PvP known issues updated 23/9: 8 new bugs added

  1. It's more play at your own risk. I encountered one of the issues this morning after playing a previous set with no issues(other than normal network lag).

  2. If you care about your rating, then yes, for the next little while it's not worth playing until Niantic fixes the issue with a new update. We generally get updates every 2-3 weeks unless it's a very minor patch update. Then I can be 3-4 days.

  3. What boggls my mind is that they forced this update to the new version even though it is totaly broken and littered with bugs..

  4. The amount of lag in gbl right now is crazy. I dropped 200 points just testing if the game is playable.

  5. Not surprised they don't acknowledge the massive performance issues a lot of players have been seeing, myself included. I wish this wasn't the case, but hopefully they'll address it ASAP.

  6. Past couple days bringing back bad memories and reminding me why I quit during season 10. It's really rough having a 1-4 that should be a 4-1 when the game just allows your opponent like 5 dragon breaths when you're furiously tapping on the winning charge move and don't get to throw it, when the game decides you should throw 2x two turn fast moves when you're tapping to switch Pokemon, when your opponent gets 2x three turn fast moves on a switch in before you get a single two turn move off, etc

  7. Yo I got a new one (for me) today: Team didnt revive from the last match. I got into a battle, and i only had 1 Pokemon with half health for the entire battle. It ended quite one-sided..

  8. PvP in Pokémon Go is absurdly shoddy. Niantic need to pull it from the game until they can actually get it working as advertised.

  9. I’ll finish a match and hit the battle again button and it will say finding opponent or whatever for a few seconds and kick me out to the screen with the rewards track sometimes multiple times.

  10. The lag is always an issue especially when it comes to using charged attacks. It's like I hit the button why is he doing a normal attack. Ok cool now my opponent is using his charged attack now I'm forced to use a sheild or die before I use mine.

  11. I have lost sooo many matches just because it won’t register my charge moves, or… Well, my tangrowth lost to a swampert using HC… because I couldn’t do anything… Good news is, I have a ton of premium passes from support now… If I just had something to use them on…

  12. I’m currently prevented from finishing my sets because I’ve got Kartana as a reward but my balk and berry options aren’t showing. I’ve used a good few poke balls to no success so gonna wait until it’s fixed as don’t feel like wasting more. Not sure if it’s a widespread bug

  13. I still want to know if the reason they dropped the legendary encounter rate is because of all these bugs.. 'If we drop the rates, fewer people will play, fewer players means less complaints AND less lag!'

  14. I've only been able to replicate it once. Started a battle (but didn't queue with anyone), exited and swapped to the team I wanted. Still used the first team.

  15. The porygon one is the one I am interested in. The rest of it feels like "not my problem" bugs between subsystems, but what possible code route spawns porygon in the sky due to GBL? I wonder if it is porygon due to uncleared memory like the mew encounter in gen 1.

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