Any old school strains from 90s?

  1. Yeah, but that strain goes back farther than the 90s. I brought it into my store for the local hippies who wouldn't shut up about how much better the weed in their day was.

  2. Yeah I bought rhe alcapulco gold and found it very much unimpressive. Far better choice for sativa was the BC Black Hawaiian Pineapple or Msiku ICC x kush mints.

  3. Tremblant hash is all I got. If something like a red congo shows up..that too maybe but rare. I'm interested to see some replies to your question.

  4. I haven’t had that hash but I’ve had one that was insanely sticky, tasted great. I’ve seen red Congo on some BM sites.

  5. I’m gonna try that. I had their sour cookies and I personally wasn’t impressed. I’ll try it when I’m finished with my gelato mint.

  6. Back in the 90s I’d get a bunch of garbage shake that would barely get you high , even if you took massive hauls on it like you were trying to suck a Bowling ball through a straw . I guess the closest you’d find to that would be daily special or tweed ?

  7. Oh tf, I thought it wasn’t that bad back in the 90s. I’ve heard it was more organic, from some dude growing in his backyard. I guess I’ll go buy some of my friends backyard grow. Probably similar.

  8. I wish I could get those type of effects unfortunately tolerance won't allow it. I've had some pretty strong effects but nothing remotely close to couchlock in 5 yrs now.

  9. Closest to a proper skunk is probably broken coast pink kush, haven't had it for a while but it's miles better psf(still fine but more bubba than skunk notes)

  10. Skunk terps are long gone good luck finding anything like the old school RKS especially in the legal market since most legal bud is irradiated and lacking terps… The RKS is even hard to find in old Hippie circles these days it’s just a lost strain and terp profile that was replaced by kush strains when they became popular in the 90’s everyone was obsessed with the OG and skunk disappeared but imo true OG is much better than skunk ever was. I’ve grown skunk #1, RKS and 90’s OG and the kush is just better than skunk imo.. I’ve had some master kush that resembles RKS but the master kush was a lot more dank like a rotting skunk carcass and skunk is just skunk

  11. First class funk is the closest I’ve found that reminds me of skunk. Just really expensive so get ready if you buy that one. The price point makes it a once and a while kinda buy. Hope they would lower the price and I would buy it all the time.

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