added goodies for 299 which was ok but yeah otherwise I stay wide away from these ones….

  9. Ah yes, the raid box! I love that it gives me 50 ultra balls so I don't run out of ultra balls while I'm catching raid bosses!

  10. I hate they call it a "Raid Box" when there is no discount on raid passes. As a person that likes to raid, there's no incentive to go out when both passes are the same value, so I just stay home and do remote raids. NIA is clickbaiting their costumers and people will leave because of this.

  11. This is why I've stopped spending. Not a single one of those boxes is even mildly appealing. So, instead of spending a bunch of my coins on passes, I'll use the 20-ish Premium Passes I've saved and only buy remote ones.

  12. Nah, that box wouldn't have dropped as is at 1480. Less than 60 coins for an incubator would be a new historic low, or at least close to it. Even 2020 Niantic wouldn't do that.

  13. I don't even understand the point of a raid box that's >2x more expensive than buying the passes individually. Even the people who are still raiding aren't going to buy it.

  14. The funny thing is that they've completely removed ANY incentive to do in person premium raids. I'm paying 100 coins per pass, anyway, why should I choose a green instead of the blue one? It's baffling

  15. That's been like the only one that hasn't be outright terrible but it's also very barebones :/ (still, it's essentially free items if you're buying remote passes anyways)

  16. Geez, Niantic breaking out the April Fools jokes early. That "Raid box" for 700 coins give 3 raid passes, some balls and 2 poffins. That must be like a historically low value box right?

  17. There's something kind of funny about incubating a 12km egg using the infinite incubator. Every time I place an egg in it I give Niantic the finger

  18. At this point I’m convinced that they don’t care about the game or the players anymore. They are making it clear that their mission is to milk as much as they can from the whales.

  19. Not gonna lie, getting the feeling that their other projects are bombing hard (see: the tons of recent layoffs) and they are getting desperate to milk money out of the only successful one left.

  20. Niantic is probably trying a starvation tactic of having bad boxes for a duration (probably this entire season), so when the holidays come around they can release half decent boxes that people will buy tons of to hoard up in fear of not having another good deal for another long period of time.

  21. Wait... So 699 for 3 pases, two poffins and 50 Ulta balls. Pases: 100x3= 300 Poffins: 100x2= 200 Ultraballs: 199??? What is that? Am I mathing correctly?

  22. I suppose their logic is that 50 pokeballs is 250 coins in the shop so this is a good deal. But who tf buys balls in the shop??? (Sorry rural players)

  23. Is this some sick joke? I remember the box with 20 green passes for 1480 coins around Christmas back in the day, why would you buy this garbage?

  24. They used the discounted prices to get people hooked on easy raiding, now they ramp up the prices knowing the addicts will pay top dollar to keep up the raid high.

  25. I'd be very curious to know how boxes are selling since they've moved from the Ultra/Adventure boxes at 1480coins that we've been used to for years. As an average spender, I've been putting money regularly in the game mostly to raid, so I'd buy the ultra box, even when it only had 14 passes because I'd get some premium items as well. Recently I've been buying the 299c box for the 3 remote passes (so I've been using remote passes to do in-person raids) since with the incubator it was a fair deal. But as much as I'd like to spend money to raid Yveltal a lot like I'd want to do, I'm not going to do that to buy 3 passes at 700c, which is the best deal for passes out of those boxes. I really wonder if they're actually making more with those boxes.

  26. More terrible boxes, and coincidentally removing 299 box for 3 remotes + 1 incubator as soon as they put another desirable raid boss into the rotation... Hmm...

  27. They actually just remove the current normal boxes for event boxes as soon as an event starts local time, and have the current normal boxes return once event end ends local time.

  28. To add insult to injury, it used to be 100 coins per 21 hours, and it was easier to get since you didn't have to hope for someone to kick you out.

  29. I'm convinced they don't want my money anymore, It seems like a bad decision to kick your customers with a looming recession on the horizon

  30. Not that I’ve wasted coins on anything but storage upgrades, but it appears the 1480 coins : 20 incubator boxes are gone for good?

  31. Will leaving poor reviews make a difference? I’ve been playing since day 1 travelled to another country for an in person event. I use the game to help with my mental health, I feel betrayed.

  32. I would normally say yes but I kinda get the feeling that they'll just be drowned out by all the other reviews. If the negative reviews could actually get the game's rank to drop significantly on the respective stores, that would maybe be enough to get them to notice. But that's a monumental task for a game this big/popular :(

  33. I really don't know what they're thinking with these prices, because I'm certainly never buying these. I could just buy 2 Premium Battle Pass and 1 Remote Pass individually for 300 Pokecoins instead of buying a Raid Box, which is less than half of the cost. And then there's 2 Poffins for 200 Pokecoins if I really wanted to, and I'd still save coins (and why Poffin in a raid box?)

  34. Those just keep getting worse. Why would anyone pay 700 coins for something worth maybe 300 plus some ultra balls?

  35. These are terrible. I also think it is odd that they keep sticking remote passes in everything. Aren't they trying to nerf remote raids and make in-person raiding relevant again? But I guess the whales must gobble them up.

  36. Yeah, it's weird and it also makes the boxes more difficult to purchase ironically since they still have that absurd 3 cap on buying remote passes (so if you're full on them you literally can't buy the box). So it's like they're shooting themselves in the foot twice. Maybe they think putting remote passes in will get people to pay the absurd prices? :P

  37. Forget the 700 coins for 3 passes in the "raid" box, how are ULTRA BALLS and POFFINS even remotely related to raids? You use premier balls... I guess your buddy can be made a high enough level to throw the ball back? Quite a stretch. Forget being a bad deal, it's not even true to its name or purpose lol.

  38. So what you're saying is I have to do all my remote raids as soon as the shiny is confirmed but before 10:00 a.m. my time got it lol

  39. That's my exact plan. Remote heavy until 10am PT tomorrow (after shiny confirmed of course). At least I get a free incubator for every three raids.

  40. To be fair, you can wait for next week (Yveltal will still be around), once the Training Box returns (hopefully) after the Fashion Week event

  41. It's this actually gaining Niantic more money? All it is doing to me is causing me to raid less, and if I do run out of remotes during an event, buying as few as possible one at a time.

  42. I really wish they'd just bring back the OG boxes that cost like 1400ish coins, was the cheapest way for me to get the incubators

  43. I have barely raided in recent weeks, mostly because it is too expensive. I am going to use up what incubators I have for the Fashion event and then buy no more. I used to not fuss about doing a few too many raids, back when remote passes were three for 250 coins. When they went to 300 for three I slowed down. Now that the boxes are so so bad I am trying to raid as little as possible. And no, Niantic, I will not do more in person raids to make up for it. I value my time too much for that.

  44. An actual "good" subscription service would be a super great idea. But they'd have to actually provide value there.

  45. Bunch of crap boxes. Lots of garbage incubators. I stopped buying them before because their gambling rates aren't really "public" (1egg and 4 egg aren't actual rates they're just tiers, put a percentage on each hatchable pokemon) and quite often a lot of the newer shinies from said egg pools either aren't turned on or switched off halfway through an event or something else.

  46. Why do they even bother putting remote raid passes in boxes? That immediately makes it harder for people to buy the box if they are already capped on passes. It's like they really don't want people to buy these...

  47. These boxes are actually sad, it’s not even disappointing, it’s an insult to the Pokémon go community. Ultra balls in a raid box, how does that even make sense? I remember the boxes being worth buying, now they’re almost worthless

  48. Honestly that price for the Ultra Box would still be too much for me. Poffins are a total filler item - they're just inflating the price. And god knows I don't need regular raid passes (though at least I'd count that as a "good" item)

  49. Niantic is sure working in the opposite direction for incentivizing activity in the game. I used to run Super Incubators non-stop and host multiple in-person raids daily. I bought 100k coins in May due to a few coupons and offers I had stacked up to get a savings but it's looking like I'll have these coins well into next year by only buying remote raid passes.

  50. So if Boxes like these have no measured decrease on "Box Spend" Pokemon Go has a serious problem of all the "real" money coming from Super(?)-whales.

  51. Well it's the same for every event bois we shouldn't be to excited or have high hopes anymore. Really miss the old boxes.

  52. these are sooo bad leave the training box! all I really want is a box that’s a deal on premium passes :/

  53. Can these get any worse ?! There hasn’t been a decent box for raid passes since season start. At least before you got 18 raid passes I believe for 1480 coins and some extras.

  54. So to someone who actually cares about incubators, is any of these boxes a good deal. I see a lot of comments saying they're not but those comments also say they only care about remote passes. If we consider incubators and passes are any of them good?

  55. Not that case when you compare to the 1480 boxes. Adventure box has 18+2 incubators, which means 74 coin per incubator. The 1480 ultra box has 18 passes which mean 83 coin per pass.

  56. I unironically haven't purchased a single box since they became these silly ones with the random trash in them, as someone who only purchased them for raid passes, and I'm sure others can relate, it's been a while for us raiders now since a decent box and I will continue not putting a single penny in until they return, not because I'm spiteful, but because they silly boxes have no use to me 🤷

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