Suggestion: Weather Forecast

  1. My understanding is that Niantic does a daily pull of the hourly weather forecast from Accuweather. That's why it can be so off, because it doesn't update as the day progresses. But the problem is that their contract with Accuweather is probably very specific about how they can use the data and prevents them from publishing any data beyond the current hour. Niantic could improve their weather system by pulling weather closer to real time from Accuweather. Or they could do as you suggest. But either of these would cost them money.

  2. Yeah, makes perfect sense that altering the deal with AccuWeather would be a cost they don't care to incur.

  3. Even showing the current and next weather in campfire would be really helpful. Especially for those of us near the corner of a weather cell. But I suspect it’d get used more by spoofers than by legit players.

  4. Yes, but they take it several hours in advance, whereas accuweather updates throughout the day. So you might check accuweather and see that it isn't the same weather as Pokémon Go is currently displaying, because the Pokémon Go accuweather data was taken from several hours before.

  5. How about no. There are already enough complaints about the weather not being right. Let PoGo be PoGo, it doesn't need to replace your weather app. And you want it forecasting down to the hour?

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