A Plea To Graham

  1. Imo it would be absolutely perfect for me if Chelsea took Rodgers, not just for the fact that we lose Rodgers, but also because fofana would have to go back to playing under Rodgers after trashing him

  2. With Potter it's like Cucurella, it'd be great if he stayed but if he wants to go and can't see the risk, that's on him and moving on is just a part of football. Fortunately we have good leadership in this club and Bloom's probably been preparing for this since Potter's been so highly regarded.

  3. From the outside looking in I thought that Potter had a setup that worked for him a Brighton. He strikes me as the type of bloke that would prefer working arrangements that suit him rather than more money, is there not a chance that Chelsea can’t offer him the kind of working environment he is used to and he turns them down?

  4. Agree, but I'd argue it's not much like cucurella, you got 60 million for cucurella and it's easier to replace a left back then a manager . But yeah your right I think you guys will do fine without potter. Maybe just not as well

  5. Chelsea right now are kinda the dream job tbh. Unlimited resources, CL football, no expectation to win the league or CL as there are significantly better teams out there, big payout when you do get sacked, and your rep doesn’t take a hit because that’s just what Chelsea do.

  6. Feels to me like it would be one year too early for him to leave. He’s really got his Brighton side prime and ready to break into the top 7 and line up a European campaign, would be a bummer to see him go

  7. Can Brighton really be consistent enough to still be in and around 7th place come the end of the season? I get that they’ve had a great start but all their forward players have the ability to blow hot and cold, and I don’t see that they have any defensive depth. They’ve been on a great run but I think a reality check might be needed, especially considering the teams they’ve played so far.

  8. Hi I'm a LUFC fan,I think Brighton are doing fantastically well great to watch, entertaining they are also going for a European spot, why not I think that Brighton would do well in Europe,if I was Potter I'd stay, he'd be given no time at all to do the job required.

  9. As a Newcastle fan, I’d be genuinely sad to see graham or any of the other 16 drawn to Chelsea. The fan base has been spoiled the past decade and a half.

  10. A quick look at twitter and I agree on the ‘spoiled’ bit. You’d think they’d never won anything and had never purchased a new player the way they’re going on.

  11. If he's as sensible as he appears to be, he wouldn't take the job. Brighton will be challenging for a European place if he stays and Chelsea just chew up and spit out managers who fail to achieve their ridiculous expectations

  12. Bide your time Graham, the England job will be available soon (but to be fair, you’ve got a decent gig at Brighton)

  13. His stock won't fall at Brighton. It's not like he's in a particular purple patch because he has been on a long, upward trajectory. The Chelsea manager job will be available again in a year or two anyway. England could even come calling after the World Cup!

  14. God damn I hope he jumps ship for a big wad of cash and Brighton’s over-performing team crumble - anonymous football club

  15. Not sure he'll ever get a better offer. He's doing about as well as he could and realistically it's very likely Brighton will begin to slide down the table eventually.

  16. As much as it sucks, I'd still like to see a successful manager given a chance to perform well at a big club.

  17. Ehhh I could easily see him turning it down. He turned down Man U and Spurs before. He will want to wait until he can join a team and have a chance in the market to shape it a bit.

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