Height and Weight for PvP - What could they do?

  1. In the MSG those moves do indeed do damage based off weight, but it’s not a continuous scale. It’s more weight classes. Grass Knot does 80 base damage at 50-100 kg, 100 base at 100-200 kg, 120 base at 200+ kg.

  2. There used to be a bug back near the beginning of pogo where evolved Pokemon had their weight pulled from the pre-evolution's weight distribution. I have a 6kg Vaporeon (normally 29kg) and a 16kg Gyarados (normally 235kg) ready to facetank every GK if they were to ever make it weight-dependent.

  3. In the main games, until recently Pokemon only have one weight, the same one listed in the Pokedex. Some of the games like PLA do have size variations now (perhaps inspired by Go?).

  4. After most players have raised their team based on IV's/legend/elite moves if they introduce a new measure like height and weight people with 'low end' versions of their built up team will HATE it (but lucky heavy weight owners will enjoy it).

  5. Seriously, please, it's cumbersome/expensive enough to get a hundo or at least a 98% ith 15 attack for ML. It takes long enough to get a rank 50- for GL and UL.

  6. This please. Fix the damn game pleaseZ there are so many QoL fixes that need to be implemented and many at the most foundational level… speaking if levels, display Pokémon levels in game, add a trade counter so we know what trade we are on, when going into the gym defender screen auto sort to gyms that are being defended, and extension of this is once I’m done remotely feeding a gym berries bring me back to the gym defense screen and not exit me all the way out, also there should be a “feed 10 berries” button so you don’t have to do it individually. Trading 100 Pokémon needs to not take an entire hour due to long clunky animations… these are just a few foundational changes that should happen before making PvP even more inaccessible to people.

  7. To be honest heigh and weight are visible in this game rather than attack and defense so it would be easy to be implemented.

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