What are your expectations about the Halloween 2022 event?

  1. While I'd love to see Mimikyu, I don't feel like it's a lock this year. While it's not hard to get around (by ignoring it), gimmicky ability Pokemon are typically sat on for a longer amount of time than usual.

  2. Franken Gengar? Do you mean the Mega Banette Costume it had in 2020? Didn't know people called it Franken lol. I wish they would do an actual costume to look like Frankenstein's Monster

  3. It's funny that your guess seems out there, but I'd honestly say it isn't and is reasonable instead, based on what we got last year.

  4. I'm just here to let you know I did a double take on that day... October 23 is a Sunday and you had me tripping because my birthday is the 22nd and I was thinking I was wrong about it being on a Saturday this year lol

  5. Guzzlord is a lock, and I'd like to see Origin Giratina and (finally) Dark Void Darkrai, but I'm not sure we'd see all of those within 2-3 weeks in the latter part of October. Maybe Giratina or Dark Void Darkrai as a raid day, but idk.

  6. my wish is for base rotom to finally be released but i doubt he will... not sure why it's function is basically the same as furfrou and he's in the game...

  7. They couldn't even get Mow Rotom right (it lacks Leaf Storm because they programmed its moveset pre-Leaf Storm in Go and didn't think/care to update it this summer), so I'm convinced they don't care about Rotom

  8. Mega Banette is de facto confirmed. If you check up one, you can see that it already has a Mega Energy count.

  9. Since there is Hisuian Zorua to be released in the future and that there are only 5 unreleased Pokémon from Unova with two of those being Zorua and Zoroark, I think there is a good chance that it is the one, new Pokémon family to be introduced this Halloween. Unfortunately, I think Niantic will want to try to monetize Zorua by being raid and/or egg exclusive and players will want to get enough of them to have the candy to evolve which means them using raid passes or incubators. Though there is a possibility that they also release it in the wild as a rare spawn.

  10. Raid day for both Giratina forms, one form with its Signature move Shadow Force, or Dark Void Darkrai would be nice. Though I'd admittedly be more disappointed if the raid day was just one Giratina or Darkrai, without any new signature move.

  11. I see a lot of predictions/hopes for Mimikyu, but no mention of the other unreleased ghost types from Alola - Sandygast and Dhelmise. Without gimmicks they may be easier to add to the game.

  12. While I'd love to see Mimikyu, I don't feel like it's a lock this year. While it's not hard to get around (by ignoring it), gimmicky ability Pokemon are typically sat on for a longer amount of time than usual.

  13. Have to say the wild spawns during the Mettle Event were REALLY good imo so i'm hoping for part 2 - Phantump, G-Yamask, Sableye, Mimikyu.

  14. Dunno about expectations but all I care about is GiratinaA in raids and hopefully both forms of yamask. Mimikyu would be awesome. Sand castle dude would be cool but runerigus is pretty legit now already

  15. I'm just hoping this is the year they finally allow yamask to spawn outside of Halloween events once it's done. Also wild galarian yamask because I want the level 1s.

  16. I don’t think anyone mentioned Shiny Golett/Golurk. That thing’s been released for a while and still doesn’t have a shiny. I think that one should be first and maybe with Shiny Galarian Yamask.

  17. Sableye was datamined, but Banette looks more imminent, as it's energy is already live in-game. I suppose they could do both, but I feel like they'd want to save the last Ghost Mega for next Halloween.

  18. After all comments, I’d love lots of new Halloween clothes and poses. And I hope that this event would have again two different spawns like last time. 😉

  19. Even though it's not something I bought, I was a big fan of the Halloween pose from last year. I do hope we see another new one.

  20. I’m looking for candy related bonus. Particularly guaranteed XL candies. Also, running low on Gengar Mega Energy and wouldn’t mind a weekend of Mega Gengar. 😂

  21. Another crack at Darkri, I missed it last time and I really like Halloween Pika. It'd be nice if the rockets tied in with the theme; shadow gengar, zubat, sableeye etc. Other than that I'm not expecting much tbh.

  22. Necrozma and Hisuian Typhlosion would be nice; although I believe guzzlord, mega Banette, and mega sableye have been datamined, I believe we will also see mega gengar, houndoom, and/or absol return at some point

  23. I really loved getting guaranteed XLs for walking last year. I’ve waited a whole year for Niantic to bring it back. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get it for Halloween again this year.

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