Carts are addictive and I see everyone getting hooked on them

  1. God I wish I could. It's.been 10 years. I just need to stop for a while. I'm self employed from home, so it's really easy to just hit a cart all day and work. When I was using flower is was a much more full high and less anxious. It was also like 3 times a day not whenever I feel like I want a hit.

  2. The distillate is the reason for the short lived high, you could try shatter or live resin carts but flower is probably still the best option for a multidimensional experience

  3. Surprised no one mentioned the oral fixation. Like nicotine vaping or smoking cigarettes, constantly having something stuck in your mouth and constantly hitting it can lead to crazy high tolerances with little to no pay off, your brain sees having something in your mouth as the source of the satisfaction (rather than what you're smoking itself).

  4. I agree highly, I've dropped down my use lately and have been feeling much better from returning to flower whether its in a bong or joint.

  5. I get what you're saying, but I also found that GOOD carts are able to give you a more precise experience compared to flower. You can easily focus on CBD, CBN or CBG in ways you can't with flower. Also some of the really good live resin carts available have a great high to them. I find the high is a little apples and oranges, but if you're mindful about what you're smoking (which you should be no matter what you're consuming) then you're able to get a great experience.

  6. Just because you can’t use them responsibly doesn’t mean other people can’t, and it sure doesn’t make them “thc crack pipes”. Couldn’t picture my day to day life without a cart as it helps with a medical injury.

  7. After about 1.5 years of using carts almost nightly, I’m finally ditching them and going back to flower. Yeah, there’s live resin carts, but I found the convenience to be almost too good, and I was having a hard time not getting absolutely blasted every night from them.

  8. Moderation for sure, but I agree. I tried to get into the 510s and just ended up getting a bong, I do completely agree about the short-lived head rush thing

  9. Vape carts helped me quit poppers (tobacco with weed in a bong ) and trust me that was harder then hell. But I do agree they’re powerful if you find you’re having problems maybe seek help. I kind of got bored of the carts after smoking hundreds and then switched to hash. I’m on vacation now In Vegas where the weed and carts suck(they don’t even know what full spectrum means here) so my last 3-4 days here are sober since I didn’t enjoy the over priced distillate carts here. T break can go a long way it will be painful at first but you can do it.

  10. Carts have the highest margins of profit so that why they are pushed. They can be flavoured with anything and ethanol extraction makes them cheap and easy to produce.

  11. Uhm yea dumbass ROA for any drug changes it's addictive potential. But let me guess weed is a natural plant mannnn. God's gift to the earth mannnn. There's nothing wrong worh talking about this issue.

  12. Vapings ease of use, ease of using anywhere, increased potency leads to abuse and a tolerance increase that is on a massive curve. Full spectrum carts are better and give a more unique effect but I only vape June- august and drop it the rest of the year

  13. I’m kind of the other way around 😄 cart vapes in winter and smoke/vape out from June to August. Do you go back home in the summer to your family 😄?

  14. Honestly, if it was easy for me to smoke/vape-flower I’d much prefer not to use carts. Some carts are close to flower awesomeness. True. Carts make you hit it more often because of discreetness and ease of use.

  15. I like the 50 50 thc and cbd carts but they are expensive and rare. I have tried live resin and I think.csrts are addictive for me because most are just straight thc and very high potency.

  16. The benefit of carts is you can replicate hit after hit of your choosing. Good for micro dosers. Dry herb can vary too much from toke to toke. Also carts taste way better then any form of dry herb. Even vaping dry herb sucks. Only the first 1-2 hits have a good flavour. Personally I like carts and dabs.

  17. Most are junk, but I buy them on occasion to check out certain brand offerings. Usually waste of money & time but whatever. Latest was Banana Hammock & it's 🗑️😪

  18. I only use my vape cart prior to hot yoga and for a “top up” when I am wide awake in the middle of the night (my seizure meds f with my sleep). Otherwise it’s flower puff puff.

  19. pure convenience I found. sometimes they are great for say a camping trip or something or being discreet vs flower but I find they are WAY to easy to abuse.

  20. There's a reason distillate carts aren't raved about on this sub. I personally don't vape distillate. It super charges my tolerance. Keep it to flower and hash.

  21. I don't like the large amount of trash that vaping requires; more (poorly made)electronic byproducts in the landfills. And the high is dizzy for me, can't get addicted cause they taste/feel so bad. They represent a very large profit margin(vape oil cheap to make, batteries are cheap to supplier) so they are marketed as a cool modern convenience. I have a one hitter, lozenge tin w/ground flower, lighter, that I use for portable relief, very reusable. And a little soapstone pipe, 12+ years old, works for hash, flower, at home. I take that move idiocracy seriously (🥲), we're going to be there by 2050.

  22. I love em. I usually have 3 different ones on the go so I can switch it up frequently. My tolerance doesn't seem to be negatively impacted, I still almost can't handle a whole joint by myself. To each their own I guess. The convenience seals the deal for me, I can use it indoors without stinking up the place.

  23. I usually go through them in a day and it ruins my tolerance with a mediocre high so I just buy them once in a while as a treat. They're pretty dangerous tho, there's speculation that the metal in the shrapnels into your lungs when you do multiple blinkers in a row so there could be a bunch of cancer cases or something along those lines within a decade or so.

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