Fashion Week Clothing Assets Pushed (PokeMiners)

  1. I wish they’d just make both female and male options available for both avatar sexes, what if I want to dress androgynously?

  2. I wish there was a dressing room type of situation. Try different tops with different pants and shoes before buying the virtual clothing. Sort of dress up virtual Barbie before buying her clothes. Don’t know if that makes sense.

  3. still dont get why they separate clothes by gender, like why cant female characters wear a long jacket or male characters slightly longer socks like what

  4. I know right. Biologically it doesn't even make sense. Females lose temperature quicker, males overheat quicker. If anything, females should get the long jacket and males should get the cropped one (:

  5. Wish they'd just bite the bullet and do the right thing by making all the clothing options available regardless of avatar type. I want the crop top jacket with the shorter socks. Let me mix and match.

  6. Biggest win are actual socks for males lmao. So far we've basically had either undershorts as socks or no socks at all (and technically the Mewtwo pants changing the color of the feet model to purple, but technically aren't socks).

  7. I have never understood Niantic wanting to make the female trainer constantly look like she’s trying to get customers for her high school car wash fundraiser.

  8. It's a game. Normal clothes are boring, I see that every day. I want more bizarre pokemon themed clothes, the weirder the better.

  9. Around the same time that they stop making all the tops for female avatars crop tops and all the shorts for female avatars short shorts.

  10. I don't think they're referencing any specific Pokémon thing with those. It's just a high-fashion streetwear set.

  11. Most likely, they will just be added to the style shop when the event starts. I’m expecting that they will have to be paid for with pokecoins, but I hope at least some of the pieces are free.

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