Would overworld shinies be a good QoL feature?

  1. Players would find it easier for shiny hunting. But you don't need to click on a pokémon unless you are planning on catching it, this means people would spend less time on the game. Niantic will never implement this feature even if pokémon company says yes. This suggestion is same as saying daily coin limit should go up to 100 coins, great for player but not for Niantic's profits.

  2. Wouldn’t it be less interaction with the game but the same amount of play time? You still play and walk around but instead of clocking in every single shiny potential you continue to walk. I don’t think people would actually play less.

  3. In theory yes. But no in practice. It could lead to people engaging less. At the moment Niantic generates data off of your time and engagement during play. The longer you are using the game the more data they gather. If it takes me seconds to shiny check just by looking then I will not take the time to click in every single shiny eligible pokemon.

  4. No. I remember when this game was new and a Snorlax would pop up on the radar. People would literally dash across the street, regardless of whatever cars were there, just to reach that Pokemon.

  5. No because drivers would make it dangerous stopping at stupid times for shinies that pop up and you'd miss so many due to despawns you'd hate it

  6. This would make getting shinies so much faster when you wouldn't need to stop at every cluster of pokemon spawning, shiny checking all of them and then continuing your hunt. You could just pick the cherries without stopping or putting effort to checking pokemon at all.

  7. Yes. It would do nothing but good for the game. Less repetitive stress injury for players. Far more fun to spot them on the map and just catch them, compared to mindlessly tapping in and out of hundreds of spawns over and over again.

  8. Sucks the fun out of finding them, no thanks. Let's have ditto show on the overworld as well while we're at it

  9. We didn't have shinies until Magikarp in March 2017, but I honestly can't remember. I can see how people enjoy clicking on absolutely everything that spawns to see if it's shiny but for the sake of convenience, I'd love to have overworld shinies lol I only shiny hunt now until there's spawns for my dex that I don't have or there's events.

  10. I remember but people tell me I'm crazy, too. I distinctly remember pointing out a shiny Charmander on the map to my family.

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