TERRIBLE GBL gameplay, and it's not because I am bad at it. For four days my gbl experience is extremely terrible, not your usual frame drops or an accidental turn slip. Either game runs smooth and fast, I stream 4k video with the same wifi. But for some reason I am having this clunky experience.

  1. I haven’t even touched GBL today. I’ve failed to host three raids today with remote players via pokegenie. The raid starts for them but I always error out and cannot rejoin.

  2. “Weak connection” in my opinion is on niantics end. Just look at every new season when everyone keeps getting it.

  3. I had issues with multiple raids and a “weak connection”. Niantic gave me back my remote passes, but their response was “try switching to data or wifi if you’re having trouble, since the connection may be due to that.” (I’m paraphrasing). I constantly use data and wifi on my mobile device and have no issues in any other app. Hell, I stream 1080p from twitch over my data sometimes without issue. But PoGo? Yeah, good luck.

  4. Niantic (in their GBL fix update) said that whenever the game lags, it's on the user end (weak connection or device not being compatible).

  5. definately their end, every single phone with any kind of connection has seen weak connection several times

  6. Stop spending money on the game, force Niantic to make a better product. That's about all that can be done. They have no incentive to do better.

  7. The raiders, unaffected by this latest bug, seem to be the big spenders though. I've seen some crazy numbers here, like people who've done 100 raids on a day where something was bugged.

  8. Is there anything I can do to fix it? All other live games are running smoothly, I have refreshed game data, uninstalled and reinstalled, no progress. This only happens in gbl

  9. Nah its latest update. I did 5 games today and all same happen as you. Weakn connection and enemy spam charge moves like last day. Then whiile opponent throw charge move game work like it should. Lag back when battle continue.

  10. The current version of the game os about a brick for most players. Just wait until Niantic figures out how to test in a few decades and we might be able to leave this behind us

  11. i also assume niantic to blame, but it might be worth a look at free ram and free storage space (the latter less probable due to the age of the device)

  12. Under advanced settings have you downloaded game assets and enabled native refresh rate? That helped me last season.

  13. I didn't have much time to play PVP these last few days, so yesterday I thought "Oh, I'll play some more games today!"

  14. Ive been playing gbl daily for almost a year, I live 100km away from a niantic server, my wifi is very decent and this is the first time i've ever experienced that much lag. Its definetly unplayable, gbl is running at like 5 fps or so

  15. I have the same experience. Xiaomi a2 4gb ram, snapdragon 660 aways played flawlessly and now the game explodes when certain pokemon appears in gbl. Venu is the worst offender

  16. Thanks for the post, I thought it was just my game/phone playing up. Hopefully niantic gets its finger out and sorts the problem soon

  17. You're not alone. I have properly fast WiFi. There is nothing that fazes my network. Except this dumbass game. WiFi and mobile. Doesn't make a difference. It's insanity

  18. Having exactly the same problem since the latest update. Everything runs smoothly except the part where your Pokemon is trying to throw fast moves.

  19. My families experience, completely unplayable on Samsung phone and tablet, exact same experience as this video example... It appears to be much better on an iPad and iPhone, still occasional skips and weak connection... but that was also sometimes the experience it was before the update.

  20. After looking at season 12 legend pose that kinda lame for me, and experiencing this horrible GBL lag, finally I have reason to retired from GBL. Already hitting legend in s10 and s11 is enough for me.

  21. I wasn't defending them, rather told my internet and phone is fine, a fine working phone can run 4k videos smoothly, it is exactly at the moment of gbl this occurs with me

  22. So I'm not the only one. It sucks so bad. I think I'm gonna quit playing till they fix this. It seems to me it's not a network issue, but the game starts skipping frames and gets so laggy. Then I get "weak connection"

  23. A way to fix that? Go and be a niantic employee and i'll bet 500$ that you will build a better app without any knowledge.

  24. This looks like every battle I've been in since PvP was introduced and is one of the main reasons I refuse to let them shove the mode down my throat.

  25. Before the update not so bad.. now that the force update has been in effect. Trashy gameplay especially in GBL.. tanked my ELO because of it 😑

  26. I have 2 androids. One is slow during battling after the update and the other is just unplayable. I am using my wife's I-phone to battle and it works just fine.

  27. ugh this makes my blood boil since i lose 5 - 6 matches straight and had favorable lineup and counters due to this lag. ..

  28. All I want is to look someone from Niantic straight in the eyes as I pull out my dueling glove and smack the taste out their mouth and demand satisfaction, then proceed to whoop them in a gbl match after it's fixed 😂

  29. I stopped playing last winter. Was thinking about playing again. I get into the top 10% of pvpers in this game no matter what. I have an ASTOUNDING account. Like AMAZING. 98% shiny Altered Giratina with a few shiny 100% regular mons, maybe a good 50-75 shundos over playing for years. 0/15/15 in many of the best pvp moms for GL and UL. My ML is lacking a little as I need to double move the legendaries that are meta. But GL and UL is no problem for me… just got tired of playing. It makes me feel like the account is not being put to use for all the effort that was put into it.

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