Anyone know why controlling glyphs was hard for Amity but easy for Gus?

  1. Yeah and no. In this ep he did have some already prepared by Luz, but in Lab Runners he drew the glyph himself, and with his foot, and it worked pretty well.

  2. Another good reason could be Gus is a quick learner. He like the youngest one in hexside or something along those lines.

  3. That would make sense since he did draw a fire glyph in the labyrinth episode without any practice drawing glyphs (as far as we know).

  4. Cause in Luz words “you gotta know what you want” or something like that. Amity doesn’t really understand glyphs/know how they work. She just drew a circle and hoped for the best. Compare to Gus knowing what he wanted out of the glyphs or at least had an idea

  5. Moreover, Gus being in the illusion track, that system of needing to know what you want would be very familiar to him

  6. My guess is that Luz said it was about visualizing what you want it to do. Illusions seem to deal with imagining what is happening and bringing it to reality, and Gus is a prodigy with illusions.

  7. Yeah she said “you got to know what you need” so I take that is you have to visualize exactly what you want similar to illusions

  8. I feel abominations have at least some form of envisioning, because we see Amity make a lot of stuff on the fly, Darius and alador too, it's just a more free-form magic while illusions are more detailed to push them more.

  9. Gus is familiar with visualizing what he wants in a way that Amity probably isn't. Additionally, he's used to investigating unfamiliar stuff (mostly human stuff), which probably helps him pick up new skills like "How to use new tools".

  10. Luz said you have to have a clear image of what you want the glyph to be in your head, before activating. I assume illusion magic works similarly. Him already being a prodigy at illusions, should Need less effort to make the glyves(??plural??) work.

  11. I suspect Illusion Magic, like Glyphs, requires you to know what you want to get out of a given Illusion spell. Cross-compatible training, essentially.

  12. My theory is that Gus being an illusionist means that he’s already great at noticing detail. Where as Amity with abomination magic (You’ve seen what the look like right) doesn’t have as much of an eye for detail as it isn’t as required from her to do her magic. Detail would be required in using glyphs correctly.

  13. Its a combination of two things, likely. Gus is literally a child prodigy, skipping multiple grades in hexide to the point that hes the youngest student the illusionist track has ever had. The fact that he is an illusionist is the other side of it--from what we've seen in the show, one of the core parts of an illusionists skillset is an attention to detail, thats the one thing Gray calls out in Labyrinth runners. Between having prior experience with glyphs, and the two factors above, it makes sense Gus would be gifted with them.

  14. Gus seems to be a quick learner and is also just naturally talented (ex he managed to skip a few grades as well as destroy the illusion coven head) which is probably why he had an easier time with them. I could also see him practicing with them before hand since it’s a new type of magic for him to figure out and he seems to be a very curious person on his own.

  15. Anity is kill but Gus was literally showned to be a kid prodigy, both work hard but one is more natural when it comes to skill.

  16. He is a prodigy after all. Afawk, he could be the most naturally gifted witch child in the realm. In the human realm, prodigies usually complete a degree at around gus’ age, so Gus is basically a full powered adult witch, and still not reached his full potential. So far his struggles have been internal, which has been interesting to follow

  17. As an illusionist, Gus just has a vivid imagination? Since you ‘need to know what you want’ the glyph to do, that has to help with visualization.

  18. Gus is a prodigy. I know amity is smart and what not but he’s younger than both willow and amity and is just as if not more adept than they are at magic. That’s my take

  19. my guess is that gus wanted them to like him and wanted the glyphs to look strong and powerful. also when gus used the fire glyph he said “fireball” clearly knowing what he wanted it to do. not exactly sure why Amity’s didn’t work like gus but my best guess is that she didn’t have what she wanted to happen in mind, along with the glyph being drawn awkwardly.

  20. Probably because you have to have a "strong and clear mental image" of what you want glyph to do. What kind of glyph is used is probably only the part of the spell. We saw many times Luz using same glyph for different effect, for example first time plant glyph made a flower, but in later episodes it creates controlable vines.

  21. I figured it's because Amity most likely was stifled by her parents, they basically pushed her to use nothing but abomination magic day in, day out. Sure she's good at it, she probably enjoys it a little, but she had no way of practicing anything else. Gus focuses on illusions because he wants to, maybe he practices other magic when he's at home. He could be good with everything as far as we know, but he wanted to put his energy into visual shenanigans

  22. Gus's specialty in Illusions translates very well into controlling glyphs. Luz said it requires being able to know what you want them to do, and what you need, meaning on some level you have to be able to visualize and plan ahead of time.

  23. I think people are underestimating the fact that Amity is trying to do a limited effect with a specific outcome.

  24. Cause gus had glyphs pre-drawn by luz, while amity tried drawing her own and thus they were harder to control

  25. It's all about knowing what ya want. Gus, being an illusionist, probably is pretty good at imagining what he wants to happen when he does a spell. So, naturally that'd apply to glyphs too.

  26. Gus is an illusionist he is used to visualizing what he wants. As a specialist in abominations Amity isn't used to visualizing details.

  27. Id say its because thier magic types. Gus is used to controlling what his spells do while amity summons the abomination and tells it what to do then it does it.

  28. Gonna go with imagination. One of the thing Luz explained to Eda and Lilith when she taught them Glyph magic is that you have to direct the magic how you want it and also use a little imagination or picture what you want the glyphs to do. Also that horrid circle and plant glyphs was atrocious.

  29. As Luz said "you gotta know what you want." Amity maybe didn't know what kind of flowers would be appropriate (does the demon realm even have flowers btw?) for Luz's tradition.

  30. Well,considering that Gus is in the illusion track I’d expect him to be creative and could maybe picture what he wanted in his mind easier than mittens could?

  31. Luz said you have to know what you want. As an illusion witch Gus naturally has a picture of what he wants the glyph to do in his head already

  32. Illusion magic works better with attention to detail, so it makes sense that Gus would be better at using Glyphs. It’s just reproducing an image, and he’s already great at that.

  33. gus is an illusionist, with a more creative and decisive mind. amity isnt cuz her whole life was her trying to impress her parents, so she never thought to herself that much

  34. Well his were pre made while amity had to try to make it herself, maybe how well it’s made affects how easy it is to control.

  35. I could possibly be that gus is better than amity at something? Like he just has more talent in this regard?

  36. It might be that there isn’t yet an Abomination glyph and Amity is more specialized. Like yeah, Gus uses Illusion magic, but perhaps the requisite creativity and imagination help him envision himself controlling x, y or z via the glyphs’ effects.

  37. Don’t you think that they have to picture it in their mind to use a glyph? I mean imagine you want a little rose flower you picture it in your mind then BOOM you got yourself a rose bush

  38. Gus was handed ready to go glyphs and saw them up close making him capable of drawing the fire glyph is the abomination puddle amity has never gotten a good look

  39. I'd say that's because you need to have a clear image of what you want when you use a gliph. Yes, Amity creates abominations but Gus is an ilusionist, he probably has a much more plastic imagination to create ilusions from nothing

  40. Maybe because Gus used the glyph Luz make and Amity try to do one herself. Gus seems also surprised after using successfully the fire glyph. I’m absolutely NOT sure about this tho.

  41. Because you have to visualize what you want it to do which is easier for gus because he's a naturaly creative person and that's also sorta what illusion magic is.

  42. Gus is a skilled illusionist, so he's used to envisioning complicated ideas from nothing, which is pretty integral for getting complex effects out of glyphs

  43. Gus had spent considerably more time with Luz by that point than Amity, and on top of that, is more interested in researching such things

  44. Gus is an illusionist & is trained to think/ envision his constructs already. I’m not sure but I think abomination magic works as muscle or enhancer type magic. Which would explains the gap in proficiency.

  45. I feel it has something to do with envisioning what he wants. He's an illusionist. And a damn strong one. There probably isn't as much leniency with illusions as there is with abomination, because abominations are more freeform. Both Amity and Gus are good at thinking on their feet but gus is more detail based, while Amity is probably more power based.

  46. All these comments have good answers, just wanted to add that Hunter was also able to use the glyphs really well. Maybe it’s because he was a bit of a spell himself, and for Gus maybe it’s just because he’s good at magic. Glyphs just seem to click for some people

  47. Glyphs are more than just a drawing. Much like spell circles the caster must have a grip on what they want for the spell to work.

  48. maybe because Amity never needed glyphs in the past so she has less experience with them, I mean Amity knows other spells other than Abominations so she doesn't necessarily need the glyphs to help her out. Gus however, said he doesn't know any spells besides illusions hence, Luz helping him out with glyphs exposed him more to using it since it's easier than learning other spells

  49. I think in this case Gus was trying to make a larg thorn vine while amity was trying to make a flower perhaps it easier to go larger then it is to change the type of plant

  50. Gus loves human stuff, and when Luz came he tried to learn about her. So naturally he wanted to learn about how Luz was doing magic in the first place.

  51. Well it depends on your mindset(like luz said) for Gus, he was in an amazing mood and had a confidence boost. While amity was in a bad mood and wasn’t confident in herself

  52. I like to think because Gus is an illusionist he has to visualize and know what he needs/wants when controlling them

  53. He has a great imagination and knows what he wants to do before he does it and Amity kinda just goes with the flow

  54. Amity takes things very logically, meaning she didn’t have a clear intention on what the glyph should’ve done. Amity thought she could just tap it and it would do want she wanted, Gus treated it as a tool he could use and shape. He knew what he wanted (like a fireball earlier in the episode). Illusions are similar to glyphs as in you might need to know what you need, but abominations have inset controls (lie, rise, etc).

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