249 Assets!

  1. I assume all the horrendous boxes that have been offered throughout the past couple of months were beta testing to see how much they can charge for what kinds of boxes.

  2. I did my part in not buying any of them, despite always buying the Elite Charged TM box for 11xx. The price was raised, and the accompanying items were improved, but I didn't want to give Niantic any idea that this was okay.

  3. I get the sinking feeling that it will be some sort of a raid pass for regional variants of Vivillon wing patterns. Truly is the devil pokemon

  4. Trainers we hear you are dissatisfied with the current boxes so now we have changed how boxes look! Prices start at 2299 for three remote passes!

  5. I hope this doesn't mean they're going to introduce boxes players have to earn the privilege to buy. I can't really imagine what the bronze, silver, and gold boxes are for outside of that or maybe a special event we aren't aware of.

  6. A remote pass that you recharge by walking sounds amazing. Say 5km per use and you can only have 1 charge at a time. Please, Niantic!

  7. Ok but like... This is actually such a good idea. I hate that Niantic is run by Niantic instead of people who can actually come up with good ideas.

  8. Purple? Can be used for remotes or in person? Hopefully i can exchange the premiums i have rotting in my inventory. I just dont raid like i did prepandemic before i moved several states away.

  9. If I were to dream, it will be a timed raid Pass, like for 30 minutos u get to raid whatev, most likely distwnce, but I expect an Event icon for Passes like we have the white one currenty for timed Research for pvp

  10. I'm still so disappointed that they didn't release Scatterbug during the gen 6 launch. Thought the new raid boss teaser was going to be for Scatterbug, since remote raiding had recently come out and it would've been a great opportunity to release a Pokemon with varying forms from different places around the globe. And then they dropped Espurr and shot that hope down.

  11. Honestly its going to be a nightmare unless theres a discord or reddit made where you know where you need a postcard from and an get them. Maybe a place where you delete the person once you have enough postcards.

  12. It was already datamined. After collecting enough postcards from gifts all over the world, based on the places that you collected them from, you'll get a Vivillon encounter

  13. I'm excited to see that all twenty patterns of Vivillon are present, including the hard-to-find event-exclusive Poke Ball and Fancy patterns. I hope they won't be too hard to get.

  14. As you said - event exclusive. Probably sometime after they see an uptick in friends being made and gifts being sent.

  15. They'll probably do a 249.1 before they release it, otherwise there will be a drop in the number of people playing the game once forced.

  16. So ready to attack Niantic before any details are released. Can you at least be patient with the pitchforks? I promise you can still get the first stab.

  17. To be honest, I'm happy to see the new boxes. Hopefully they are tailored to each specific need like in person raids, eggs or remote

  18. Dear players, we noticed that you all love our boxes. So starting today we are now selling empty boxes for 2400! its great for collectors!

  19. It doesn't say Adventure Box New, so maybe they're bringing back the 18 incubator adventure box. It's been very refreshing not hatching many eggs tho tbh.

  20. They need to hurry up and drop Vivillion... I'm traveling as we speak, so need to make the most of my time around the world 🤣

  21. It was already datamined. After collecting enough postcards from gifts all over the world, based on the places that you collected them from, you'll get a Vivillon encounter

  22. The beginning of the end for remote raids has begun. But I'm interested to see what the new pass is for. Maybe for EX raids that actually work?

  23. Nothing scares me more than the thought of not being able to obtain a free raid pass if my bag is full. If they put them in boxes... Well, it won't be pretty.

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